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  1. Why would you say “I love you” when your legs bleeding?

    1. I dunno. Maybe “RAWR!!” in Demon means “I’m going to rip out your guts.”

    2. rawr doesnt mean i love you in dinosaur it means I is gonna kill you havent you ever seen jurassic park? :P

  2. i belive that his is a deamon or a dragon and not a dinosour and i bet that ”i love you” isnt in a deamons vocabulary

    1. Prolly in a demon`s though

  3. So true

  4. You know, I’m still curious as to what Mal was about to say here…even if it probably isn’t that important. Then again, for all I know, maybe it WAS. :D

    1. He was going to ask about dinner

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