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Oh Meela, you're so full of false confidence!

12 thoughts on “Page 176

  1. guard has officially been pwnt

  2. Poor guy. Never stood a chance. Strangely though, even though I haven’t played it, the first thing that pop ups in my mind when i see him ninja the guard is the mission impossible theme song and solid snake.

  3. I was thinking Prince of Persia, actually, what with his ledge-standing antics.

  4. “I could have done that!” No, no you really couldn’t have. xD
    And Meela’s “…..” expression is priceless. x3

    1. £2.99 actually.
      All expressions are £2.99 as of my decision several months ago to start putting that price on them precisely because the p-word is overabused to the point of zombiehorsing.

  5. She might be able to do that later, she is a prime candidate for mercenary apprenticeship!

  6. The only problem w/that is if you don’t do it fast enough, they scream or make some audible noise. u.u The actions have to be near simultaneous.

    However, we believe in Feral *coughcough*

  7. Panel six: Meela looks like she is from Adventure Time. XD

  8. OK, these upside-down cup-hilts on the swords bother me. The cups should be the other way round, so as to protect the hand when wielded.
    Sorry, sword-geek here. Love the comic, keep up the great work!

    1. It’s not upside-down; that’s how it’s supposed to look when sheathed at your side.

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