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Holland seems to have neglected to share an important bit of information, but Meela makes a pretty good recovery.

22 thoughts on “Page 171

  1. Cuuuuute!

  2. Huh.
    I’m actually more surprised that Meelas super cute like that than that Holland is royalty.

  3. Ah, a prince. No wonder he enjoys this whole thing. I sense another twist in the near future!

    1. I thought he had the anime prince look.

  4. He b wearin his necklace worth 1000 daggas!

    1. And yet he bought it for two… xD

  5. Prince suddenly has crush on Meela. I call it.

  6. love her hiar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Meela looks so cute in that outfit…

  8. I love Holland. :3

  9. I seriously love these ladie draw expressions. Everything is conveyed perfectly! Like I’m hearing non-schizophrenic voices in my head! :D

  10. *how these ladies

  11. In the fourth panel, Meela is pigeon-toed. It definitely conveys her shyness, and makes her more cute.

  12. I love that part where she’s just like “PRINCE?!”

    The expression is PRICELESS.

  13. I love how Meela’s just like “PRINCE?!” in the sixth panel. Best expression ever.

    1. Whoops…double post internet glitch. Sorry!

  14. Daaamn!!! Holland you are a sexy prince

    1. I think the same thing!! *w* LoL he is a fantastic character, my favourite ^,^

  15. haha meela in 4 & 5 panels are hilarious

  16. Explains all the money, thats for sure o.o

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