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17 thoughts on “Page 79

  1. Well she’s going to need therapy… again.

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      That sucks!

    2. Feral needs to learn to stop killing things in front of Meela. :/

      1. Seriously!

      2. Wouldn’t be an issue if she hadn’t botched things up so badly.

        1. You sir, are a delight

  2. Aww, her hair is so considerate–covering her eyes for her and all.

  3. DUDE! How’d he do that? He was holding the gun with a double handed grip and somehow he stabs the guy?!

    1. Well, in the one panel, he’s only holding it with one hand, and I’d imagine the old guy let go of it anyway. He must have dropped it to stab the old guy.

    2. If you noticed in two pages back where Feral stabbed the mans shadow; It’s in the exact same spot where the dagger ended up on this page.

      1. probably shadow-travel

  4. Feral’s right eye in the second panel bugs me. . .

  5. Aaaaaaand things are getting messy in front of Meela again ._.


  7. What happened to the red eye on Feral in the second panel? Or is his eyes closed?

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