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What the hell indeed.

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  1. This is so hard to take one page at a time! D:

    1. Agreed, 1 week inbetween updates feels like aaaaaages D:<

    2. Elizabeth Faulkner

      Oh my god I know!!!! There needs to be more pages per week man :(

      1. just remember that they plan it for this to be suspenseful. heck i’m glad for any update a week. i dont wanna push them over the edge.

        1. Well put hailfire. We all would love to have the whole thing at once, but once a week is better than completely-random-every-couple-of-months updates like some webcomics

  2. Yeah kitty boy wth indeed, look what your stupidity has done to feral!!!

  3. That’s not good.

    1. That name “Oh Dear” was intentional.

      Well played.

  4. Still want that power visrial?

    1. I think Feral’s gonna shove that power up his… ehhh… ear? *cough cough cough*

      1. I can’t put my finger on it, but the feral/visrial situation reminds me of a “the farside” comic… & it’s not going to end well for visrial. :D

  5. Suddenly a song pops to mind:

    A constellation of tears on your lashes
    Burn everything you love, then burn the ashes
    In the end everything collides
    My childhood spat back out the monster that you see

    My songs know what you did in the dark

    So light ’em up, up, up
    Light ’em up, up, up
    Light ’em up, up, up
    I’m on fire


      I heard it first in connection to Blue Exorcist, but it works great here, too!

      1. Blue exorcist?!!!… I like you… And Rin is hot x3… But i died when i saw that Kitty guy came, i knew he was going to be truble!!!

    2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      That fits so well!!!

    3. Daaaamn, I love Ao no Exorcist!

      1. Gack! not what I wanted to do! Just search on youtube for “Crucifix Combustion.”

      2. Me to!!… Rin is mine >w<

  6. Well now Visrial, you forced him into into this, so now you gotta lie in your bed how you made it!

  7. Stupid theory time!
    Notice, how his eye’s color changes – from green to red. Just like the other eye. And notice, how his mark is bleeding or something like this. What if Feral is going insane in weird overpowered mode? What if that happen before, and turned his right eye red? Will that be permament?
    And, Visirial is such a genius -___-

    1. that’s exactly what I was thinking

      1. Also, when Holland met Feral, Feral was all bandaged and stuff. What if what is happening now, is the same exact thing that happened to him, when Holland first met him?

        1. that actually makes a lot of sense…

    2. If that’s true couldn’t it kill him to?
      He looks like hes in a lot of pane.

    3. Also did you notice his nails turned to claws

      1. is it just me, or did his teeth get pointy too?

        1. Wait… I realized something.
          When Meela’s family were murdered, the murder had two eyes red. Feral have one eye red, so most of the fans concluded that he wasn’t guilty.
          But now we can see that his eye becomes red, which means that BOTH of his eyes will be red and will be glowing.
          So… there’s a possibility that he was the murder of Meela’s father, or, if color change is permament, maybe that was Mal.

  8. Oh no…! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?!

  9. Notice how meela is clutching her head, either there is a really loud sound that hurts her ears (least likely) OR since her and feral are connected by the darkness she is feeling ferals pain.

    1. Maybe she’s feeling Feral’s pain, and screaming in his place O.o

      1. Possibly it’s all the demonic dark energy swirling around, and her body is trying to transform to her demon Lupian shape, but she’s resisting.

        1. This ^… Combine the (family) blood connection, the curse, AND a butt-load of bad juju… all that overflow has to channel somewhere.

          And Meela’s squarely at the other end of the pipe-line.

        2. I agree with Dragon here. I think all this dark energy is forcing Meela’s demonic side out, and the horns coming out of her head probably hurt.. though because of their connection, part of it might be that she’s feeling Feral’s pain, too. A mixture of both, maybe?

        3. oh my oh my…now my head hurts…

  10. I’m just curious does Feral make a noise when he’s screaming? With him being mute and all I’m curious about that piano with his mouth open.

    1. Oops, I forgot he couldn’t scream… I just assumed that he WOULD be screaming. Boy, do I feel silly :)

      Now I think he’s kind of frozen in pain. Poor Feral… Hang in there, sweetie! Don’t let the Shadow Realm get you!

    2. Well, you scream while you’re in pain, right? He may not be able to make any sound, but screaming is a reflex. So he’s basically trying to scream but he can’t.

