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Poor, poor delusional Meela. Talking to your dreams now.

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    1. I agree! Don’t die, Meela!

      Heh, the dialogue for this page came out so differently than what I thought it might say during the livestream. Love it!

      And… that book is definitely the same as Feral’s book…

      1. Oh man. The implications of it being the same book could be FASCINATING.

        Oh Meela. I just wanna hug her now. I’ve still no better theory of how she and that Yuan boy are connected, though they look so much alike I’m thinking long-lost twin, alternate personality, or parallel universe self.

        1. I think most of us figure she’s just pasting her own face on his because it’s HER dream. Even long-lost twins wouldn’t have the same haircut a’la Holland and rain, ya know?

      2. Right now my current theory is that Feral is Mal, and that Yuen somehow died and Feral took the book as a memento. owo It makes the most sense to me.

        AHHH TWILIGHT ZOOOONE–Yuen, don`t say that DD:

        1. it’s my theory, too :D
          and the weird letters coul be an secret language that that the two boys came up with…

          can’t wait to find out! ^^

        2. This makes a lot of sense! Either Yuen is Feral or Mal is Feral and the book is full of the memories, some how reaching Meela. Though until we see Feral’s bare leg we won’t know if he has a scar like Mal, therefore proving the theory Feral/Mal correct. Either way, he’s one of those boys and I really like the “secret code” theory.

          No matter, we know Meela is slapping her face on Yuen since it is her dream. Now to figure out what Yuen really looks like (if we ever find out) and if Feral is him or Mal! Though the “could die” comment hints that perhaps that’s what happened to Yuen, hence why he’s suggesting it. That or he’s just saying that in reflection to all that’s happened to him.

          But theory Yuen’s-memories-inside-a-book-and-Feral-is-Mal? I’m so for it. (Feral… (M)al (Fer)al. Both have -al. Though that might be to throw us for a loop)

  2. O_O;; That turned dark REAL fast.

    1. Cripey… 0_0

  3. Woo-hoo go reincarnation theory

    1. read the next pages and find out U R WRONG!!!

  4. Whatttt!! D: NOOOO MEEELAAAA

    Is this other meela, like the dark side? o_O

    1. Lol Meela’s morbid twin? O.o

    2. As far as I understand, the ‘other Meela’ IS a boy. She just dreams him as herself because she doesn’t know who it is, so she puts on a face she knows well. She’s had two forms of dreams: flashbacks of herself with her parents and her brother, and then dreams of this unknown boy. As that journal is the same as Feral’s from (I think) page 111, a theory is that it is Feral as a child. He has no clan, no home, and no family. It may be why he empathizes with Meela and puts up with her.

    3. Aha, Meela not only discovers she is a eunich, but is instructed to DIE BY HER RICH SEXUAL DISCOVERY~~

      I dig the jump from action to hints of humor to straight up dark. Awesome versatility by our dear author!

  5. WHOAAAAAH MEELA!!! Dun die! Fight it! He’s evil, just trying to get into your head!
    Oh, wait.

  6. THIS COMIC CANNOT UPDATE FAST ENOUGH! Dx Suspense killing me!!

    1. Agreed!

    2. I hope it will last XD

  7. Morbid child…. isn’t he….

    1. Creepy Yuen is wonderfully creepy. XD

  8. Love love LOVE the back ground… even though there isn’t one. But it doesn’t look like it lacks one. It just fits so perfectly :}

  9. My gosh… this sounds like something out of a horror film! No Meela! Don’t go toward the light! (Er, light past Holland’s little flame-y thing!)

  10. I think this pretty much confirms Yuen has to be Feral. *breathes in*

    I’ve been reading about the Mal vs Yuen is Feral thing through the comments and I’ve been wanting to kinda let my opinion out too (especially after having read the spoiler journal entry someone translated). I think people may be looking at things too literally about who looks like who IE: Yuen has brown hair it can’t be Feral he has BLACK hair. I think that because these are Feral’s memories that Meela has been having, he doesn’t imagine himself in the same way he imagines the other people around him. However, him and Meela seem to share similar experiences in their lifetime. I think Yuen looking similar to Meela isn’t a reincarnation thing, so much as it is Meela relates so well, she sees herself in place of someone who is ‘faceless’ in these sequences. Likewise, I think she sees Mal with some features of Feral simply because she is so removed from others at this point, Feral is the only one she’s really attached to at this point.

