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You're doing a bang-up job, Holland.

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  1. Please be Feral. Please be Feral! PLEASE BE FERAL!!!

    1. If that’s Feral, then they’ll have to be REALLY creative to find an excuse for this.

      1. It’s better than the alternative, a lackey of the guy she killed.

        1. Or that cat that’s been looking for them for ages. That would be reeeeally bad.

        2. Wow, I totally spaced and thought that was who she killed >_<

    2. I bet my new graphic tablet that it’s Jyaku.

      1. Jyaku? Really? Do you see any “jingle” there? I do not..

        1. That’s actually a really good point… there isn’t a ‘hisssss’ either, so it can’t be the cat.

        2. So it’ll be Feral… Damn, I’ll miss my tablet…
          Okay, maybe it’s someone else? BAM SURPRISE, it’s PIPER!


  2. Do i really need a name


  3. I’m so glad Holland doesn’t think Meela would attack a random stranger. (: He knows her changing was probably in self defense!

  4. FERAL! go help meela and holland now. Go. Ohh darling meela has a bloddy face and nasty cut on her nose, poor darlin’
    Wait until she wakes up, what will be first reaction?!

  5. Wait she has horns!!


      1. I dont think those are horns…. maybe its just her hair?

        1. If you look close at panel 5, they look like they’re coming from her head and don’t lay the way hair would

        2. I see them. I see them. Oh lordy! Meela has horns! Poor Meela! Also… are the writers trying to give us heart failure with the suspense?

        3. And if you look at the last page(?), her form has spikes going down her head

      2. I didn’t notice either omg!!!

    2. And now you know why she said she needed a hat. She knew this was coming.

      1. yeppies….!

        although looking back at the pictures of Rolland, it doesn’t look like the bandage thing around his head would cover big adult horns…

        maybe he cut them off?

        1. No, I don’t think that’s it. I think it has to do with her father, who I’m convinced is Mal, or something, because that red energy is the same as Feral’s, and he has that red thing on his hand, which Nal probably convinced him to get when he was Yuen or something.

        2. 0_o …how long have you been reading this comic & how many authors notes have you missed? Rolland IS Meela’s father.

          re-reading the whole comic from beginning to this page might help…

          I know I sound rude, but it just flabbergasts me how you could have missed that IF you are up to date on the Mal/Yuen side story.

        3. No, I don’t think that’s it. I think it has to do with her father, who I’m convinced is Mal, or something, because that red energy is the same as Feral’s, and he has that red thing on his hand, which Mal probably convinced him to get when he was Yuen or something.

        4. Mal isn’t Meela’s father. The years don’t added up. I assume that Mal and Feral/Yuen are around the same age. Feral is 28. Also, Mal got that mark on his left hand. On page 250, Meela’s father has his left hand showing. There is no mark. Meela’s father may have something to do with the mark. Who knows. Meela needs to go back and dream about Yuen some more.

    3. OH- how did I miss that!

    4. and suddenly the urgency to buy a hat makes sense.

  6. Why do you all want Feral to come?!
    He kills demons and things like that!
    He might have the job to kill a demon wolf right now, and it could be Meela!!

    1. Feral can still, not take the job & holland and feral look like they would do a better job of hiding meela than meela hiding herself.

      1. It might not be so, considering that Feral gets his jobs from a manager. If you remember, Meela’s mom had to go into complete secrecy after refusing to finish a job (albeit she lied about finishing it, which is probably worse), so it doesn’t sound like jobs are 100% on the hunters terms in this world. They could just as easily have another bounty hunter on their case for incomplete jobs.

    2. Feral also cares about Meela. I don’t think she’s in danger simply because Feral has collected bounties in the past.

  7. Omfg I didn’t notice the horns either omg omg omg

    Subtly at its finest I am going to cry in anticipation

  8. If you go to the previous page you can see the horns on her head too!

  9. ooo i’m very interested in what Feral will do if he finds out. What does he have against demons or half-demons? hmmm…

    1. Yes that’s what i have been thinking and waiting for the whole time!

  10. Omg and Meela’s father always wore a headband!!!

  11. But then Feral doesn’t have any horns, but he still has the same red powers as Meela has……

    1. Cause he’s not a demon. He was born a normal lupian but recieved demon like powers from some mysterious stranger (maybe meela’s dad?)

      1. or the traveler on the yeun flash page. It actually could be meelas dad but it doesnt seem that they live around small towns people might not be connected as much as we think

        1. Who knows, the meela’s dad is just speculation, he doesn’t seem like the type of guy to do that anyways. The real point is just that feral isnt a demon

  12. Ohhhh Noooo! I really hope it’s Feral!

  13. $10 on the panther guy.

    1. xD i forgot about him.

      1. Ain'tNoPartyLikeAFeralParty

        nope, he dead.

        1. Actually he’s not dead. The guy she killed was Korin, feral’s cousin, not visarel the panther dude

        2. Cinni-mon is right. The last time we saw panther guy, he was getting a smackdown and warning from Jyaku (deer dude). Doubt he heeded it though. That would make life too easy for our heroes. ;)

    2. Nope. It’s totally going to be Pear, back for revenge for the cellar snacking incident. Or maybe the ghost of pears passed.. would that be an ap-pear-ition?