      1. I have no voice, and I must scream. (changed the quote to fix context a bit better)

      2. Generic-username427

        hi flyteck :)

        1. Hey Generic! :D

        2. Generic-username427

          how ya doin’?

  11. See Meela, you needn’t fear Feral would reject you if he knew what you are, he can turn into a demon too.

  12. Argh! It’s so exciting!! Can’t wait until next week O___O

    1. I KNOW!!! IM DYING!!!!…

      Btw… Love you pic

  13. Uh oh… If Feral’s not a demon wolf (which wouldn’t make sense as he’s got no horns/red markings, yet it looks like he may be turning into one) than he’s probably something far scarier.

  14. Generic-username427

    so feral is half demon like Meela, I should have seen that coming

    1. Given it looks like he’s about to transform like her, you have to wonder. However, he has no horns and seemed pretty atimate about telling Meela he was not a demon wolf. So it’s hard to say… Maybe he’s something far worse?

      1. It would make sense since he jumped right when he asked her xD

        1. Generic-username427

          yeah, I forgot about that, maybe he was ordinary before he got that mark, but over time its slowly turned him into a demon

  15. I think she’s still connected to Feral via his memories and is not feeling what he feels. :D

  16. That look in Holland’s eyes… Poor guy knows what’s going on and has obviously seen this before. May give us an idea as to how he was able to snap Meela out of it so fast.

  17. Well fine sir it looks like you’ve doomed everyone in the immediate vicinity or at least very nearly. Good going champ. :/

  18. Ohhhh no, oh please no……… O_O

  19. I wonder if his green eye will turn red just like the other one? maybe this happend before

  20. Well I see two possibilities here. 1. Meela has to calm feral the fuck down before he kills them all. 2. She also goes demon with him and Visriel dies a horrible demon-maul death.

    1. Or what if the second one happens and after they kill visriel they go completely feral nd start attacking each other in a huge demon vs sorta demon epic monster brawl. That would be super intense, lets just hope it doesn’t come to that

      1. yes, because Holland would die trying to make peace… I don’t like that option.

  21. And now we know why holland knew what to do with meela lol

  22. well, say goodbye visreal, it was not nice knowing you. and poor meela, that demonic energy (at a guess) must be messing with her pretty bad.

    I wish I could stop reading this for a few months so I wouldn’t have to read it one page a week, this is killing me.

    Though awesome as Feral always is, I just have to mention that in the third panel he looked like he’s wearing lipstick which makes it a little harder to take his pain seriously. Ya might wanna change that. Aside from that, I love this page as much as all the others! (which is to say a lot)

    Oh, and thank you Holland for stating the obvious.

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      NOW I CAN’T UN-SEE IT! Now that you mention it, it DOES look like Feral is wearing lipstick in that panel….

      1. I won’t go back and look. I won’t go back and look. I won’t go back and look . . . .

        1. -take his pain seriously???- 0_o looks like his lips burst & they are hemorrhaging.

          In the same panel:
          ~his right eye is dripping demonic blood ~ or his tattoo is alive and bleeding.
          He’s in a #&(!*-load of pain!

        2. I think the lip coloring is just shading that you’re seeing, mauve because of the strange lighting conditions.

  24. If Feral is a demon wolf, he’s going to be really freakin’ scary—especially how huge his normal wolf form is. Looks like at least his eyes will match, though. XD

  25. They are fighting over Meala

    Same boring trope, 2 guys fighting over a girl and third guy says “not good” because no way he can compete with the bad boys, and girl is like “aahh! I don’t want everyone to fight over me.”

    1. They’re not fighting over Meela. Visrial is after Feral (his ability). Holland isn’t stepping in because he knows better. He’s not a physical fighter, thats why he uses a ranged weapon.

    2. Also wouldn’t it be insainly creepy if they were fighting over meela, I mean she’s only 13 and visriel is like thirty-something.
      Also lol, I just realized why she turned demon at 13, I thought it was cause then she is officially a teen but now I get it cause 13 is a cursed/ unlucky number. Lol, silly me for only just now getting that :p

      1. That’s an interesting point! I had also assumed it was a puberty thing, but now that I think about it, it wouldn’t make sense for her to predict the starting date as each person matures a little differently.

        That was pretty sharp of you. :3

        1. Why thank ya :) *takes a bow and tips top hat*

      2. 13 is usually considered an adult in alot of places.

