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Second page in this week's double update! I've missed drawing silly Holland <3

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  1. I love Holland and Jyaku’s relationship xD

  2. So how many more pages after this till the end?

    1. Two!

      1. NOOOOOO!!!! DX *Proceeds with tears*

        1. *Joins you and creates a river*

        2. *our many rivers of tears become a delta*

        3. *Also joins and creates a lake

        4. I guess we’ll flood the planet

        5. you mean the hole galaxy, rite

      2. I wish we could get an epilogue of adult-Meela…. At least for the printed book. I want to know that she turns out alright.

      3. I’m crying. This is such a good comic.

      4. O.O Wah! So soon! No……. :( But it’s been SO GOOD!

      5. Will you show us a beautiful epilogue of what years will like be? O.O *begs on knees of trying to prolong the end and NOT have a bloody cliffhanger*

  3. Moments like these, I really love Jyaku. XD And Holland will never stop being a best to the cervian, lol. It does impress me that Jyaku managed to keep his involvement with Feral a general secret. Even in an era like this, gossip runs like wildfire, so Holland and Meela must still be the absolute only people who know. Well, them and Kosher.

    Speaking of which, wonder what he’s up to. He might have a bunch of work for Feral and be wondering where the heck that lupian disappeared to. XD;

    1. PEST, not best. >_>

  4. omg Meela’s face in the 4th panel XD

  5. Holland ‹3 I will miss him :,(

  6. Holland’s being… such a Holland, really.

  7. Holland really reminds me of my character Hughes… bright, chipper, happy, sort of super flighty, hangs around dramatic serious types and annoys them, and much much smarter than he lets on. X3 That may be while Holland is my favorite character. <3

  8. I’ve just never been able to see Holland in the same pleasant way, after he risked Meela’s life to prove his pet theory and blatantly told us so (page 358-359). I want to get over it, but I just… I just plain feel sick watching him cheerfully interact with Meela as if he was always such a great friend looking after her best interests, when in reality he was happy to use her and possibly cause her death, just to maybe help Feral. I’d have accepted it if he seemed 100% confident she’d be ok, but no, he wasn’t, he was being insane.

    1. I’m sorry you see it that way. Holland is a hopeless romantic and acts on those beliefs. He really did think that Feral and Meela would work it out, otherwise he wouldn’t have stopped Jyaku. But if he had been cheerful and dismissive of the event, “knowing” everything would work out fine, it would’ve removed the tension from the story (and seemed pretty unbelievable no matter how certain someone is over something). Holland’s only doubts came from Jyaku’s insistence that he was wrong and being foolish, which he started to believe.

      And Meela’s best shot is with Feral. Even if she finds other half demons, most won’t want an unrelated adolescent to deal with. She’d probably end up isolated from society, alone in the woods, hunting and scavenging. Which is surviving, but is it living? Up for debate. So he’s looking out for both of their interests with an optimistic and (probably) naive attitude regarding the situation.

      1. Beautifully stated.

  9. Agh! ACK! I can’t wait till next week… I SHALL DIEEEEE…..
    Oh and Meela got some sleep I can tell. She needed that. For a second I thought she was turning into a Feral. Lol.

  10. Hey Celesse,
    How many pages are there till the end? I wanna know so I can snap out of this phase where I’m like, “This comic cannot enddddd!! BETrAYALLLL!!!!!!!!”
    Even though I know its really not betrayal. So, how many pages are there till the… gasp! End-cough-cough.
    Its still hard to say that e -word.

  11. Wait, Neera, pet theory? I don’t remember anything about that… could you remind me?

  12. @Tuomi Check out the conversation between Holland and Jyaku starting on page 354. Holland’s little theory is that Meela is “good for Feral”, and he’s willing to put her in danger over this, essentially valuing some perceived emotional healing for his mute friend over a child’s life.

  13. It’s cute how Holland did the exact same thing when him and Meela first met– squishing her little face like that. It really caps off the summary of their relationship ;~;

  14. Anybody else notice that feral isn’t very happy about this? He looks like he’s going to try to reach for Meela… And that sad look on his face…
    Poor feral :(

    Amazing page as always!!

  15. So I wonder, if she learns to control her demon side well, can she make her horns vanish? I mean, loosing her hat is not that hard… could get knocked off by someone accidentally bumping her in a crowd….and then…

    1. I think she can only hide her demon features using magical objects like her father had.

    2. Nanoko is correct, she would need to find an artifact to be able to hide her demon features. The hat is risky, yes, but if it fits snugly and she’s mindful of it she should be okay.

  16. Mother Holland… xD

  17. So, out of curiosity…

    Is the comic winding down towards the end or are we about to do some sort of time skip / training montage / new villain set-up soon?

    1. The comic is ending, I’m afraid :)

  18. I can’t believe the series is ending in only two pages… so much has happened and we’ve been on a great adventure, yet it still only feels like we’re just scratching the surface of this world and these characters. Even if its not in comic form (maybe an FAQ or some text?) will there be any kind of epilogue?
    Thank you for all your hard work over the years!

  19. By the way, I love how Feral puts Meela’s hat on for her. <3

    Just thought I'd throw that in there. It's such a nice touch. Once you get past the rough exterior, he's a great big bro~!

    1. I hardly noticed, but that’s huge!

  20. Wait so is Meela leaving with them, or just staying with feral? IM SO CONFUSED

    1. Meela is leaving with Jyaku to train so that she can learn to control her demon side, at which point it will be safe for her to be with Feral.

  21. It’s ending in two pages? I am glad I made my peace with these story on the time page. I thought there might be another arc on curing and restoring Feral’s memories but I guess not.