    I also think Yuen’s timidness and cautious attitude reflects Feral more so than Mal, who is noted as being very reckless (and if the translated journal is to be believed, taking it to the extreme). However, we see Feral stalking the old man at night, opting to use a blow dart, trying to be sneaky etc, rather than just run in guns ablazing. As Yuen says here, like Meela he has no family, no clan, and no home, just like Feral. I think other people noticed that Yuen’s dad had a striking resemblance to Feral–I’m certain Terin is Feral’s father.

    Now what I think happened was, as Mal continued to do more and more dangerous things such as absorbing the power of demons, perhaps he started going off the deep end. Maybe a fight between Mal and Feral, or some other event involving demons is how he lost his vocal cords and got torn up so bad before meeting Holland. There’s no way to tell when Feral got his red eye (it’s covered in the page Holland sees Feral for the first time, but that could be from the red eye or from the scar over his eye, given that those are two separate things, which they may or may not be), but I get the feeling perhaps he went down the same path in an effort to stop Mal, who was maybe progressively turning into a dangerous dude. Maybe the red eye thing has nothing to do with Mal? Although, I think Mal or Korin is the one who slaughters Meela’s family in her first dream sequence at the start of the comic. With Mal going down the path he started, I’m more inclined to believe it’s him. Why that would prevent Meela and her brother from going back to the clan, I can’t think of a reason (if it was Korin, maybe he took over that area too?).

    What I want to know is how the old man connects to all of this! In his flashback of remembering Meela, we see her still with long hair, clutching onto an adult’s shirt, so I would think that indicates it was before the occurrence with her family and before they leave the clan, since it takes until after that before her brother lops off her hair. UGH I WANT TO KNOW WHAT’S GOING OOOOON

    1. :D That pretty much sums up everything I think too.
      And people draw paralells between Feral and Mal because they both like pears. The way I see it is that if Feral is Yuen, maybe he picked up to like pears too once Mal was killed (or whatever happened to him) just like many people who lose their dear ones think “Oh I remember how he used to that particular thing….” and they end up doing it themselves.

      1. Feral eating pears in memory of Mal…hmm. I actually think I kind of like that idea!

    2. long comment is long. lol. but I agree more or less :3

    3. Very much agree. Another thought would be, maybe this power they have they can transmit some of their life energy into a person to heal them? Considering Meela is very much poisoned and they don’t have an antidote… Guess we will see!!

      1. Meant to add on that they may be able to heal them and maybe Mal had to do that to Yuen for some reason or another. /shrug

      2. People think mal is feral not just because of pears but the whole demon power thing written in the letter.

    4. O.o My thoughts EXACTLY! (as one could read is the huuuge comic at the bottom of the previous page) The personality difference fo sho. Good comment! Good argument summery!

      1. I agree too ^_^
        BTW, I love your Inuyasha avatar <3

    5. Ok so, recently everyone has been talking about the translated page of Feral’s notebook, where can I find the translated page? Not the gallery one that’s in that strange language. Thanks ^_^

      1. One of the previous pages (either the last one or the one before that…?) had a comment in it where someone translated it fully. C:

    6. I know that most of you actually think that Yuen and Feral are the same, thought it may be possible thought I am pretty sure that Meela and Yuen could be siblings or even the same person. Feral has a GREEN eye and a RED demon one. Yuen looks exactly as Meela but smaller, his eyes are golden and hair is brown.

      Feral could have been the one that killed Meelas family ((taking a look back to how the crusty old man freaked out when he saw Meela with Feral))

      Feral is still always acting like he didn’t knew Meela, atleast before the starting of the comic…
      I guess this helps a bit ^^

      1. They already said the fact that Meela and Yuen look the same doesn’t matter because Meela might just be imagining that they look the same. Anyway, I agree, I think Feral really may have killed her family after “sucking up energy” like he did a couple pages back and then had a lapse in sanity. My reason being is in her flashback “he” (the shadowy figure) cut his eye like how feral’s is scarred, and you’re right that explains why the guy freaked out so much.