      1. oooh… you funny :P

        1. I try. :)

  14. o_O who can it be?!

    1. Might be the kitty guy… :O

  15. She still has the horns! :D

  16. So does this mean that Meela is going to have horns in her normal wolf form too? Not that I am complaining, she looks AWESOME as a demon wolf.

    1. I wonder if she ever will have a normal wolf form anyore.

      1. …yeah, or maybe this is some thing like SuperSaiyan Vs Saiyan…

  17. So she has horns… Suddenly, always seeing Tannor in a hat makes sense.

    1. Do you know, I hadn’t realised until you said that….

    2. I’ve never seen Tannor in a hat, do you have a page number?

      1. page 136

        1. Ahhh. Still, that’s the only time I remember seeing him in a hat at all…

        2. I think Tannor wasn’t a demon when we first saw him. He could have become a demon later, Meela is older in that page

  18. Oh my. Would ‘ya look at that. A little pair of DEMONIC horns. How inconvenient. I really hope that’s reversible :P

    Yeah I think it’s Visarel that’s sneaking up on them.

    1. Pretty sure he’s dead, or minus an arm at the very least….

      1. Actually, I just went back a few pages. Not minus an arm at all XD Looks like she went for the jugular.

        1. Visreal is the panther-dude that poisoned Meela before, not the lupian she just slaughtered.

  19. Is everyone else unworried by how Holland says “I didn’t want it to happen this way”? THIS WAY? He KNEW this was going to happen? Hollaaaaaand……. -_-

    1. refer back a few pages to where deer guy was talking to Holland …after the fair.

  20. Hmmm many comments on Meela’s horns related to Mal and that Mal is her father…He’s not her father, besides her real father Rollin also used headband so maybe he was also hiding his horns, and yeah there’s a possibility that Meela’s dad was the stranger that Mal used to look for, see page so maybe that’s why they’re related.

  21. Is that the line of Holland’s side bumping against Meela’s lip? It’s a bit of a distracting tangent…If I can offer some constructive criticism, I’d just fill that in, it looks like Meela has a piercing…

    1. Lol I thought I was the only one that noticed XD and I’m lost with all those names I think it might be a good idea to re-read the whole thing XD

  22. Feral is going to be SO pissed at Holland. SOOOOOO pissed.

  23. Well that explains why she wanted a hat so badly…. HORNS.
    Maybe I’ve forgotten something but have we learned what happened with her second brother? I know Tannor didn’t wear a hat so he was most likely not demonic (but possibly carried the trait so that’s why he was killed?) but I’m better her father was because of the headband thing.

    1. her other brother died when her dad did… there are a few pics of Tannor wearing a hat, in flashbacks… forgot where.

  24. Does anyone remember Neopets? Because Meela kinda looks like an Ixi…

    1. I’m still active on neopets with four accounts. xD I don’t think meela looks like an ixi though.

  25. Elizabeth Faulkner

    OMG OMG please be Feral!!!!!

  26. Get creative…what does he mean???
    Is meela gonna be ok??
    She can’t die?
    Awesome page like usual

  27. “Well, Feral… You see that – er… We were practicing a geh… GRASS… DANCE. Yeah grass dance, and, uh…. This guy appeared out of nowhere and well…. HetriedtokillMeela,butsheturnedintoafreakingDEMON, and killedhimandate him… *cough*. WHAT? IT’s true.” Yeah. I Something like that would work excellent xD

  28. :O SHE HAS LITTLE HORNS!! I wonder if they’ll stay or if they’ll go away after a little… hmmm…

    And yes, I sure do hope that’s Feral!!

  29. So she DOES have horns!

  30. i have a question. Tuesday at 9:00 i tuned in for the live stream and it was offline, are you guys not doing that anymore or what…
    just wondering…
    thanks :D

    1. Our schedule has been a little hectic lately, so we haven’t been able to stream the pages like normal. Sorry! We’ll try to get back on a normal schedule soon.

      1. Wait. There’s normally a stream I can watch on Tuesdays? And nobody ever mentioned this to me? D:
        Granted, this is my first time making a comment. But I Promise I’ve been lurking more and more steadily since book 2 or 3.
        Anyway, I’d like to look into that stream thing. Sounds cool ^.^
        .. oh, and since I’m actually commenting,
        You guys do superduper awesome work all the time and it’s so beautiful and well presented and suspenseful. And thank you for every double update. And.. yeah, you guys are pretty chill. :)

        1. Yes, you can find the link in the sidebar to the right of the comic ;)

          And thank you for your kind words!!

