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Feral sees something he likes, but Meela pops up to keep him on track.

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  1. Way to get distracted on a mission; we thought you were professional u_u

  2. hmmm … Didn’t both those pups, Yuen and Mal, love pears too?

    1. Just what I was thinking! I think he is Mal!

      1. But Mal seemed more like a red-head to me, what with his freckles…

        1. Freckles do fade over time.

        2. and your hair can too *trust me*

        3. no i think yuen was the one with red hair mal had black

        4. you do know the memories are in a monochrome style, right?

      2. O_O Yuen is Farrel

    2. Ha! Glad Im not the only one who thougt this!

    3. I was thinking yuen the fur color and earring
      Any one else?

      1. I fegot to say the bag to

    4. haha that’s just what i was thinking! slowly piecing it together :D

  3. hmm…I fully believe that Feral is Yuen :) that pear stealing is only sealing the deal for me! plus the dreams started when she met him, and Terin looks an awful lot like he could be Feral’s father! there’s a whole bunch of other clues but I dont feel like typing them :P

    1. Mix the two parents and you have a perfect blend of Feral-features. (:

  4. I have a feeling that Feral may be Mal (what with his love of pears and adventurous/reckless personality) I am also labouring under the delusion that Meela is a reincarnated Yuen. Somehow. Yeah. This is why Meela has the dreams; they are memories of her past life. 0.o

    1. Enough with the reincarnation people!

  5. Yuen has a different fur color.

    1. You can’t know that. The dreams are sepia, essentially no colour, just in a different way than black and wait…
      So you can’t be sure how different it mar or may not be until it’s finally connected.
      Or you skip ahead and find the page it says it on. *shrugs*

      1. but you can see that mal has darker fur than yuen and since feral has black fur he looks more like mal

  6. I’m back to thinking he’s Mal. xD Pears, ftw.

    1. yes! me too!

  7. Thatsa good place to keep your daggas, upside down and on your shoulder.

    1. It is a good place. do the motions yourself. That position is great, because it keeps the daggers out of the way, and super easy to access. And someone is still going on about the upside-down sheathes? Get real. A cheap imitation leather knife sheathe I have can keep a blade, even when held upside down a while. Think: people wore their sheathes vertically on horses going into battle. Riding on a horse produces vigorous vertical motion, and the blades couldn’t have slid out all the time, or they would have redesigned the sheathes. Feral’s sheathes could also have some kind of catch.

  8. Dang it’s been some time. i don’t think your Rss is working i was looking at my Google reader and it said the last time you update was on jul, 1. good thing i checked up on the website to see if you just stop. any who this is a great comic i hope you keep it up.

  9. From Feral:

    Meela, before we go, here is a list of instructions for when we’re at the party.

    One, make sure I kick at least one person in the head.

    Two, don’t worry about my large heavy bag. I’ve hidden it well so no one will find it. Just, let it hide away.

    Four, no…three. No getting involved in big ballroom events.

    Four, you. Don’t let me abandon you.

    And five, very important, five, don’t let me eat pears I hate pears! The bounty hunter Feral is a character I made up but I wont know that. I’ll think I am him and he might do something stupid like eat a pear. In three hours I don’t want to wake up from being human and taste that.

    1. Lol, nice Doctor Who XD

      1. It was being called out for and no one had said it yet so I had to XD

    2. lol Reference to doctor who

      1. Nuhhh, Must watch Doctor Who! All these references that I do not understand are killing me ;_;

    3. feral would be an awesome regeneration!

  10. Hold B to perform an assassination.

  11. 8D I get it now! Because his mom used to make— >u> um…nothing.


  13. has no one else noticed that on page 166 Meela said, “‘i’ve been dreaming myself as him… as if i was living his life in his place.”? Yuen probably didn’t ACTUALLY look like Meela. her subconscious just associates her with him. so, yeah, the obvious choice for little boy Feral would be Mal, but we can’t be sure yet. (:

  14. Feral has to be Yuen. Being that Terin and Feral has many facial simularitys. Also, there’s no way he could be Mal, cause he has frecals, and his personality is no where near like Feral’s. AND, he likes pears… -3-‘ Just giving out my point here..

  15. This page…is brilliant.

    For fear of giving something away, that’s all I’m going to say. :D

  16. aww, good memories ^-^

  17. Why are some people shooting down Meela being a reincarnate so passionately? If she was reincarnated it would explain her dreams as they are her own memories– or is it just that she has a gift for seeing into memory? I dunno. Things will make more sense when there is more info on Meela and the old man who died on the “first” mission.

    1. Because the dreams only started AFTER she met Feral. If she was a reincarnation, they would have been happening before she met him too.

  18. First genuine smile from Feral.


  19. He’s gotta be Yuen. Mal didn’t have black hair, but Yuen could have…

  20. Pears. I hate pears. Lol

  21. HAHAHA! :) CAUGHT RED HANDED FERAL! (or is is it red faced :?)

  22. Ahahaha, Feral’s face in the third panel is fantastic xD I’m laughing like a fool

  23. Feral I thought you were a professional? XD

  24. The Doctor: I HATE PEARS!!!


  26. Pears…..Mal loves pears….Feral loves pears….Meela loves pears….. seem like everyone love pears z.z

    But those pears tho….

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