    7. Good points, but Yuen does point out how Mal doesn’t have his clan mark yet (page 118). Feral doesn’t have his clan mark either. Also, this whole dialogue here seems to imply that Yuen died… and I as far as I know, Feral is living.

      I have serious doubts that Feral killed Meela’s family. For one thing, the silhouette of the guy who did eminates in utter evil… and in case you haven’t been reading, even when Feral used his demon-ish power/eye thing he didn’t look malicious. Not like that. He’s never looked malicious really. Just annoyed, frustrated, angry, surprised, and so on. Besides, Holland has known Feral since the were a lot younger, and I doubt that either of them would still be on good terms if he had ever gone down a road like that. And what’s this talk about eye scratch?? You can’t see anything BUT his eyes and the outline of his body. I’m fairly certain that Meela would be at least a little familiar with the guy who killed her kin. She might not fully recognize him or process who he was, but I think she would have a small inkling of ‘he looks… familiar for some strange reason’ in her mind at the sight of him. You don’t just forget something as traumatic as that.

      1. When Meela had the dream where Korin killed Yuen’s dad, she woke up and though “wait, that guy! could he be….” I think Korin killed Meela’s family.
        Then the old man told Meela to get away from “the bounty hunter.” The way I interpret that is you remember when Tannor said they couldn’t go back? Whoever killed their family probably hired people to look for them, so the old man was worried that if Meela’s survival and whereabouts got out, Feral could be hired to try and get her. As a bounty hunter, he takes jobs where he gets them. If the money was good enough…. at least at that point, now, he would take her and run. lolz

    8. I see your point But I think Mal and yuen might just people we don’t about yet, and the old man is confusing me too! And remember when meela was going to the palace and she heard that jingling noise!?

    9. Spoiler journal entry? 8D I WANNA READ IT!!!! :D

  11. The vote incentive is rather peculiar too…

  12. so tired… but so happy to see the update. now i’m gonna go pass out on the couch again. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  13. Im kind of on doubt now, but i still think that Feral is Mal… I know thats not very important, but Mal’s hair looks more like Feral’s hair then Yuen’s does. I really wanted to see Mal’s eye color just to know if they’re green like Feral’s. But maybe Yuen’s appearance (that is exactly like Meela’s) its just to we know thats her in the dreams, and perhaps Yuen’s real appearance is just like Feral’s!

    I don’t know, my head is sppining right now.


    wow, what a dark speech… o.o
    love the back ground. <3 :D

  15. Okayyy…… Dont die meela! Yuen is CREEPY!

  16. I love this comic.

  17. randomly, I think I just got a little delusional myself, and I saw this kid morph into Ieral and start talking to her, and we all know how perposterous that sounds since Feral is mute.

  18. It might just be how the poison is affecting Meela, but it feels like she’s matured a LOT…and her face even looks like she’s a little older. But that might just be the lighting and the poison.

    Either way, I really like this page. It’s kind of cool how Meela is doing that lucid dreaming that Holland suggested….sad that it has to be in the middle of a near-death experience!!!

    DON’T DIE, MEELA!!!!!

  19. in the first panal there is no writting in the book and he’s holding a pensil….?

    1. The top part of the page is cut off, right where the end of the pencil would be, so whatever writing is there is not showing. Clever on the part of the artists. Yuen might show her what he was writing later.

      1. ahh, i see that now.

  20. That kid is creepy o.O ” * no emotion on face* ”Maybe you could just die.
    xD But yay<3 I wants mooroe!

  21. D-X That little boy is evil or something, now! D-8 What the heck!!!

  22. That thing what comes from all that bad

    “Maybe you could die.”

    … Well that just came out of nowhere.

  23. I wonder if next page he’ll tell her about the poison.

    I don’t know why there’s so many comments about him being weird. ^_^” It sounds like one of those dreams, like if there’s a fire, sometimes people will start dreaming about fire, before realizing it’s happening in real life. So I think the change of subject at the end of the page is more about Meela than it is about him, because it’s basically a dream, so real life is probably intruding and twisting things around.

  24. Startling, why would one die for having nothing, you die by doing nothing, she has survived. Apathy is death, worse than death, but well enough Meela has shown no Apathy, though this young boy does….

