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Holland wines and dines with Mithrennon, but a distraction soon surfaces...

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  1. I really love how Piper was drawn on this page :D shes so lovely! I’m always excited to see more of her!

    1. And what’s really cool is that she’s not anarexic-skinny or anything. She looks normal-sized

      1. Really? She looks hella skinny to me.

        1. Not disproportionately. It was easier to see in her other outfit, though.

        2. Agreed. She’s not that different from the usual “femme fatale” body type we see. Not that I have a problem with that, she’s very pretty. I wouldn’t call her especially curvy though.

  2. Hm, quick qustion, why does piper have animal ears but others only have pointed ears? Lol been curious

    1. a few pages ago someone at the party had animal ears like piper im guessing its a fox thing

  3. another question, what sets bird people apart? Lupians have tails and claws and fangs….and cats apparently have the tails and etc. also, but ._. what do lyrians have? {If I spelled that right. owo;;}

    1. Lyrians always appear human, but they do have tattoo markings on their backs and each have a unique set or “wing-like” designs. (Mithrennon appears to be human-like, but he is a Lyrian)

      1. ooo! they do!? i hope we see holland’s tattoo some time soon ^^

        1. note its very slight but on his back it looks a bit wierd

        2. Thought Holland was a human

  4. Piper comes straight out of Chinese fox-woman folklore, I think.

    1. Kitsune is Japanese

  5. What IS Piper doing here? At a party full of rich fancy folks with loose purse strings… how strange. Heh.

  6. Mithrennon and Holland – Black Swan/White Swan – good justapose there.

    1. Lol, Mithrennon is actually referenced as an American Robin. XD

      1. I can see why. if you look at his outfit it’s got a redish orange ruffle! He really does look like a robin!! XD

    2. but black swans arent bad! theyre cool!

  7. Real question is, how did a furry get in?

    1. Piper is not a furry, she is a shifter like many other characters in this comic world.

  8. I just noticed: Holland never says what he is, as in a shifter or Lyrian. He certainly doesnt look like a human with his almost white skin and his eyes. But im going out on a limb here guessing that hes a Lyrian because of his necklace… maybe thats why Mithrennon puts up with him because hes a prince and a Lyrian????

  9. Waaaah! Piper in a dress! Awesome drawing!

  10. HOLLAND I LOVE YOU!!! <3<3<3

  11. Love his “wait a minute” face.

  12. Lol does any of this remind you guys of sly cooper?!

  13. Yes, you might be right about that Japanese folklore thing. Shrine maidens and cats are very special in most tales and legends, and play large parts. In fact, they are still popular today, and people have decided to mix the two together, creating a whole new culture. But I wish they had more kid-friendly comics like that, with the cat people.


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