  22. Am I the only one that likes how much Meela changed since the beginning of this comic? Isn’t that awesome?

  23. Is it just me, or does this seem like a weird place for the comic to end? Most of the characters changed a lot through the story, but I feel like a few of their bigger problems were left unresolved. Or at least, we didn’t SEE them get resolved. For instance, will Feral ever get his memories back? Will he ever get rid of Mal, or at least control him? Heck, the chapter just before this one was when we were finally figuring out what was wrong with him. Maybe Jyaku and Meela could somehow find a way to cure him, and THEN the story ends with Meela and Feral being badass bounty hunters >:D

    I dunno. Right now I feel like this story has just begun, like the first season of a tv show or somethin. Only for it to be cancelled shortly after. Dont get me wrong, I LOVE this comic, I just think it ended a bit too soon.

    1. It’s interesting that everybody assumes Feral’s curse is a problem to be solved. Just because something is broken doesn’t mean it can (or should be) be fixed ;3

      We’ve explicitly stated in the comic that Feral and Mal’s souls have fused and are now inseparable, and even if they could be separated then “Feral” would cease to exist.

      Yes there are a lot of “bigger” issues left unresolved, but this story isn’t about fixing everybody and returning them to a normal person’s status quo, it’s about the characters themselves and how they learn to deal with their unique problems. It’s very possible to continue this story and expand upon it, but we’re ready to move on, so we feel this is an acceptable place to end the comic.

      1. No, not every problem is something to be fixed. The best stories with the most intriguing characters have permanent “flaws.” However, it *is* a very weird place to leave it as what/who Feral is has just been revealed—as well as the fact he goes on murderous rampages from time-to-time. Hoping the last two pages offer a little resolution.

        1. Feral’s reveal wasn’t meant to have a resolution – it’s a constant state of being for him. Everything you need to know about it has already been laid out; how it happened, how he deals with it and why it presents a problem to their current situation. And, ultimately, what the characters will do to handle it.

          Even if we continued the story, we have no plans to “fix” him or even return his memories. At most we might address his access to his journal, but that would be a long way down the road anyway. Sorry if it’s unsatisfactory!

  24. First Feral puts his hand on Holland’s Face like that when we’re first really being introduced to him, and now Jyaku. I love that.


    1. We may continue the story some day, but for now we’re ready to move on to new things.

  26. Out of curiosity, what will become of the strays patreon? I’m not subscribed myself as I didn’t even realize you had one for the comic but will it be going towards something else instead or end its course with the comic?

    1. We will be closing the Patreon in the beginning of August, after patrons are charged for July. We wouldn’t feel right trying to collect support on a comic that is over :)

  27. To be honest, I kind of like that the story is ending here? Of course I’m sad that this comic is coming to a close, because it was so lovely to read, but that aside I’m pretty happy with it. I mean, I know that people who are unsatisfied tend to be more vocal so I’m probably not the only one but I felt I needed to leave a comment to balance out the comments of people who feel the story is “unresolved”. Well, actually I agree with them, but the thing I love about strays is that the universe is so much larger than the story that we get to see. It feels real, because outside of fiction, nothing really gets tied up neatly at the end. I think this is a conclusion that has a lot of depth to it!

  28. What do you guys plan on doing after this webcomic is over? :<

  29. Hello! Long time lurker here, but I come out of the darkness that’s called the interwebs to tell that I agree with Cassandra: even though not everything is resolved, it’s a good place to end. There is not always an perfect answer for every issue, but sometimes it is more important (and interesting) how an issue is dealt by the characters. Also the incoming ending makes it possible to imagine how everything might develop later on.
    Thank you both for such a lovely comic and I do hope to see more projects from you both.

  30. im curious where Piper went :O i miss the Foxy

    1. Me too!

  31. Oh no! But I just found you and devoured this in a day! What a treat, I was looking forward to more adventures with “the gang”. :pout: Please post what you are up to in the future. You have such a great way of story telling, I want more! Thank you for your hard work. <3

  32. I’m assuming the full version of Strays will be put in the store? I look forward to hopefully getting a copy! Might there be any new posters or things, as the art style has developed so much?

  33. Also, did we ever figure out how the old man that feral got the assignment to kill in the early comic knew Meela?

  34. I hope _WE’LL_ get letters from Meela? (:

  35. I love how everyone’s default is “Shove Holland away via hand-to-the-face.”

  36. Hey wait, what about that man whose wife died way back when? The one that knew Meela from when she was little? Are we ever going to find out what his involvement was with her?

    And that avian-person with the suspicious documents and stuff? Like the papers that Meela almost died on the mission to get. Are we ever going to know what that was, or what it was for?

  37. ;-;
    I can’t believe the comic is almost over already! It seems like I just started reading yesterday! Although I understand you guys probably need to end the comic at somepoint. Thank you for starting the comic in the first place, though!

  38. Plz give us an epilogue

  39. Are you going to do more stuff in Meoley?
    It seems like a pretty wide open world and a lot of things could be happening, so there’s plenty of potential for other stories with different characters in them.

    1. Ooh…
      That’s an interesting idea, though it’ll cause pain for those who like to read in order…
      *cough* WARRIORS! REDWALL! *cough cough*

  40. *joins you and creates a ocean combining all the rivers* WHY DOES IT HAVE TO END!!!!

  41. 300+ pages later people are still whining about it ending and trying to argue it. Be grateful ya hooligans and get over it :D
    I’m obviously sad to see it end, but also happy. I think it’s a good place to end because it leaves a lot for us to think about for these characters.

  42. Celesse, will there be a second season for this comic, but it focuses on when she’s learning to control her demon side or nah?

  43. Remember, Face Palm the annoying one, not yourself.

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