  31. wait a minute, whats PIPER going to think when she sees this? i mean she has been hanging around with Feral lately…


  33. So…..they KNEW!?!?

    1. Holland knew

      I think its probably fair to say that Feral doesn’t know, or else Holland wouldn’t “have to get creative”

  34. it doesn’t matter who comes through the bushes, either way this is going to be more awkward than the awkward turtle…hawkward! :P

  35. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Sorry for repeating what everybody else has been saying, but Meela’s horns were one of the first things I noticed. And because she knew she would need a hat to cover them, I doubt they ever go away. Unless they find a cure for her. Oh, that would be interesting. I wonder if that is possible?
    And I hope that is Feral because I’ve been missing him. Though I would also like to see Piper again, and even Visrial too. He’s been inactive for too long. But I think it will be awhile before we get back to him. Just got rid of one bad guy, can’t destroy another too quickly after!
    I wonder what Jyaku is up to, and what his and Holland’s connections to Meela are. Also, did anyone else notice that Holland’s healing magic was yellow instead of his normal blue magic?

    1. I did notice that little change in the magic. Maybe different abilities have different colors? I mean when Meela made her shield while training with Holland and it was a blue color, not yellow like when its normal. So maybe for each species they do have a set color for their combat/transformation magic but when other powers come into play it goes to a different color. I also agree with the bit about Visrial. I have a feeling that it might be him behind Holland, or it could be Feral or Jyaku.

  36. I know this is sad and worrying and everything, but her tiny little horns are super cute XD

  37. Panther or Feral. I can’t decide which one it will be. Lol. Neither seems good. . . Feral IS a bounty hunter, so I’d be worried about him showing up. But perhaps less worried than if the panther dude showed up.

  38. Poor little Meela–all that blood on her face is going to freak her out once she wakes up and realizes most of it isn’t hers.

  39. Holland, you are spouting random ass statements right now XD

  40. My bet is that the person isn’t Feral, but Jyaku. At least, I’d prefer that over Feral. 8C;;; Something tells me Feral wouldn’t respond too well to seeing Meela like this.

    1. I don’t think its Jyaku, because we’d probably hear the “jingle” sounding instead of the “rustle”

      It could be Visiral, or Feral…

      But has anyone thought of Meela’s mother?

      We never got full conformation on weather or not she’s dead. (unless i’m forgetting something)

  41. Note: Meela’s daddy already had a bandage around his forehead in all the scenes we see him, just as meela will always wear a hat now for probably the same reason.

  42. Oh Holland, I have so many feels for you right now. <3

  43. Now she’s become a devil spawned from Hell. o3o I don’t dare to think what will happen when she wakes up.

  44. Come on everyone, lets poke the author into joining the Comic Creators for Freedom Fundraiser! I wana see Feral as a geeky teen! XD

  45. I want horns……

  46. My poor thing…

    By the way, the Twokinds banner doesn’t work. Just telling you ;)

  47. I have a really bad feeling that it might be Visral thats near them right now.


    Okay… Sorry

  49. Hey, I was wondering since some webcomics get a little wiggy around the holidays. Are you guys going to be on time with Thanksgiving? (Assuming you’re American and don’t have the same Thanksgiving as us.)

    1. Yes, there will be an update this Friday. There might be a break for Christmas, though.

      1. Sweet thank you!

  50. Holland knew?! … Of course he knew. OMG I can’t wait for the next update! This is like the only Webcomic I make time for these days.

  51. Holland knows where it’s at XD

  52. Meela’s lil horns are so freaking CUTE.

  53. Aww, hollands so sweet, poor meela..
    I’m guessing jyaku or some new guy, if its feral then..crap XD

  54. y’know i almost wonder if the whole demon change thing comes from a gene that both parents carried. for example, some parents carry a gene for certain diseases, but the disease won’t affect the child unless both carry it.

    Her mother was known as the “Blue Eyed Devil” although that could just be a nick name, but still. Interesting thought

    1. That was what I was thinking too!!

  55. Meela no!! D:
    I just want to hug her ;;
    I’m still hoping for Feral to be there. Maybe he’ll actually help her despite his manager’s orders.
    Holland I have so much respect for you!! Dx *glomps*

  56. evisceratedArchangel

    If that’s that damn deer man I’m going to be immensely irritated

  57. So I don’t know if anyone has said this yet, but I was rereading the pages where we saw Meela’s father. I noticed that he always has some sort of cover on his tail. Now we have not seen her tail yet.

  58. I seriously hope that it’s Feral. If it’s one of the bad guys or their lackeys, this is seriously gonna SUCK for Meela and Holland.
    (What if it’s Piper? LOL)

    1. I had never thought about Piper! xD

  59. This is about the fifth time i looked at this post and i just now noticed the horns. lol. Great Job

  60. While I don’t Feral will pose a threat, I’m concerned about Holland. He knows what’s going on with Meela, and likely has from the start. So… what’s his play in all of this?

  61. FERAL FERAL FERAL!!!!!!! Please be there!!!!!!!!

  62. I think it’s Visral. Look at page 262 (panel 2). They haven’t met him, so maybe It’s the time?

  63. Let’s get creative. 8D

  64. Anyone else notice the stream of blood across her nose?

    ..I wonder if that’s just a trail of blood, or if it’s maybe an actual slice? Does Meela get a new scar now? xD

  65. Anyone else notice the line of blood across her nose?

    ..I wonder if that’s just a trail of blood, or if it’s maybe an actual slice? Does Meela get a new scar now? xD

  66. Meals has her first scar!

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