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  1. I wouldn’t know what to say either miss D:

  2. That awkward moment when you have a little kid and something like that happens… Happens at my house with little cousins sometimes with the cats.

    “What are the cats doing?”

    “They’re… um… fighting.”

    *quickly locks cat in cage to prevent future conflict and avoid explanation* Problem solved!

    1. Someone ought to learn the definition of spaying and neutering. =/

      Fashionably late comment is fashionably late.

      1. Neither of those prevent the action, just the result

  3. Well, Feral needs some lovin’ too.

    1. or just a good pleasure time after work

    2. EEEWWW you people are gross… (Meela Horror face)

      1. We`re real, nice to meet you owo

        Lulz. Feral`s so win, he can get a chick without saying a word XD

        1. That’s defiantly the best way to get one xD

    3. I’m going to repeat it

  4. How quickly I forgot she’s only twelve. XD

    1. Still her family’s been murdered and she’s been through it all, you’d think she’d know XD

  5. hahah i agree, it takes a real winner to get a girl without even speaking lawlz

  6. Here comes meela for the cock block and INERCEPTED by granny. It looks like Feral will be going all the way folks lol.

    1. Granny is not out of the mine field yet! She still has to find a way to dodge the explanation of what are they going to do. OH she uses the old have some water play.

  7. Omg xD
    a male gotta do what a male gotta do lmao

    Poor Meela, she has never been taught about the birds and the bees

    Meela: The hell is birds and bees?

    Me: Well, umm, it’s just birds flying and racing a bee

    Meela: umm uh okay….

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