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I don't think he's buyin' what you're sellin', Holland.

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  1. Nope, Feral is totally suspicious.
    But can I cuddle Holland? He’s so sweet~

    1. i was thinking the same thing, Feral is clearly not buying Hollands lies. He is bound to uncover the truth sooner or later

      1. Feral: I did NOT teach her that.

        1. “Wolf form my a** he looks like he got mauled by a friggin rabid grizzly!”

        2. Jacklin Wolfgang

          BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! XD

        3. Holland: Don’t you remember? It was last Tuesday, right after your Decapitation lesson.

    2. Hey look, the same wounds Feral has on his neck.

  2. Can’t wait for to see what happens ovo

  3. Holland, you are not being very convincing at all, but you get an ‘A’ for effort.

    1. Not his fault Feral stumbled on info that blows his case to bits.

      1. “case to bits”

        I see what you did there

  4. ..Awww Shit..

    1. Lol thats not even close to R rated

    2. I mean really you can’t even see the jugular ;D

      1. That’s cuz she ripped it out. Dur.

        1. thats why the “;D”

    3. I’m sorry, the neck? Can we talk about that disembodied ARM?

    4. It’s just some skin separated from the muscle and a whole bunch of blood there’s not enough dept to reach the backbone XD she probably just but through a big vein or something maybe even crushed the throat if you see closely it looks like if she just slashed his throat By how the wound ends XD

      1. really??? go watch some autopsies of dog attack victims.. this is PG @ best.

        still, girls…. GREAT page!!! not that I like violence!!!

        I just can’t draw if my life depended on it. …oooh the angst (from Feral).

        1. Can we talk about the fact that Meela’s victim has the same neck wound that Feral has HEALED? Ya know.. the whole thing that makes him not talk? <_____<

        2. We are. Er, they are. Scroll down a bit.

        3. Um can I be reminded on what page that happens? n.nU my memory is trash right now with the finals coming up jeje n.nU

        4. Page 285. It doesn’t really show Meela’s demon form yet, though.

  5. Feral smells some grade A B.S. :P

    1. with how much Holland is talking…. yeah it’s pungent tonight.

  6. Yeah, Feral is not going to fall for that.

  7. The real question, does feral recognize him?

    1. dude, ferals gonna forgive meela for being a demon because she killed the person who murdered feral’s mother.

      1. And father. :3

        1. and probably had something to dow with him getting the mark on his arm too… Still hoping We can’t blame Mal for that… he looked so happy when he got his…(dun, dun, dun,…)


  9. Yeah, something tells me Feral is not going to buy that. DO YOU SEE THAT ARM? She ripped it right off. I’m not sure that could be done in her regular wolf form. Plus I be Feral recognizes this guy or it triggers something.
    I need more… I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS ugh well… wait one more week I guess.

  10. Omg that reminds me…I hope he’s dead for sure, cuz if my memory doesn’t fail me, Feral got lots of scars on his throat that looks exactly like those, but he survived. e.e!

    1. I just had a thought: Feral was attacked by a demon, he has the red eye from it some how? What if it was Mal? We know he dealt with some bad guy and he got that demon mark. Maybe that’s how the demon line starts, they make a pact and then it takes over their feral forms and is blood related? Mal could have a attacked Feral while he was in his feral mode… otherwise for some reason to save Feral’s now scarred eye whoever tended to his wounds gave him the eye from the demon that attacked him?

      Question is if Feral recognizes that jerk or it’s more that he recognizes the claw/teeth marks (even though he claims to not remember how he got those scars). Obviously he is surprised/suspicious. Blood activating the demon symbol kinda gives him a good reason to.

      1. Wow… you just blew my mind…

  11. Kinda similar to Feral’s scar on his neck…hmm

    1. oooooh crap I didn’t think of that :O

      1. So if he still had his arm would there have been a chance that he could have survived??

        1. l o l

        2. ::face-palm::

        3. probly not. with the arm disembodied a major artery would have been torn out with it which would have caused death in as little as several minutes. along with the throat wound the scratch may have also torn the larynx (voice box) and trachea or if it was a bite, crushed them making it impossible to breathe. So he would have either bled to death or suffocated.

