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  1. Uh… shouldn’t she still have blood on her arm in the last panel?

    1. other arm i think

  2. Last Panel: ~Doom~

  3. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    RUN…. as Feral looms ominously…..

  4. Bloody hand grab

  5. ummm…he looks like tanner w/ a beard

    1. whoa, ii just noticed that too….but he’s too old for it to be Tanner

      1. He’s also too human lol

      2. Ummmm… tannor is dead. she told feral that about 20-25 pages ago…

  6. i wonder why he’s telling Meela to Run? O_O
    i know why about the hunter (find out later in the series) but i still wonder why!

  7. I wonder if the old man was her father or some thing?? He has the same grey coloured hair as her older brother.. So maybe?? I don’t know x] Great story line so far

    1. Actually, his gray hair is because of age. If you notice the picture, on the other panel, his hair is brown.

  8. Damn. That older man has some strength in him if he’s able to utter coherent sentences with two stab wounds. XD

  9. ewwww bloody hands dont touch me

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