        1. r…e…a…l…l…y…? intriguing, but so weird. :(

        2. Where are these places and what time period are they in? 0.o

    3. …Are we reading the same comic?

  26. Bad things happening!

    1. Generic-username427

      ahh, PaleKing, you’re here too?

      1. It’s an off-white party!

        1. Generic-username427

          whooo fun time party!

  27. “It’s not good” Said Holland.
    Sorry, for the caps lock…

    Argh, Feral, don’t die. What the hell is going on though? Oooooh, we might get to see Feral’s demon form, you know, we saw Meela’s, so maybe we’ll see Feral’s…The suspense is KILLING meeeeeeeeeee.

  28. yup…I can tell feral is going to turn into a monster, a machine eating little puppies.

  29. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Wow! I love the black/red coloration of this entire page… super cool!
    Ah, poor Feral and Meela…

  30. Ack… Visrial, lookit what you’ve done now. You are most likely going to die as a result of your stupidity. To mis-quote a quote (I can’t remember exactly where it came from), I hope your life explodes in your face!

    1. Avatar the Last Airbender, Zuko said it. Haha!

      This comic is visual gold. So ace. Great job, guys! =)

  31. antler dude will come save the day! :) (hope)

  32. Someone stop him. O n O

  33. OK…. I don’t know if they were markings on his face already, but…… does anyone else notice that it looks like his red eye is bleeding or the markings under his eye are oosing in the third pannel??

    1. I agree it looks like the markings on his eye have moved and are bleeding.
      Looks like we have to wheat to find out! :)

      1. Y’know, I noticed that, but I thought he’d gotten cut. Now that I look closer, yeah, it looks like his tattoos are running.

  34. Oh my gosh, pages like these make it so much harder to wait till next week x.x I can’t wait to see what is going to happen. I’m pretty much going to side with everyone else and say that Feral is gonna go all Demonic-Wolf/Demon energy on Visrial

  35. Why does it hurt her!? And what is happening to him?! >.<'

    1. Because she’s a demon lupian, she has a special sensitivity to the demonic aura that Feral is putting off. That’s why she was able to see his memories in the first place, but now it’s so intense that it’s causing her pain (and possibly, as someone else observed, might potentially force her to transform as well).

        thx for answering so miney questions

  36. Okay… I’m leaning towards Feral turning into not just a demon wolf, but something even more frightening though perhaps related or maybe some kind of ultra demon wolf. First, he has no horns. Second, he has that weird red eye—plus I get the impression it’s usually a genetic thing versus a magically-induced thing—which would make sense unless Feral’s family had some sort of repressed demon blood in their line. He does, however, have the same aura Meela has had when she transformed. Also, his eye is looking like hers did when she shifted. Would love to hear others’ theories.

    1. I’m pretty much thinking the same as you. The rune on his hand utilizes demonic magic, but it’s forced and thus dangerous to use because Feral does not naturally have demon blood. It is, nonetheless, part of his body now, so if he takes in too much dark energy, it overloads and he turns into a demonic form, which will undoubtedly be different from a normal demon lupian form. And scarier. Gotta be scarier.

      Having said that, Holland isn’t telling Meela to run for her life. Since he obviously knows what’s going on, indicating he’s seen it happen before, I suspect that even at this point it is possible to help Feral return to normal before too much damage is done. Probably after he kills Visrial. :P

  37. Does anybody else notice that little tattoo under his eye is melting? Or is that just Feral’s mascara running? :P

    1. His eye might actually be bleeding, but it is also possible that the marking is melting somehow. *shrug*

  38. Scary eye is scary.

    And that’s what you get for ignoring people’s advice, Visrial. You heard Holland yelling at Feral to stop absorbing the power, but instead of, say, asking WHY he shouldn’t absorb more, you just kept forcing it. And now you’re going to die. Unless you can run really, really fast in kitty form. I highly recommend running.

  39. Aaaand that’s your cue to run like hell, Visrial.

    1. Heh. Run, like, AWAY from hell, you mean. ;-)

  40. I have a serious question!
    This comic isn’t going to end soon is it?
    I’m getting worried because this seems like the end of a book.

    1. You are right! PLEASE NO!

  41. Eat ‘im Feral >:V
    That kitty cat needs to go down

  42. If any ones seen the anime “Soul Eater” that’s what this page reminds me of.

  43. I feel so bad for all of these characters. Feral over extending himself and in what is probably excrusitateing pain, Meela panicing and in pain too, and Holland trying to keep it all together and without the ability to do so.