        4. Nice to know he died in the most painful way conceivable 2x over! :3

        5. Lol, innocent 13 year old brutally kills someone- over 70% of the fandom approves.

        6. Getting ripped to shreds by a wild animal IS NOT the most painful way to die. Your throat being cut is supposedly one of the least painful ways to go.

          dehydration + starvation, burned at the stake, crucifixion, the ‘pear’, being embalmed while still alive… etc… are far worse. (I study mid-evil torture techniques)

          I don’t want anyone to go through this. If I could make it happen everyone would die peacefully in their sleep.

  12. This is not very promising…

  13. Ferak Knows or is suspicious erm Holland try a bit harder maybe he won’t be so suspicious
    lets just hope that he is dead because he might be a very peeved of guy if he isn’t (he should be dead after losing that amount of blood shouldn’t he?)

    1. just relized spelt feral with a k oops

  14. Holy crap Feral actually has a speech bubble!!!
    That lying… I’m calling it, he can talk!! X)

    1. Omigosh I just realized his hand symbol thingy is glowing through his glove!! Nice touch guys!! :3

      1. Huh, I thought it was the blood from Meela’s face glowing red in his hand, but you’re right, it seems to be the symbol on his hand! And it makes sense that he closes his fist then, as if he does not want to see what it is telling him.

        1. I thought that too…

  15. it seems that feral knows, or at least guesses, that meela can’t have done this much damage willingly. the guy was practicality ripped apart, and it to have been done by the meela from just a day or two ago is a bit….unexpected or uncharacteristic, to say the least.

    1. On a tangent — Holland saw that, too.

      And then went to talk her down.

      That takes guts.

    Dayum Ferals going to get suspicious of why he attacked meela, and of her energy levels.

  17. Holland: “I know her energy seems off”
    Feral: YOU DON’T SAY!

    1. I love your comment!! And it looks like that’s EXACTLY what Feral’s thinking!

    2. If only there was a fav button for that comment

  18. I DID NOT NOTICE SHE HAD RIPPED THE GUY’S ARM OFF! *curls into a ball and weeps quietly to self*

    1. one arm, and a leg too i think…

    2. His sword is right next to his arm as well. I think she ripped off his arm as self defense, judging from the scars on her face.

      Of course it was overkill, but I’m not complaining. :D

  19. if only feral wasn’t intelligent enough to think to inspect the body…. holland might have won out on convincing him…. or if feral didn’t have a strong sense of smell to tell there was more than one person’s blood all over the place….

  20. Wait wait WHAT – I don’t think Feral taught her how to rip off people’s arms.

    1. Must’ve happened off panel.

      1. I wonder what else he taught her off-panel o.O

  21. Yeah… Feral’s smart enough to recognize the difference between the bite print left by her normal wolf form and … what he’s seeing. Hopefully, in a week we’ll learn that he recognizes the guy and Meela gets a free pass.

  22. I love how the panel before the last almost centers on his demon eye. c:

    1. I wonder what it would be like to see with that eye, you know it would have to be different. Maybe he can see way more colors than his other eye. Maybe he can see people’s auras like deer dude. MAYBE HE HAS LASER VESION!!!!! (Lol jk) but seriously think about it, it’d be so weird to see through it. Plus its much more sensitive to light cause its constantly constricted.

  23. A guess but, Feral taking some blood from meelas face in the previous page, it must be a test to see if the symbol on his hand would react. He looks at his hand as if he wants to see if the (probably demon) blood reacts to his own (demon) power. That is why he looks at Holland suspiciously when he sees the reaction, Holland than says she was hit by dark magic. Which sounds afwully like demon magic…. And we all know Hollans knows about Ferals power, now the line from the deerman makes sence to. He was afraid that meela would “trigger” feral right? This is going to be bad…

    1. That… Makes so much sense O_O
      OMG!!!! This is gonna be EPIC!!!!!!!
      Can’t wait for a new page DX

      1. I can never wait, hope he doesn’t get to angry! U-U

  24. yeah, feral’s B.S. detector is going off, i dont think holland is gonna be able to lie his way out of this.

