Volume 1

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Please note that the artist comments for pages 1-160 were somehow lost along the way.

53 thoughts on “Volume 1

  1. Ya~y<3
    I LOVE this series!

    1. This man has truly the right to claim first comment.

      1. Warning ⚠ this comic series is the best that there is. If you want to read now, you read at the risk of never wanting to read anything else.

  2. oh, sweet, I see a new chapter page

    1. ……Volume. Same difference. It wasn`t there before anyways owo

  3. MasterassassinMan

    Win cover!

  4. Awww Meela’s so cute when she’s annoying Feral <3 ^,^

  5. Ohmahgosh, I very love this serie ! I’m a new fan !

  6. Am I allowed to do some FanArt on it ?

    1. Yes, we love fan art! :)

      1. How can I contact you, You are my moms cousin, her name is virginia stroupe and i am doing this while at school and have limited ability on how to get information and would like to be able to talk with you My name is thearon bartel and i can easily be contacted at [email protected]

  7. Hey, hey, will they be some reptilians guys in Strays ? *.*
    I LOVE snakes !

  8. Sigma…reptillian guys?

    Argonians much?

    1. Haha, yeah! Argonians would be AWESOME in Strays XD

  9. I just keep reading it again and again… LOL

  10. This still remains one of my favorite images for the series…there is just so much character in it and you immediately learn a thing or two about Feral and Meela just by this one page alone. X3


  11. I am reading from the start again

  12. OMG I love love LOVE this comic! I have read and re-read it at least 3 or 4 times, and I have just commented. I love Feral’s “WTF” expression in this cover!! And Meela is cute!

  13. I hope you all are coming to Otakon again this year! Totally going to be looking for you. =^_^=


  15. I hope you guys don’t mind, but I have a Pokefarm account and I am so putting a link to this comment in my signature! I just love the comic so much!

  16. I’m a new reader to and I already finished the comic before commenting. I love it and I can’t wait till the next page. You’ve given me one more reason to love Fridays. I love Holland he’s amazing. Actually I love all the characters. My friend showed this to me at school and I showed it to one of my friends it’s so amazing.

  17. just starting my fourth rereading XD

  18. My favorite is definitively Holland! He’s just so awkwardly adorable.

  19. I’ve just realised, do you see the cut in his eye brow? If he got that along with the scar down his red eye, did Feral get it recently? Because I don’t think it takes that long to grow back..

    1. I have a cut on my eyebrow which I got when I was around… maybe 10, and the eyebrow never grew back in that place.

  20. one of my favorite mangas ever

  21. I Love this comic, I have been reading it the fitst day of every month. Why everymonth? Because it gives me more to read. you dont know how much I love this. I am comenting now because I just finished sending this to my 10th friend. Peace out yall and love the fear.

  22. It has to be said: Pefferkorn is such a lovely name!
    And now that’s out of the way, I should add to any new readers that this is such a consistently AWESOME and charming comic! Thank you guys for making Fridays even better!

  23. I absolutely love the Comic! :D
    I Read it all in one day and now im addicted!

  24. hehe, i think i read this from the start in-between each new page update, this will be my mmmmmmm 12th time i think. :P <3 LOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!

  25. Yay for pancakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Woah! This is one update I was happy to miss in exchange for a mind blowing splash page! (the subtlety of Meela’s hair is awesome too)

    I love your guys’ art!! :)

  27. it is a good manga

  28. Wait, wait, wait, hang on now did i miss something here?

  29. I think I might be obsessed with this series this my third time reading it and it hasn’t even been 2 days

  30. Darn. I was looking forward to Jyaku whoopimg up on Mal. Oh well, maybe next time.

  31. this is my sixth time reading this series

  32. now im starting my seventh XD


  34. dis is da awesomest comic in da god damn freaking world

  35. Love this web comic soooooo much!!! I wish I had a time machine so I could go to the future and read all the Friday updates. *sigh* the time machine will probably be invented for that sole purpose…

  36. Love This!!

  37. Oh yeah, lastpage. I sure hope someone would invent it already <3

  38. oh my god!!! i read this when it was pretty new, and not ended. and sinc then i wasnt able to forget it i sometimes searched for it in the internet but i didnt remember the name of it or the charackters.
    im so exited right now im gonna read it like its my last time on earth.

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