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I think I'd be hesitant to spend a few years with Jyaku too.

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    Anyway, this is a great page. I’m glad you decided to add it back in! Also, Meela’s face in the last panel is priceless. 2 AM here and nearly bursted a lung. Little to say, that wouldn’t have been good~! Worth it, but still not good. LOL

    1. Heh! Get some sleep! :)

      This is a great page and I don’t know how they did it but Jyaku is even sexier in this page than ever before!!

      You’re right, the adorableness is off the scale! Awwwwwww….. :-D

      1. It’s the hair. It’s down instead of in a ponytail! :D

  2. Suspennnsseeeeeeeeee

    So happy you decided to put this convo back in ! :D It makes jyaku less of a dick xD not that he was ever a super dick but yknow …

    1. Yeah, I dunno, I guess I like him as a character but he’s not super likeable? Like, we never got to be fond of him as a person, a lot of the time he was just… kind of convenient for the plot….. Also, I know he’s not especially emotional and a bit strict but he could’ve been stoic in an endearing way, y’know?

      Now that I think of it, this is probably one of the reasons some people are dissatisfied with the ending. Jyaku’s been such a neutral character, no one really knows how to feel about Meela being taken under his wing. Jyaku and Meela haven’t really had any meaningful interaction, either (at least not that I can think of). So her staying with him isn’t really an alternative that people can react to with anything other than “…oh.”

      1. Jyaku hasn’t really been neutral, he’s been the realist to counter Holland’s romanticism. But you’re right, it probably would’ve flowed more smoothly if Meela had more of relationship with Jyaku.

        But think of how much she gets to annoy him when they start out, just like she did with Feral ;)

        1. …dang it, I know the story is about to end, but now I REALLY wanna see Meela and Jyaku traveling together…yay for teen-puppy shenanigans vs. stern paternal figure! X3
          I can already see them traveling in awkward silence as they part ways with Feral and Holland, but then somewhere off screen, bit by bit they’ll forge a mentor-student bond, learn from each other, and grow fonder of each other…yeah, there’s just no way Meela’s cuteness won’t have an effect on him, even if Jyaku refuses to admit it in the end, lol. I just wish there was more time to see that happen…but in story-telling you gotta draw the line somewhere, right? I will simply content myself to imagine it then, lol!

        2. I smell a fanficition!

  3. phanislovephanislife

    Last panel is so cute! I love Meela’s tunic top/dress too,such pretty colors.

  4. LOL her being squished. X3

  5. Holland’s been killing me! And now he’s killing Meela as well! :)

  6. I love how his hair almost becomes white at the bottom. Reminds me of a white-tailed deer.

  7. Thank you so much for putting these last few pages in! It really ties together the ending, and is already making it seem like a more proper finale.

    And thank you, Celesse, for this wonderful adventure you’ve given us. I fell in love with this comic almost immediately, and have loved it ever since. Thank you for everything!

  8. Holland, you ruined the moment! xD
    I love Meela’s determined face in the panel before last :)

    So they are going to work on her dreamcatcher ability as well. I’m so glad to know that! ^^

  9. I like how the bottom of Jyaku’s shirt has a pattern on the back at the bottom that looks similar to a deer tail. Nice little detail

  10. I can’t believe it’s almost overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah -sobs-

    But I really want to see Jyaku’s animal form. <3 I would luv eet.
    And Meela's tail. <3

    I've been reading this for who knows how long. Like, forever.
    Years. le sigh

  11. Oh man oh man. I love this comic so much and I adore how you guys are filling in this conversation. I saw it’s well loved for sure!
    I can’t believe this is almost over though. This was my Friday reward, kinda thing, haha. Still, this whole comic has been a real treat ♥

  12. Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnng

  13. That last panel is just the best

  14. Wasn’t she wearing pants a minute ago?

    1. Wait no they were shorts. My bad! It looked like normal pants on one of the panels on the last page

      1. Oops, we did miss coloring her shorts in the last panel. Thanks for pointing it out!

      2. How did you even notice?! XD I swear, I have to stare for a few minutes in order to see anything wrong, even then, I still don’t see the mistakes! XD

  15. Aw man! Holland is such a sweetie. :3

  16. Sudden Holland glomp! X3

    Quick question about the term “Dreamcatcher” does she merely share dreams? (Implying Feral was dreaming of his past too) Or is she “catching” things like memories that manifest in her dreams?

    1. This is a story point I’m kind of embarrassed about at this point because it doesn’t make much practical sense ^^;

      But she was basically skimming deep fragments of memories from Feral (that are more accessible when he’s sleeping) that manifested as dreams to her.

      Jyaku talks a little more about the ability on this page.

      1. The good news is, you can get away with that sort of thing more easily in fantasy settings. :’D I’m glad that Jyaku brought it up in this conversation, or it would have been as if it was just a convenient plot device that was just as conveniently forgotten when it was no longer needed. :3

      2. I agree with Goldmare, you probably need not worry much about it. :3 Being a land full of shapeshifting humanoids with magic powers, I don’t think people will question a form of telepathy. And thanks for the link! :D It’s been a while and I kinda forgot about that page. X3

  17. Such an amazing page. And I too love Meela’s outfit. I’ve liked all her clothes.

  18. I, for one, expected Meela to go with Jyaku to train so that she could control her demon side (and hopefully find some handy magical artefacts to hide her horns), so none of this was a disappointment to me. It wouldn’t have made sense, after everything that happened, for them to stay together as if nothing had happened, just waiting for the next emotional bomb to set them at each other’s throats. Even if Meela and Jyaku have had very little interaction, I feel like this is the most sensible and logical direction for the story to take and in no way a disappointment.

    And hey, she’d had just as little interaction with Feral when she decided to follow him around, even knowing how dangerous he was. XD At least she has confidence here that she’ll be safe with Jyaku!

  19. Will you keep the website up after the comic is complete?

    1. They will. ;)

  20. Hmm. Just Hmm. I’m sad to say, being a person who hates my own work being critiqued, that Meela’s face in the seventh panel looks a wee bit off. It almost looks the same shape it is when its looking down, but her facial features suggest that she is looking up. Just saying, its probably nothing, not to be mean or anything at all.
    Hey Celesse, do you know of any cites that I can put my work on for free and not have to draw them digitally?

    1. Yeah, it was a little off. We fixed it though, and the caching should catch up with it soon.

  21. BTW I really really love this page otherwise, been a while since I have seen chibis in this comic!!! SQEEALLL!

  22. :) Awesome. Love you guys, you are so blessed with this talent of yours!!! <3

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