    1. thelightedDarkness

      I love your comment.

  25. That Sick Bastard Around The Corner Store

    Holland, stop. Just…stop.

  26. I hope some of your rather creepy readers won’t rp this scene… I’m sorry I sound intolerant, but… yeah…

    1. Rping gore-y violent stuff is the best part of rping ;D

    2. We hope every one who does like to RP will be polite and not do so with any if the Strays characters.

      1. check a few pages back Algy…

        we’ve been thinking you were publishing your own RP manual… or at-least, we hoped you were.

    3. …creepy? it’s all relative…

      but yeah… as a guideline, all posts should try to stay “G”, or “PG” on a public forum…

      I admit, sometimes, I forget that little kids could be reading this too.

      1. I’m rping this for sure!

  27. Is it just me or does the ripped neck wound on the dead guy remind anyone of the neck scar Feral has that renders him speechless?

    1. I think this one goes much deeper than feral’s did. Feral’s was enough to destroy his voice box, but this looks like she completely ripped out Korin’s throat

    2. Interesting thought… I didn’t even think of that

  28. Anyone ever think that the guy might me a colleague of feral’s? A fellow demon-wolf hunter?? :(

    1. Hun thats the guy that killed his mother, i don’t think they’d work together

  29. Hm, I think Feral needs some help from a ‘What To Do When Your Adopted Child Turns Out To Be A Demon’ self-help book. Holland, you can be the author of said book.

  30. I don’t think Feral buys it…Holland is a terrible liar.

  31. WAIT!! I just realized that in the third panel, Feral’s palm has that weird symbol on it! The one he used to drain panther-dude! Does it light up like that when there’s demon energy around?!

  32. omigosh guys the dead guy has a little black marking on his face (above his left eyebrow) and Feral hAS ONE TOO under his demon eye. 8”U

    1. Those are clan marks, I believe. Every lupian has one, and the design shows which clan they’re from.

      1. I don’t think those are clan marks. Clan marks are put on the arm I think. But maybe those are marks that signifies that they’re bounty hunters. Or maybe they’re completely ornamental, and don’t actually mean anything.

  33. Yeah, I think feral is going to put one and one and a missing arm together pretty dang easily.

  34. For humans, getting your arm ripped off is such a traumatic experience for the body that it will cause a full grown man to pass out before he can even scream for help. If it’s the left arm, you bleed out within seconds since the heart pumps out that way. Looks to be the right arm here though, not sure what the survival chances are on that side.
    …I really hope he’s dead. o-o;

    1. …if he’s not dead, that’s one strong puppy.

      1. The wound also might not be nearly as bad as it looks. Wounds are often like that.

  35. Feral totally knows that something isn’t right

  36. I’m expecting a PTSD style flashback on Feral’s part now the he’s seen Korin’s face.

    1. Yes! Now that you mention it, that would totally make sense.

  37. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Feral’s shocked face looks a lot like the face of shocked recognition. I think he recognizes Korin, or at least the scars on his neck that look like Feral’s scars. Some memory is being triggered in Feral’s mind right now….
    And yeah, he is NOT buying Holland’s story, and Holland knows it. He’s trying to dig himself out, but the hole is just getting deeper. He needs to stop talking.
    And Feral’s glowing hand is interesting. I bet it is reacting to Meela’s blood. Ugh, I can’t wait for next week!

  38. Man Feral’s lookin’ like he’s on the verge of a major panic attack here!

  39. Feral is getting suspicious. Can’t really blame him though for holland’s explanation. Oh well. Good try holland…try.

    1. I know this is completely off topic, but which characters from hetalia would Feral, Meela, and Holland most be like? I just thought of that and idk why.

