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And we're back! You shouldn't make promises you can't keep, Holland...

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  1. YAAAAAAAAAAY! Welcome back!

  2. Oh my gosh, could she get any cuter?

    1. This isn’t even her final form. 0.0 (maybe)

    2. Dear Holland,
      When an enraged demonwolf is eating your arm, it might not be a good idea to offer positive reinforcement in the form of behind-the-ear scratching.

      1. Snowtail the Khajiit

        Hey, if I was Meela, I’d be pretty happy with behind-the-ear-scratching. XDD

        1. Oh, dude, I KNOW, right!?

          Ear scritchies for the win!

        2. Certainly drive the kitties/doggies into the nearest level of kitty/doggy heaven, that’s for sure. Especially if you hit that one spot just right x}

      2. Oh my gosh. xD Best comment ever.

      3. Well, it is certainly the best possible thing to do if/unless you want to stay alive..

  3. OAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh, no. Oh, no. That “You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep, Holland…” is ominous.

    1. yep. …but then again it’s Holland… his promises hit a little closer to home.

      besides, he would really make a great SWAT negotiator. >_<

    2. this gets me all emotional.
      cortana to master chief: “dont make a girl a promise… if you know you can’t keep it.”

    3. Holland! Don’t make pie-crust promises!
      Easily made, easily broken!
      (Reference to Mary Poppins)

    4. It really is. If anyone can recall, on page 266, it said “You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep, Yuen.” Coincidence? Maybe. But it seems too eerily close. I don’t want to post any spoilers on this page to those not up to the last few pages, but I posted about this in further on page 298, explaining my thoughts on how I believe Holland might give away Meela’s identity as a demon.

  5. I like Holland.

  6. Ughh Holland, I wouldn’t my face so close to that mouth…. side note is Meela going to have scars now. Looking at her face it seems like there are some defensive wounds (ie the man tried to protect his face by slashing at her muzzle).

  7. Where have I seen this before…? I can’t remember, but I don’t think it turned out well… Which makes me worry about Holland/Meela’s situation…. Where…….

    It’s like awful deja vu x_x

    1. Hah! I figured it out! And it wasn’t as bad as I thought (but probably just as depressing as this will turn out).

      What it reminded me of was the Fruit’s Basket scene with Kisa:

      1. Aggred!

  8. … Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind… that was the first thing that popped into my head xD…

    love this page ^-^ great work!!! can’t wait for the next :D

    1. Snowtail the Khajiit

      Oh, I love that movie~! :D
      Let’s just hope Meela and Teto have a lot in common. XD

      1. Not too much–I don’t want Holland putting meela in his shirt

  9. Just Feral will ask them both a lot of questions regarding their scars and injuries. It will be fun to see how they explain this situation to him. Also Meela needs to turn back before Feral finds her biting Holland’s arm….

  10. Holland is surprisingly good at calming people and saying just what needs to be said. I wonder how they are going to explain this to Feral… where is he anyway?

    1. …Holland, even when he’s being bit by a raging pi$$ed off wolf is still so adorkable!

      yeah, with all this blood i’m wondering what’s taking Feral so long.

  11. Im she is biting him she could rip his arm off and if he not going to hurt what promis did he break

    1. “It will be okay, I promise.” – he didn’t break it, it’s just a promise you can’t actually keep (Feral might show up throwing knives, a bomb could go off, anything…). When she returns to normal, she is MOST DEFINITELY not going to be okay – someone tried to kill her and she ripped his face off, then attacked one of her friends, injuring him.

      1. I agree. If you recall, on page 266, it said “You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep, Yuen.” Coincidence? Maybe. But it seems too eerily close. I don’t want to post any spoilers on this page to those not up to the last few pages, but I posted about this in further on page 298, explaining my thoughts on how I believe Holland might consciously give away Meela’s identity as a demon and break the promise.

  12. Oh Holland! I love you! This is now my favorite Holland page.

    1. Definitely agreed.

  13. Yeah Holland. Tuck the wolves muzzle against your shoulder and throat. BRILLIANT IDEA. 8| You better hope she doesn’t ‘go for the throat’.

