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  1. Hey! A little personal, much? silly Meela ^^

    1. I guess she thinks it’s fine to theorize out loud about anybody who can’t yell “SHUT UP!!” xD

  2. Notice he rubbed his arm? She didn’t touch him but when she said he didn’t have a clan marking he rubbing his arm.

    1. He’s not rubbing his arm, he is covering where the clan marking should be

  3. meela: *must poke arms*
    Feral: *rubs arm* don’t touch me.

  4. Skeeva da Argoniin

    His muscles make him look Dragonborn :P

    1. OMG YES. I never noticed that…

    2. A mute dragonborn?
      How useless would that be?

      1. Lee of Team Avatar

        It makes the shouts so much more dangerous if you can’t hear them!

  5. what is that mark on meela’s clothes? clan marking?

    1. Yes.

  6. I like how for the Lupians there groups are called “clans” instead of “packs” but they still follow the basic anarchy for a wolf pack

    1. Anarchy? I think you mean hierarchy…

  7. Why does the 5th panel focus on his left arm only for him to then cover his right?

    1. That’s his right arm.

      1. … Oh right. I see it now. 180 degree camera rotation or somesuch.

  8. “Lone wolf” “werewolf” hahaha um…

  9. kinda makes sense.

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