      1. Meela -Sea-land, the small one that’s way too annoying

        Holland – France, the flirt ;P

        Feral – Italy, the grumpy one

        1. – is hugged – …you asked… ;P

        2. Who’s your favorite hetalia character?

        3. This was me when I first saw this.
          Me: I did that!!! Man I’m awesome. -sees Feral’s reaction- oh crap! -texts friend who is Feral-
          Text: the arm was like that when I got there! I didn’t do that it was some wild animal. -chuckles nervously-
          Holland: wow Meela you got him good. Yah feral it was like that already.
          Feral: ….
          Me: He found out run!

        4. Belarus; Natalia

  40. Holland may be fluent in BS, but Feral had a detector for it, and he don’t like salesmen. :3

  41. I get the feeling that Feral WANTS to believe Holland…

    1. I must agree, though I think facts will win out in the end.

  42. I love how Holland tells Feral his training is paying off as Feral stares at the disembodied arm. Oh, yeah—his training was super effective alright. XD

    1. I agree. He trained her well.

  43. Hey algy, just out of curiosity, how many generations would it take to breed out demon blood, or can it be bread out at all. Also what gen of demon is meela (if this spoils plots you don’t have to tell me this part) is she a 3rd gen? Grandpa demon -> Rolland -> Meela?

  44. Holland, it’s great that you’re trying and all, but it’s not helping.


    1. Yah I didn’t rip it off! Don’t know what you’re talking about! -laughs sheepishly- right…
      Feral: -looks suspicious-
      Holland: yah your training is paying off.

  45. Am I the only one that feels just a little bit bad for Korin? I mean sure, he killed his clan leader (Terin) and then tried to take his mate (Avela) for himself… accidentally killing her in the process… But can we stop to think about why he did it?
    He was power hungry, yes… and he obviously liked, or even loved Avela… So when he accidentally killed her, he was so heartbroken he couldn’t believe what he had done. Thus, he targeted her child (Feral?), irrationally blaming him for everything… I can imagine how Korin might have felt… and I feel sorry for him.

    His ambition led to the destruction of the thing he coveted most… Poor guy. :c

    1. Yes thats true, but also remember that he was sincerely happy when he found meela. Its obvious that he enjoys killing, even someone as sweet (well not as sweet anymore lol) as meela. He said something about “cleaning up Meoloys (spellings probably wrong) trash. Not to mention when he came into her tent the night Avela and yuen were going to leave, he grabbed her which shows he had no respect for her boundaries, and only cared about himself.

      Although he probably loved Avela and was heartbroken, he still was a really mean/sick guy. Which is why i personally don’t feel bad for him.

    2. Agreed :( its all about perspective, of course how meela sees him is as evil, but if we really looked at his side challenging a leader really isn’t that out of the norm in pack life (al though it was for bad reasons) he must of felt bad for killing avela, and as for killing meela’s family that was all just part of the job of being a bounty hunter, just like how feral killed that old man. Poor poor korin (he still is kinda sadistic though)

    3. That doesn’t really explain why he killed Tannor either. Yeah, that was Meela’s fury trigger…

    4. You have refreshingly different viewpoint, but I disagree. Korin is an egotistical sadist, I’m glad he’s outta the picture. True, Feral is a bounty hunter too and he killed apparently innocent man, so he might deserve to have an equally gory punishment. Karma… :(

      1. Yeah, but Feral had killed the man under the presumption that he killed his wife. Korin killed Tannor with the knowledge that he was taking care of a little girl likely less than ten.

        1. Speaking of Tannor… Were all of Meela’s siblings demons as well? Or did she just happen to be the one to manifest?

        2. Well, since all of them were hunted down, possibly all? Korrin has officially lost all sympathy from this reader.

  46. Oops, Holland you’re talking to much, which is making Feral suspicious

  47. The tension!

  48. evisceratedArchangel

    golly gee at least Meela got justice for her family

    1. …and Feral’s, even though he probably doesn’t remember.

