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Seems like Feral's still holding back. Wonder how long that'll last.

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  1. Suspennnsseeeeeeeeee


    1. My bad, you were first comment lol

  2. First comment!!!
    I’m beginning to wonder just how bad this is going to turn out….

    Love it so far, youv’e got me on the edge of my seat :D

    1. Why are you even saying “zomg fiiirst!!!1!” ? Please explain why this is important, as this is all over the net and it serve no function but to never be first comment.

      1. Maybe they have some chill man. God forbided its the end of the world when someones says first then actually writes a nice ligit comment.

      2. Having comments on his page really enhances the mood of the media producers, and people battling for being the first to do it is romantically beautiful.

        1. It’s a spectator sport where most spectators are unknowing participants!

          I don’t know about romantic… I prefer to thing “gruesomely entertaining” :P

    2. Which makes me wonder, if Mal had gone wolf, would he look anything like Meela’s wolf form?

      1. I doubt it. Mal is in Feral’s body, and Feral is a black wolf. Also, Meela is a natural half-demon; Mal is a result of black magic.

      2. What Ryl said, plus Mal did go into his wolf form just before he and Yuen fused. His wolf form did seem abnormally large, which probably was the result of all that dark magic, but otherwise he was a normal (if power crazed) wolf. So, even if he could change into his own wolf form while in control of Feral’s body somehow, I’m sure it would be that wolf form, not a demonized one.

  3. silent mime screaming in pain, in that one scene

    1. Literal internal screaming

  4. Feral is holding up really well. Way ta go feral!

  5. Poor Feral, just poor Feral.

    I’m super hoping he somehow can speak again

  6. Things are going down-hill real fast. Hope those two work it out somehow…

    1. So do I…. This is very suspenseful XD

    2. At this point, the only way this will end is if one of them dies. You can tell Feral is holding back.

  7. Heartbreak after heartbreak. Q u Q

  8. Meela! NO! Stop this! Oh God..!

  9. I don’t think Feral is the only one holding back given he still has his foot attached to his leg.

    1. I think the risk of injury was reduced when Feral reacted immediately and hit her snout, but, yeah, I also think she’s holding back, even if she doesn’t realize it…

    2. +2 She’s totally holding back, I’ve been in dog fights before. If the dog* is large and means business you can be hitting them with a metal pole and they still won’t let go.

      *breed irrelevant, except smaller dogs are obviously easier to get to let go

  10. Also, is it wrong I want to ‘shop the stick into a rolled up newspaper? “Bad Meela!!!”

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

  11. I hope he knows how to handle it when he isn’t killing his prey. :(

    1. If it gets bad enough of a fight, that might change. :(

  12. Feral- “Is this what teenage hormones are like?”

  13. But seriously, this is getting intense.
    I’m going to cry in the ACF corner.

    1. I will join you… Feels are too strong!! *sits by Flames, and pulls out homemade Reeses peanut butter cups*

    2. *sits next to Flames and Go Meela with a sigh* I lost the feels. This page didn’t made me feel anything! The last page had my in tears almost, but this page. This page made me feel nothing.

      But I brought along all the movies and Tv shows! Who’s down for watching some Sherlock?

      1. Currently on a supernatural binge myself, but now im focused on Meela and Ferallll. Meela STAHP! Feral climb a tree or something!

  14. I started reading this comic after randomly finding it and holy crap! I am very glad I did!

  15. Feral! Use a rolled up newspaper instead! You know it’s super-effective!

  16. Feral bopped Meela! So sass; much hurt; very pain; wow

  17. Hit the nose! That’s the first trick in the book! Go for the nose, Feral!

  18. Calling it now. Anytime a dog (or wolf) features prominently in a story, either it dies or someone close to it dies. Either Feral or Meela, or both, are gonna be pushing up daises by the end of this.

    1. I already called it

      1. Though I secretly hope I am wrong…

    2. I hope not… but if they give them a good death, I will be fine. (I will just be crying for days, but again. Fine)

  19. Unfortunately for me, I say the second panel and immediately thought “draw me like one of your french girls” and now I have this horrible image I can’t get out of my head.

    On another note, AAAAAHHHHH NO this was NOt how it was supposed to go at ALL!! WHAT is the author doing to us?!

    1. The author is a very good story teller.

  20. jkdajfadf, when will this eeend ;-;

  21. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Omg, how long will this keep up? Meela is going to put so many scars on him before he puts up some resistance.

  22. Omylinneus Meela stop. You’re being highly irrational.

  23. No, Feral! Try throwing the stick! Maybe she’ll retrieve it? -might be a risk he could take-

  24. Noooooooooo *clutches head in horror and tears* WHY?! Do not fight, both of you!!!!!!! T-T T-T T-T Waaaaah…
    Come on, Meela, please please please be a good doggie and stop…

  25. YESSS! Finally, a real fight between Feral and Meela. I’ve been hoping this would happen for months now. GO Meela! KIlLL FERAL!!!

    1. ...Meela's Anger Issues


  26. Don’t tell me feral’s gonna start hurting meela now :c

  27. ...Meela's Anger Issues

    [ Interal Screaming ]

  28. I’m gonna adfjslkgj;adkgj

  29. It has begun…….

  30. Feral in the first panel: “FUS RO DAH!”

  31. Gosh, I’m so depressed after reading this…

  32. It wasn’t that long ago when they were just training, with sticks like those. Sticks, so no one would really get hurt. Feral could be using a weapon now- he probably has one hidden somewhere on him, but he doesn’t want to hurt Meela… I just hope Feral’s mark was sealed twice- I don’t want to see Malkar so soon!

  33. And now we see evidence of how much more delicate Lyrian bones are than other races’. One chomp from Meela broke Holland’s arm, but Feral is still standing on that leg. No doubt the boot helps, but still, if the jaws can break bones, they can do it even with an extra layer of skin (leather) in the way. I’d hate to see how much blood is accumulating under that boot, though it may all be bruising at this point.

    I do wonder, though. Are the boots/clothes enhanced magically to be more durable? ‘Cause there really should be some damage to that boot in the last panel otherwise, right? ^^;

    1. Well, he wasn’t standing on his hurt leg, he was holding it in the air


    1. she or he is right for Friday is far away! I wish Tuesdays and Fridays of update.

      1. Ok this is like my 10th time reading it. I think i’m obsessed…

        1. Me and you both… Me and you both.

      2. But if they update that much, then the whole story is over like that. *snaps fingers*

      3. I wish the whole story would be there in its complete form.
        Oh, and that it somehow never ends.

  35. O.O….!!!! Oh boy… I’m worried… my feels are barely hanging in there

  36. *Crying loudly* Nooooo… everything’s turning out ugly. *sniff*

  37. Oh, god, I had a dream that he went into a demon wolf form to fight back and it was bad…..

  38. This made me laugh a little.
    What is the first thing an angry, frightened animal does when cornered by the thing they’re scared of? lash out with everything they have.

    Meela is the frightened, Angry, not so little, animal in this situation. Farel is the cause of said fear and anger. Instead of using common sense and letting her go and calm down a little he corners her. now we just sit back and watch with a box of popcorn.


  40. Nooooooo! I cought up with the comic.
    Now I have to wait for what’s going to happen next!

  41. The button to click to the next page seems to still be disabled.

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