    1. He actually has her muzzle in his armpit which is a GREAT tactical move for close-up animal aggression… if he’s actually strong enough to pin her by her muzzle, he can hold her. If not he can maybe buy himself the time to transform and get away (might lose a few luscious tail feathers though!)

      1. exactly…

        & the scent glands there (armpit) should calm her down… kind of like a warm towel draped across you after emerging from a cold lake.

  14. At first I thought that Holland’s painful face because he wanted Meela to come back, but then I noticed the “Snap” sound effect. Well, at least she let him go.

    1. It is probably a combination.
      And I’m curious about the “snap.” Is it his arm breaking, or just to show that she bit him really hard?

  15. OMG! She is HUGE! Her demon form is even bigger than Feral’s wolf form! Makes me wonder how big this demon wolf hybrids’ animal forms get when they are adults. Did she drop Holland’s arm in the last panel?

    1. o.o Yes, she did! You’ve got some nice eyes over there! ^^

  16. Feral: Gestures in horror of Holland’s arm
    Holland: *glance* it’s only a flesh wound!

    1. This comment just wins.

    2. Best ever. *blood is streaming down his arm and he’s about to loose it…* Oops…

  17. She was a lot smaller in the previous page….?

  18. Wouldn’t it be funny if it turned out that wasn’t Meela and just some other random half (quarter?) demon wolf.


  19. Wah, Please don’t die Holland!XD

  20. Demon Meela: –Da heck’s going on here?

  21. Anyone else notice the blood on hollands arm? Oh lordy… Celesse and Algy you have turned me into a pool of sobs and stuff *wails*

  22. Looks at author’s note:
    “You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep, Holland….”

    Instantly pops to mind:
    Holland: (whispers to Meela) “Yeah, but those are the best kind.”

    1. Amazing Spiderman reference?

    2. Omg yes! That was the funniest, and lamest, line in that entire movie. You sir are a winner

  23. notice her eyes i hope holland is ok

  24. I confess I love the image of him hugging the head of the wolf who is currently biting his arm. It definitely shows his strength as a character to be able to stay strong and still care about her despite the incredible pain he’s in.

    1. i dont know what to say but i agree

    2. …oooh, the feels… you just know the right words to describe exactly why I want to hug him.

    3. I absolutely agree. I keep coming back to this page, as it’s just so beautiful. I love Holland right now (well I always have) He may seem outwardly childish, and not as physically strong or Feral or anything, but this shows so much courage and so much love on his part. I doubt he would ever hurt her, but I wouldn’t be trying to calm her in that situation, even as a tactic to keep her from killing me. I’d be freaking out, screaming, and trying to pull her teeth out of her arm. This is just such a beautiful moment

  25. This page is so beautiful ;u;

    Though I’m still quite certain it will get worse before it gets better :C

    Glad the artists’ hand is better :) Hopefully it will stay better

  26. Love this site

  27. I might actually cry. She is legitimately biting the shit out of his arm and he doesn’t even care. That has to hurt a lot but instead of fighting back or running away he’s just soothing her and it looks like she’s actually kind of understanding him. Holland, Meela, aaaaaaaaaa

    He’s either very dedicated, very foolish, or much more powerful than we believe…

    1. Actually he does care. Lyrians do not tolerate pain all that well, he’s just managing to focus on her.

      1. I just have to say…

        Thank you…

        …for being able to put into pictures the true heart and soul of your characters.

        Thank you…

        …for sharing your time, talents, and love of these characters through your work…

        …thank you.

    2. I know, right? I keep coming back to this page, as it’s just so beautiful. I love Holland right now (well I always have) It’s just so emotional!

  28. Oh Holland…. I love this page! It really shows the love that Holland has for Meela. She is just about to tear him apart and he is still trying to save her…. oh the feels! TwT

  29. and at this exact moment feral is going to attack meela to save holand and that would be end of story…

  30. Awhhhh… :( poor Holland, that SNAP sounded pretty nasty. Kudos for keeping your cool and snuggling :)

    Meela, Meela, Meela! Leggo! You needs a huggle! :(

  31. Wow, so much respect for Holland right now. I mean I loved the character before, but to calm down Meela in this state is impressive.