  49. Is it wrong that I totally approve of a thirteen year old turning into a demonic beast and ripping apart a man’s jugular, dismembering him in the process?

    1. depends on the story line. :)

      1. Good point.

  50. I have a small request that I think everyone would like :3
    Could we maybe get 2 pages on Christmas week?

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      Actually, we are likely to get none on Christmas week, because they will be spending time with family….

      1. I mean work on an extra one within the next 3 weeks will christmaand it was just a suggestion

        1. well… we’ll see.

  51. i give hooland an ‘A’ for affurt lul ayv burn takin layk a soothurnir ant a peerit fur da lurst twerni fir owuz :P

    1. ok, I can understand what you are saying but I just have to ask… what are you smoking? …been handing around Jaggers too much?

  52. I wonder if Feral is remembering when he got his throat ripped out (by a demon?) And did anyone notice the demonic eye tattoo coming through his glove? So, excited for next week!

    1. actually, that’s meela’s blood pulsating with demon energy which holland tried to cover up with the dark magic lie.
      unfortunately, feral is a living lie detector.

  53. Tsk aww to bad the bow is gone. Oh well this was a great page none the less. I wonder how Feral got that cut on his palm.

    1. That’s either glowing Meela blood or a magical demon detector rune.

  54. Sooooo… am I the only one who thinks Feral survived an attack of a demon in the past..?

    1. nope. those wounds on meela’s attacker and feral are way too similar.

  55. I quote:

    “ACHOOO!!!! …..sorry, i’m allergic to b*lls*it.”

    that is feral’s thoughts right now.

  56. Hey buddy, do you need a….hand?

    Still though, yikes.

  57. Well… Surprisingly, it’s done in the way that makes it not disturbing O-O

  58. So here I am the last couple pages all like, “Man, I really like Holland. He might be my favorite.” And then this page happened, and Feral showed back up, and now I’m all like, “Oh right. Him. I forgot. Never mind. Sorry, Holland.”

  59. I wonder if Feral reconizes the guy…he obviously knows hollands lying lol

  60. it almost reminds me of the scars Feral has on his neck

  61. So is he not dead yet? Because I remember Celesse implying that he ‘may or may not be’

    1. Snowtail the Khajiit

      Well, he isn’t bleeding anymore, which usually is a sure sign of death. That and the fact that his arm is ripped off, and his throat slashed open. Generally a fatal encounter.
      But we shall see.

  62. i’m not sure, at first i thought he was, but when i saw this page, the gashes on his neck and face seem survivable, i mean you don’t see the inside of the throat, so it might be a flesh wound :D but he might have bled to death….

  63. Oddly enough, I’m left with the idea there could be a ‘genetic memory.’ If Feral and Meela both have the same powers, then there is a chance they could be biologically related (Father-daughter, or Uncle-niece). But theres always room for me to be wrong. :P

    1. Feral isn’t a demon. He con simply drain demonic/evil energy, as seen with that panther guy. At least, that’s my take on it.

  64. Feral’s like “bullshit…”, I think he’s already put two and two together.

  65. I wonder if feral will ever be able to speak. I know he’d be bitching about things most of the time.
    Imagine Korin waking up and being like feral. Unable to speak.

  66. I just noticed something… What if Meela is remembering Feral’s past for him and sort of resolving his issues as well as her own? Then again, she doesn’t really talk to him about Yuen very much… Maybe she’ll have another lucid dream now?

    Might be thinking too hard about this…

    1. She doesn’t talk about it anymore because nobody believed her.

      1. I thought Feral just didn’t remember. Holland probably knows what’s happening, I should think.

  67. Whoa. I expected Korrin to at least still be in one piece……

  68. pheonixoftheashes

    For some reason I think it’d be hilarious if one of the fingers twitched on the detached arm and make someone get creeped out.