  25. vyanni krace ~lingering sorrow~

    Yuen looked so innocent in this scene. His expression really does’nt suit what he’s saying. Its really Creepy…
    I can just imagine him saying this like a child; all innocent sounding and whatnot which really only serves to make it all the more sinister.

  26. I did NOT see that coming at all. Very nice twist!

  27. That’s right Meela! Don’t go toward the light!

  28. D: Meela, you aren’t a nobody <3 Can't wait for the next chapter, it's just so exciting!

  29. Can I just say that I fucking love Meela’s new hair?

  30. Hey, he’s writing in invisible ink! 8D Or he was… Maybe he’s trying to play grim reaper with Meela. Trying to convince her life’s not worth living or something.

  31. Is it just me..or does it look like she’s wearing Ferals white shirt? Has anyone else mentioned that. Like the one she wore that one time they were in the hotel and she made her own clothes from his. LOL

    Omg..this is creepy made me sad. :< Hang in there Meela!

  32. Ooh, creepy. I really love how she sees herself and knows it’s someone else. I bet this is feral.

  33. Argue against it, Meela! Reason with yourself.

  34. AAAAAHHH!!! i get it! if it is feral with meela’s face, the scars on his nack are where he tried to die by killing himself!!!!! some one saveed him!!!

  35. I KNOW WHO FERAL IS!!!!!!
    Yuens brother, he was tall, got clawed by a demon, has green eyes and black hair, AND, has a reason to keep Yuen’s book!! It is him!! it is HIM!!!

    1. Except that that is Mal, Yuen’s best friend, not his brother. Yuen doesn’t have a brother.

    2. wow my mistake, but still it has to be him. I can feel it :D

      1. I definitely think it’s Mal.

  36. It…. I just…. words: I do not have them. Great job, as usual!

  37. GAHHH! That child and Feral have the same journals!!!!!!!!!!!! D-8 Is there a correlation there???

  38. Why is Meela even having these dreams anyway should be the bigger question o.O. As far as us the readers know, Meela hasn’t been having these weird dreams/visions/memories till she met Feral (since she expressed mild surprised over being called Yuen after she wakes up from the first dream). Interesting enough the three times (excluding this one) that Meela had these dreams are when she falls asleep near Feral,maybe proving that Feral is the catalyst to the dreams.
    Going off on a tangent, why does this only happen around Feral? What makes him so special? Assuming that Yuen and Feral are indeed connected and that Meela only has these “dreams” (as I believe they are actually memories of the past, but since it sounds weird to call them just memories or even dream-memories I’ll just refer to them as dreams :p) when she sleeps around Feral, why then didn’t Meela have a different dream that’s in some way connected to Holland? Meela also fell asleep on Holland’s horse/in his arms, but did not start to have a different dream sequence; instead dreamed about Yuen, even though she’s in closer proximity to Holland. What even allows Meela to have these dreams anyway? Is this a special power that Meela has, to look into the past? And if so why does it only happen around Feral? Could this be the reason her family was killed? On pg 200 Tannor questions as to “how they find [them]”, assuming this is not only just a plot device to keep the identity of the villain hidden; this could also establish that Tannor indeed had some prior knowledge on who attacked their family (because if the attackers identities were indeed entirely unknown to Tannor wouldn’t he instead say “who were they?” or “who could have done this”). Or who knows maybe I’m thing to much about this, o well.
    On a side note (yes another one XD) was I the only one who thought about the game Kingdom Hearts when Yuen referred to himself and Meela as “nobodies” ?

    1. I noticed she seemed to have the dreams while around Feral as well, though I wasn’t sure I had that right. I definitely think she’s picking up on something from him but that doesn’t necessarily make him Yuen (which I think is more likely) or even Mal. Staying on that idea, I don’t think Meela is Yuen or vice-versa since it’s a dream. I’ve had plenty of dreams about people, knowing they were someone specific, and they never look anything like the person. I can’t come up with a reason why Feral would be the only one she picked up dreams/memories from unless it has something to do with his demon powers and we just don’t know enough about those powers to determine if they’ve got some sort of mental link. Perhaps Holland doesn’t connect with Meela mentally because he’s not a Lupien(sp?) and that’s probably why we haven’t heard about Holland having weird dreams while hanging around Feral, since they seem much closer than Meela/Feral. On the part about Tannor saying how did they find them, I think they had been hounded for some time by a group and thought they had eluded them only to be caught off guard that dreadful night. I believe it was a hate crime.

