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  1. wait! his neclace is just like feral”s! hmmmmmm……

    1. Pretty sure it’s just a younger feral

  2. welll actually the beads are the same as the ones hanging from his hair….lol

  3. Lol Wolpy I thought those were earrings

  4. Yeah and the bracelet`s the same as Tannor`s …

    1. Mmm, not exactly the same. Close, I think.

  5. no it’s not and those are earing gosh people go be more observent

    1. Chill out, it’s not like we’re all looking at what jewelry they’re wearing… Sheesh…

  6. Love, love the last panel. :)

    1. Agrecian! Those tw heads peeking up like that? Adorabliciously scampy :D

  7. Does Mal have freckles on his shoulder or what? XD

  8. …He left the toy. How could he? That would be such a fun toy…. ._.

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