    1. I 100% agree

  32. “You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep”
    awww yeeeaaaah foreshadowing

    1. “You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep, Yuen.” Page 266. Major foreshadowing? We know Feral didn’t keep his promise- and I suspect it was deliberate. (My explanation is on 298) I wonder if Holland’s promise will be deliberately broken by him later, whether he wants to break it or not.

  33. Oh, Holland. I have so much love for him now. He is amazing. And damn cool. Like, massively cool. She broke his arm, and he totally did not react, and he has awesome control of the situation. Poor Meela. She looks like she is calming down, but startled when he touched her face.

    And as to people commenting that she looks larger, she doesn’t. She is just in the front of the panel, so the perspective makes her seem larger.

    1. She never broke his arm, as Algy said earlier in a comment. Nearly, maybe, but she never broke Holland’s arm.

  34. If that goes septic…I’m still disliking Meela. >.<…even if she is really cute.

  35. Dilemma Dilemma, I bet Meela isn’t sure if she should kill Holland or not

  36. HOLLAND!!!!!! D: I love him so much, he’s just the best. <3

  37. I noticed that the last pannel on the right…Holland doesn’t have any blood on his arm…

    1. 0_o
      his left arm is down, all you can see is his hand.
      …looking @ the rock maybe?

      1. Hmm, I can see an arm there. And indeed with no visible blood.

      2. the part of the arm you CAN see is the upper arm…. she bit the lower arm.

      3. you know, no mater what i try to explain i always come off as sounding pretentious & ill-mannered… so, i’m sorry DiamondSnake & Demetrios…
        i’m gonna stop commenting…

  38. Oh goodness no… I really hope she doesn’t snap back out of it and bite Holland fatally :< She's really close to his neck in that last panel and those eyes worry me. Something to really grip an audience is the death of one of the main characters. Can not wait until next page to find out what will happen!

    1. No, no, no, no, no…. WHY IS IT ALWAYS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER??? It doesn’t really seem like Holland would die, but I’m not 100% sure… *shudders* Oh man, I don’t even want to think about him dying. :(

  39. Promises you can’t keep? Hmm That’s making me think..I don’t like it xD
    And awww Holland…<3

  40. Oh! This page is so brilliant I don’t even know where to start! I think it might be my favorite page thus far. Panel 2, Holland’s pain face, ow! You can clearly see the struggle in him, fighting off the pain so he can focus on Meela and calming her down. Panel 3, Meela’s crazy eyes… the shock and disbelief in them as Holland reaches to pet her face. The expression is perfectly done. Panel 4, Meela shies away, but at the same time there is reluctance to. She wants to be calmed and comforted by Holland, but there’s also shame. She’s starting to come back to her senses and realizes what she’s done and almost done. Panel 5, there’s Holland’s struggle again, clearly defined in the way one eye is closed, a subconsious way of trying to shut out the pain he is obviously feeling. Finally, panel 6 shows all the pain on Holland’s face, physical and emotional as he begs Meela to come back. Meela’s let go of Holland’s arm, so obviously she knows who he is, or at least that she’s not supposed to hurt him. As for her eyes, I’m not sure what to make of them. But Holland’s trust in Meela is obvious or he wouldn’t have done what he did. He believed she wouldn’t hurt him. If I ever had doubts about Holland’s loyalties, they are pretty much gone now. If he didn’t care about Meela, he would not have risked his life to such an extent.
    Also, I love the way Meela’s eyes glow throughout the whole page.
    This has got to be the longest comment I have ever typed.

    1. My first thought when I saw this: “Woah! I have never seen her leave such a long comment!”

  41. …this actually makes me a bit sad…

  42. There, there, Meela, would you like a Scooby Snack?

  43. Meela just broke Holland’s arm and hes still trying to talk her back to herself

    She broke his arm and people are calling her a cute liittle baby still

    1. No, she didn’t break his arm; maybe close but not quite.

      1. I’m fairly sure the SNAP is a broken arm

        1. Inusui, i’m guessing you don’t know who Algy is.

        2. But that doesn’t have Algy’s picture…

        3. …updating from cell?

          if they let anyone use their name to update on their forum then… I guess I can just use their names & pictures + have fun… -_-

          well IF I did that I would expect to have a very stern letter in my e-mail… among other things.