      I think I got off track a bit… I was trying to say ‘Yes, I agree!’ lol

  39. Dream people suggest you die. I hate it when that happens.

    1. I know such a nuisance isn’t it

  40. did anyone notice the new vote incentive? im pretty sure its Feral, the prince (cant remember his name atm for some reason) and the old dude Feral works for. just a thought…

    1. Actually, I assumed it was Holland’s father. His clothes (what little of them we see) are much to fancy to be Kosher’s. I think that’s the time right after Holland met Feral and it seems Feral got taken into the castle to be taken care of. He probably learned all of his mad fighting skills there.

  41. Excellent question, Meela.
    Hope you’d never find the answer, that could be problematic for the continuance of the comic..

  42. Somehow, I don’t think that this is actually Yuen talking. Meela’s more-than-likely got a fever, and fever dreams SUCK! They do weird things to your head and it’s not fun.

  43. I think Meela has been unconsciously pasting her face onto the boy Yuen. And -shrugs- Yuen was simply pointing out one of the other alternatives that she has.

    1. Besides… Meela has no family, no home, no clan…. and neither does Feral… I still think Yuen and Feral are the same person. It does fit, Yuen had to flee, and then it is possible he ran into problems that caused the no voice and cool eye thing.

  44. I could go on about how feral is one of these little peoples buuuuuut, what I don’t get is his grey eyes… All of the little ones even yuen have yellow uns… So how could he be any of them? I agree with the people who say Meela is seeing so part of her self or something.

  45. Yuen is so definitely Feral, and I know so many people are saying it, but let me just support the facts with things I haven’t seen anyone mention yet…

    One thing I noticed no one caught was the fact that on another page, the one where Korin chases Yuen out after slamming Aveila’s head down on a table, Korin mentions the fact that Yuen was just a reminder of Terin to Aveila. Why might that be, besides the fact that Yuen was the child of Aveila and Terin? Sure, mommy’s gonna remember daddy because of her son, but maybe there’s more to it. Maybe the memory of Terin is PHYSICALLY there as well, as in, maybe Yuen LOOKED like Terin, therefore reminding Aveila of her mate. This theory would be supported by the theory of Yuen’s appearance being seen as a young Meela instead of Yuen: in other words, we don’t know (yet) what the REAL little Yuen looked like because Meela is seeing him as HERSELF in her dreams/his memories.

    Now, continuing off of that, let’s compare FERAL to TERIN. They look alike, yes? Black hair and all.

    To contradict the Feral = Mal theory, here’s my imput: Mal had three long scratch scars on one of his legs. In the page where we see Feral’s legs while he’s fishing, sure both his legs are scared, but neither had the same three long scratches as Mal’s did. The scars between Feral and Mal DO NOT MATCH.

    Another thing that supports the Yuen = young Feral theory: Okay, yes, the blue book they both have in common, blah blah blah. But it’s just an ordinary blue journal and there are lots of those around, right? WRONG. It’s not JUST an ordinary blue journal. See those brown corners the journal has that Yuen is holding? Those are an exact match of the tattered journal Meela found in Feral’s bag. Another little ‘coincidence’, hehe.

    Something else I felt the need to point out from lack of notice: Way back when Meela and Feral are sleeping at the inn, Meela has that dream of Yuen’s memories (Terin killed by Korin) where then she starts having her OWN memories of when HER father was killed, as we see her screaming “DADDY!” as a younger, long-haired Meela. She then wakes up and remembers Korin, and says something like “That guy…Could he be-” And is then cut off from a sleeping Feral snoring/snorting in his slumber. I’m thinking that when Meela remembers Korin from Yuen’s memories invading her dreams, she remembers who Korin is that ALSO effects her own past: He was the one that killed HER father AS WELL. That would relate because Meela awakes right after her dreams take her into her memory of her father being slaughtered right in front of her. In the first few pages of the story, we see that happening.