  69. Gad Damnit!!! Korin was a jerk (which is putting it nicely) BUT HE WAS AN ATTRACTIVE JERK! And now he’s a dead attractive jerk who’s all cut up and mangled… And missing a limb. And bits of his face and throat.

    I need to stop liking villains so much… It only causes great pain.

    1. yes, yes it does…(ex; Clarence ‘Clay’ Morrow)

  70. DarkAngelAdisynne

    I wonder if Feral almost died in a demon attack and Mal had the traveler do the ‘changes’ in order to save him. Because I don’t think Yuen would have had done it voluntarily, and Feral looks like he was attacked by a demon at some point.

    1. Changes? What do you mean?

      1. Wait- never mind, I get what you meant. I just forgot for a moment that having demonic energy sucking palms wasn’t normal.

        1. DarkAngelAdisynne

          Lol, yeah I was talking about his red eye and the power sucking symbol thing on his palm.

        2. (playing with word-press ignore this) …

        3. (more of the same, sorry girls) …

  71. You can almost hear the growl in Feral’s unimpressed expression!

  72. Okay good his face is intact. I was worried something bad had happened.

    1. But what happens if Feral recognizes that face?

      1. Well then we may get either a long explanation of Meelas awesomeness or we get to see Feral going toe to toe with Holland. Either would be awesome! :D

  73. Yeah, I really hate Korrin… But if he died now, that seems like a waste of an already somewhat fleshed out villain… So despite Korrin being an insufferable bastard son of a b****, I hope he lives.

    1. Snowtail the Khajiit

      I’d say he’s pretty dead, my friend.

      1. I feel a big suprise ahead of us…

        1. And hopefully soon. This webcomic updates on Fridays, right? Can’t wait for the next one.

  74. Seeing the dude, bandit (I DONT REMEMBER HIS NAME), Feral might get his memory back…

  75. Welp, I know Feral is gonna get the truth eventually. I just can’t wait to see how he does it…… without speaking.

  76. i believe that feral knows korin

  77. Know what I didn’t notice until now? Feral’s red markings on his one hand show up when he touches the blood. o__o

    1. me two like the one in here dream the mark

  78. omgosh

  79. Do we get a post today?

    1. I have been checking about every hour since 7am.

      1. yeah, …think everything’s alright?


  80. Why you no post update? :'( </3

  81. Ohhhh this cliff hanger Update pweeease!!!!!

  82. Update plz :<

    1. Lol!!!! I love your name!!!! My sister’s name is Lin!!!!

  83. GAHAHAHHAHAAHHHHHH! I’m gonna die if I don’t get my weekly helping of update. o_0

  84. must be patient must be patient resisting urg to facedesk going to implode
    the suspense is killing me i needs to knows >_< but still loving the comic

  85. Tick…

    1. Tick

      1. Lol
        Stupid clock… *pouts*

        1. Tock.


        2. Jacklin Wolfgang


  86. They’ve posted this update on Facebook:

    “We were busy on Thursday, so we fell behind a little on the page. It’s still Friday right now so you will get the page soon! (a few hours?)”

    So stay patient, guys! We’ll get the update soon enough :)

  87. Ok, I can wait for a few more hours… at least it isn’t a whole week like the few other times! :3

  88. *F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5**F5*

    continues indefinitly

  89. Is anyone else still waiting?

  90. La la la la la la
    *entertains self*

    1. i’m at work till midnight, so i’m checking about every hour or so :<

  91. one time I was bored on an mmorpg, so I entertained myself shouting wierd al lyrics over the area channel.

    1. I started getting requests

      1. OMG rofl. i am laughing so hard i think i might start crying.

  92. Celesse and Algy, please for the love of Arkay, PLEASE POST THE NEW PAGE!

  93. For the love of Feral!!! GIVE US A PAGE!

  94. Well, it looks like Holland is paying from missing that class in convincing with lies..

  95. Has anyone noticed that crackle of red/demonic energy surging over the spot of of blood on Feral’s hand in the 3rd panel? Or am I just off my rocker?

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