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  1. Oh, so Piper can call Feral Scruffy, but Meela can’t call him fluffy?

    1. Yea not fair poor Meela…

      but this is my Favortie quote
      “Uuughh… They’ve been at it for over an hour… How long can someone who can’t talk carry on a stupid conversation?”

      1. Well let’s look at this figuratively and maturely…Piper has boobs, Meela doesn’t :D

    2. I have a bad feeling, I don’t know xDDD

  2. Omg, Feral’s face in panel 6, EPIC!! xD!

  3. I just realized that Meela keeps calling Tannor just “Brother.” It makes me think of Alphonse Elric calling Ed “Brother” *sigh*

    1. Going through comments, feeling happy, read this one… *Run over by feels train*

  4. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Feral’s look in the last panel is like hmmm…..

  5. Geez, Piper. Discriminating, aren’t you? He could be a serial killer or…or a bounty hunter for all you know…

    1. ROFL! That made my day! XD

  6. She has the biggest bellybutton ive ever seen! haha

    1. She has a tattoo there, by the looks of it.

  7. Feral’s face in that last panel!

  8. Piper was his next target, his manager was talking about her a few pages ago :P

  9. This is the part where my brain says EVERY OTHER CHARACTER, GET OUT .

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