    1. Another thing I forgot to add! :P The eye color. Feral’s eyes are green, Mal’s are GOLDEN. If the Meela-is-seeing-herself-as-Yuen theory is true, we still don’t know Yuen’s true eye-color. Might be brown/gold like Terin’s, or, if Yuen is indeed Feral, they will be green, of course…Like Avela’s! :D

    2. So one of my possible conclusions to the whole Feral being the reason for Meela’s dreams is telpathy. He has magic, so maybe telepathy or something along that line could cause Meela to recieve said dreams. fascinating…

      1. Or Meela has a certain power to see them, and that’s why her family was hunted, and killed. Only to have her escape with her brother? Maybe but would be interesting.

      2. ^This. I totally agree with the telepathy theory. 8D I also believe Feral to be Yuen.

  46. I have almost as much fun reading the comments as reading the comic. I’m on the fence about whether Feral is Yuen or Mal, but I’m leaning toward Yuen at the moment. Love love love this comic.

  47. Well done.

    I rather like this mirror image concept, with two Meera’s, one seeming only to appear in the ‘real’ Meera’s dreams. perhaps the one in her dreams is the one that never had to leave home? That her parents and brother didn’t die and survived? Or maybe its a completely different thing entirely.

  48. (O.O)… What the Fellanji Mockstone? You creepy, kid…

    The nobody thing and belonging somewhere concept kind of reminds of Kingdom Hearts and Fruits Basket.
    Except we don’t have disney characters running around in different dimensions and no zodiac curse jazz.

  49. Ya know, I’m thinking Yuen is the personality created by Meela and/or her brother to protect her.

  50. What a depressing dream. D:


  52. People, I think that Yuen isn’t Feral.
    Mal could be Feral. I don’t know. But I’ve read some theories and agree with some.

  53. People just read it i don’t want spoilers…
    I like the little boy though he’s cute – w –

  54. With Meela’s flashbacks, traumatic dreams, memory problems (not remembering her parents killer), I think she may have PTSD.

    With the Feral is Mal vs Feral theory, I believe that Feral is Mal, with the information that Yuen’s journal gives, Feral’s earrings/Mal’s necklace, etc. With the age that Yuen would have been, and the similarities between Yuen and Meela, has anyone tried the theory that Yuen might be Meela’s father or a close relative at least? It could be a very likely possibility.

    1. Wouldn’t Meela know her father’s name? I know she calls him Daddy in all her flashbacks, but wouldn’t Tannor have known? Surely he wouldn’t keep that sort of information from her.

      1. That depends on how bad the trauma was, some people forget who they are, and who their family is or her father could have changed his name to protect his family from his own past.

  55. awwww only one page every week? :(

  56. Hey heres something… Isn’t that the book that was in feral’s bag?

  57. Hey, hey, is that little Holland in the vote incentive? <3

  58. Meela: “Why would I want to die? If I die the webcomic ends too fast!”

  59. Blargh so many TL;DR commennts >.>
    People seem to be forgetting Feral’s eyes, and his hand. In Yuen’s journal, he points out that Mal now has the hand thing (It’s been a while since I read the entry >.>), in the flashback/dreams Mal got the scars on his leg because of that one demon and when Feral teaches Meela to fish, you can kind of see scars on his legs.

    Question for you Skyrimmers: Did you guys also get kind of excited when you heard Carlotta(Whiterun’s vegetable merchant) call her daughter “Meela” then realize it’s “Mila”?

  60. anyon else think that looks just like ferals book (with his weird writing)

  61. Well that was kinda creepy, yuen kinda pulled a whole children of the corn kinda thing

  62. Well that escalated quickly…

  63. Yuen isn’t Feral.
    Yuen is probably Meela’s long lost twin brother. SEPARATED AT BIRTH AND OTHER CLICHÉS.

    1. Heheh, I know you’re just being hostile to the comic, but there already is a dead twin in the story.

  64. thats ferals diary that supports my comment on page i forget but that is mal

  65. Why are you talking to yourself?

  66. Oh gosh, that was a bit creepy. Don’t die. Please? Comics just can’t kill off the main.. character…

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