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There's still a bit to sort out.

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  1. omg more pages

  2. woo

    i’m still gonna need the feels blanket though ^^

  3. Suspeenncee no moar


  4. I’ve been silently reading this comic for years and I’ve never commented before. So I’m just going to make this brief. Thanks for making this comic. The art and paneling is beautiful and it’s been great to watch it improve over the years. I’ll really miss checking in every Friday and then dying in anticipation for the next page. Do you have any other similar projects you’ll be picking up when this is finished? If not, that’s fine. I’m just thankful that you’ve given us this comic.

    1. Just in case you don’t get replied… Yes, the author will bring more stories in the future. Actually, there’s one going on right now, but it is just some humor comics, not such an amazing story like this one. By the way, the name of this other work is “Gamercat”. Here’s a link for it:

      1. Wait, they also make the GaMERCat?
        I read GaMERCat since about a year and didn’t know that.

  5. I have always loved this comic from the moment I found it and have loved the plot and world that was created, I will defiantly be buying into the kickstarter.

    Thanks for all the amazing art and storytelling and keep up the fantastic work on whatever will be the next project!

  6. Oh my gosh are they braiding bracelets together?

    1. Yes, they are! It looks like Meela is teaching Feral! Ooo – that would be a great product for the shop: Meela bracelets! I’d sport one of those!

  7. Ahhhh I”m so glad these pages are getting added! :D It did feel like there was a little something missing, and I think this little insert will definitely help balance it out :D Plus… MORE STRAY PAGES! That’s always good! <3

    Thank you so much for all your hard work on an absolutely wonderful comic! I look forward to seeing your conclusion, and to owning volume 3 when its out! :D

  8. You’re right to add this page. It smoothed the flow. :)

  9. Glad you added this page, it explains some stuff that I had to just guess through context.

  10. Hey are they making bracelets like the one that belonged to her dad and brother?

    1. They are weaving, yes.

  11. I agree, this conversation is too important to cut out.
    I mean, without it it took me, like, two or three pages to realise Meela is not going to travel with Feral for a while. I’m that slow, yeah :(

    1. You’re not the only one. Sorry about leaving so much to context, some things are better for the characters to talk about on-screen :)

  12. Feral almost smiled!!! (Cries so proud)

  13. I just want to say that I love all the edits! Yes, including the changes to the dialogue with the old man. I like the original story better, but I’m glad the change was made. It flows so much more smoothly now. But it does make me wonder how Feral would react to the knowledge that he’d been hired to kill a man who’d helped to save Meela and her brother on a previous occasion. Dang, man, as if killing her father and other brother wasn’t enough . . .

    I’ll definitely be contributing to the Kickstarter. Here’s hoping there’s enough extra to allow Book 1 to be reprinted! :D

  14. I like Meela’s outfit!

  15. Don’t hurry with those last pages, let us savour them! This comic has been so great, I’m happysad to see it end… :’-)
    However, I’ve delurked to let you know you (accidentaly?) did a Mona Lisa! Or, Feralisa. In the fifth panel, when I take Feral’s face in as a whole he seems to be smiling with gentle fondness, but when I look at the mouth – it’s definitely neutral! Oh, Feralisa, of the mysterious smile, please write me what you’re thinking about…

    1. It’s a slight smirk ;)

      1. Yes, but it disappears when I look at it closely! That’s the whole deal with Mona Lisa’s Mysterious Smile too :)

  16. Just came back because I wanted to add: I like Meela’s shirt. :3

    That is all.

  17. phanislovephanislife

    Awww yes.

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