  44. I’m gonna agree and say that Feral is having “Demonic Powers” forced into himself. And based on Feral’s and Meela’s reaction it must hurt. I feel bad for Holland. He’s not having a good week. xD. DIE KITTY DIE!

  45. I didn’t think anyone watched Fairy Tail on here. I thought I was the only one. I will not say anything because I’m not going to spoil but I hate Racer too. I hated him the first time and I hate him even more!

    1. Finally, I found one of my old comments. Haha, of course it’s something about anime, wouldn’t think it would be anything else. :P


  47. But at least the mangy cat dies *makes a twisted grin*

  48. Is Feral’s tattoo um bleeding? Or is the ink running?


    1. Yep. And Sama is only for Gray. Gray-Sama! Love Juvia!

  50. DID anyone notice how the mark under Ferals eye changes?

    1. Yep, someone commented earlier on the creepy bleeding-tattoo. That tattoo is awesome. Is it bleeding ink, blood, dark power, or what? Or maybe those are the tears of Feral’s inner child! Who knows!

  51. I can’t wait any longer…

  52. Ferals nails got pointy

  53. This is not good… This is not good at all…

  54. The fifth panel (with cat boy) summed up: “That moment when you realize you just f***ed up.”

  55. exactly kitty dude just realized that he f***ed everything up and is making a twisted face lik he didn’t know that this s*** was gonna happen to him

  56. die in kitty s*** kitty dude

  57. you’ve seen Meela’s demon wolf form and u know that feral’s wolf form is pretty big so imagine his demon wolf from… and again die in kitty s*** kitty dude

  58. His tattoo under his right eye looks like it’s bleeding.

  59. Hmmmm… Holland knows something… -_-

  60. Called this one spot on, I knew kitty boy was gonna regret what he did

  61. Man…. i wish Visreal had a heart attack…. then poor feral wouldn’t be in such pain…. but then it wouldn’t be so exiting…. At least Visreal will die a Gruesome, Terrible, Horrible, Completely painful, Slow death with lots of pain!

    1. sorry… i got a bit carried away…. Anything anyone else wants to add?


    1. meelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. I hope u dies through torchure, pain, pain, a lot of stabbing,pain and more pain

  64. what the heck! this is freaking intense!

  65. Hey i dunno if anybody said this allready but, what if the tatoo/marking was a seal that’s now broken?

  66. Oh Vissy. NOW you think that maybe you done a stupid, bad, stupid thing? Silly kitty. Buh-bye!!! <3

  67. I have just read this whole thing and I must say…

    WHAT BEAUTIFUL WORK!!!! I mean, the colors, the shapes, the execution of the moving bodies, I am in AWE. And the fact that you can pump out a whole page a week? *applause* I am blown away. An amazing story, and one of the best online comics I have seen.

  68. I was listening to The Kill (Bury Me) 30 seconds to mars when I looked at this, and when I did, I was in the part where it was like
    “Come break me down, Bury me bury me, I am finished with youuu~” And I was like “THIS GOES PERFECT WITH THIS!!”

  69. doy I’m virisal and I walk around forcing demons to give me there powers heh Im stupid

  70. This comic is SERIOUSLY underrated. I must show my friends.
    Then they will hate me as their weeks crawl by slowly, waiting for the next page. I will laugh as I watch them suffer…
    Man, I am EVIL!

  71. I showed dis to ma friend heh heh heh heh -makes more evil/nervous laughs- I’m pretty sure she reads comments -.-

  72. Waiting is killing usssssss!!! Oh NOoOoO Im TRANFORMINGGG!!! My Deeeemooooon Side is taaaaaking overrrrrrr!!!! HELP ME control it by updating MORE!!!!

  73. He looks scared :(

  74. I just found this a few hours ago and I haven’t stopped reading until now XD I must say, this is beautiful <3

    Feral's change in eye color there is executed very nicely… I'm excited to see what this will all bring about, with Meela's burst of pain there and Feral's "demonic side" starting to come out…

  75. Oohhhh!! I wonder if we get to see if Feral has a demon form!!!

  76. I know someone pointed this out but on the panel it looks like he is wearing lipstick C:

  77. Did anyone notice the symbol under his right eye dripping?

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