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  1. Well I can’t help but wonder who wins this?

    1. Meela. The girl. Wins. Every. Time.

    2. Meela robbed Feral and cut up his clothing but Feral got the bed. I guess Meela wins. :)


    1. hahahah i was thinking the exact same thing X3

    2. Haha!LOL me too!XD HaloOkami

  3. Haha, now they’re acting just like siblings!

  4. Lolz see Meela’s Tail frizz?

  5. its funny how their tails frizz up when they get freaked

  6. again the nerve… his money paid fo r her dinner and the room(so far I know that changes later)but at the moment if it wasn’t for him she’d be back in the woods cold hungry and minimal shelter. and she tell him to sleep on the floor. ether its female intitlement or she thinks she can just deligate the rules because hes disabled(mute).

    hahaha. I know. Its a comic and its part of the fun. It just amazes me, how much crap she gave him and how much crap he allowed her to pull.

    1. ‘Female intitlement’? I’m sorry but I think her behaviour has more to do with the fact that she’s a 12-year-old who has had very little interaction with people other than her brother and who is very helpless and dependant of others.
      If she wasn’t so selfish and inconsiderate she would be back in the woods, cold hungry and with minimal shelter. Sure, she’s very childish but that is to be expected, she simply needs discipline and scholing and that has nothing to do with her gender. I’m kinda in the middle if Meela in her situation would even know that people discriminate because of gender (for the better or the worse). I think the fact that Feral can’t ‘talk’ back is influencing her behaviour a little but later on we see that he can hold his ground against her and in those moments she learns to be less selfish and more independent. He’s an adult man, he should be able to come up for himself. She’s just trying to survive, unfortunately by being a selfish brat who grabs every straw she can hold on to.

      1. Probably a reference to being doted on by her late elder brother… and somewhat extending the worse aspects of that onto Feral.

  7. Ahahah the last one

  8. Am I the only one who noticed she isnt wearing pants?

    1. She’s not wearing a bra either, what’s your point?

  9. This is me at a hotel.
    Nice try sis but I need a bed.

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