        4. Yes, it’s me. WordPress doesn’t handle well on mobile so I can’t sign in.

        5. either way a snap is somethin broken 99% of the time

  44. Plot twist: That isn’t actually Meela and Holland’s just talking to a crazy demon wolf

    1. :D That would be priceless.
      I just imagined the wolf roaring like a bear and saying, “I’M NOT MEELA, I AM ___ (insert random epic name)!” Holland would certainly be embarrassed.

    2. Hehe. That would be like an episode of Last Resort. The hero does this big speech about how “we shouldn’t kill each other because we are all Americans,” then he gets a radio message. “Those aren’t Americans, they’re Russians!” Then things get bad.

  45. Holland is so sweet! Gotta love him… :) <3

  46. Its probably hard to see because of the background, but Meela did release his arm because its resting on his lap in the final panel.

    My thoughts on the ominous message:

    Holland promises things will be alright, but consider Feral is still out there looking for her. What if he stumbles upon this scene while she is still in demon wolf form? I imagine instincts will kick in and things might get ugly.

    Alternatively, we already know Holland knew of her background, or atleast suspected, so what was the plan? Curious what will happen from here, because everything will certainly change.

    1. Maybe Feral will jump out of nowhere and miraculously scream (hah) and then Meela murder-wolf will go all aggressive again and bite Holland again.

      Does anyone else think that there would be a lot more blood if you had giant teeth like that sticking into you? Maybe he’s already lost so much already lol

  47. Hey, she let go at least. That’s a show for something. Meela, come back to us! ;o;

  48. Gotta admire Holland for being so level-headed when he’s got a wolf hanging on his arm.
    I’m wondering if Feral’s going to leap out of the forest and attack Meela. After all, it does still look like a pretty dire situation.

  49. Great you are back with new page :)
    Hope your both all right now?

    Can’t wait what is gonna happen next <3

  50. i love how Meela dropped Holland’s arm in the last panel. Holland you know just the right things to say :D

  51. Elizabeth Faulkner

    Welcome back! Looking forward to the rest of this chapter! *excitment*

  52. *is torn between laughing and crying* If Feral gets there before Meela turns back… The sh**’s gonna hit the fan… >.<;

  53. I’d be careful if I were you, Holland. Last time my face was that close to a dog, my lip got ripped in half. :/

  54. evisceratedArchangel


    1. That username seems very homestuck…

  55. A dog tried to eat my arm just like this about 2 weeks ago, luckily I was smarter then Holland and tried to GET AWAY rather then hug my attacker XD

    1. You go for the eyes and the throat

      1. I was always taught to kick the stomach to try to get it to yelp and release my arm. Blind dogs can still bit if they got a good hold.

  56. Aww…Holland always gets my sympathy because of scenes like this :)

  57. hugging in this case seems to be doing the trick, in the last panel Meela dropped Holland’s arm. :3 i do wonder what she will do when Meela’s demon stage and Feral’s wolf stage meet.. ^^

  58. Oaaaah! FEEEEEELS!

    1. SO MUCH FEELS!!!

  59. Great page as usually! Holland really seems to know what he’s doing. And I really hope that those scars on Meela’s face doesn’t stay and ruining her cute little face! :(

  60. Omg, thank you so much for posting this! I do hope and pray that you’re doing better! This is amazing, it can only get better from here.

  61. I love the Second Panel!!

    Meela’s Face: … What’re you doing?

    1. :I i meant 3rd panel.

  62. Very nice page, and YAY, it looks like Holland might actually get through to her, and just in time too, she was gonna rip him up. :3

  63. The way Holland is handling this reminds me of Mr. Rogers for some reason…

  64. Panel 1, Meela: “I chews you, Holland!”

    1. I see what you did there.

  65. Okay, If I were Holland I just don’t think I’d have the mental tranquility to talk to demon monster Meela like that. I’d be more like oh shit, my arm my arm, oh god get off my arm sweet jesus I’m going to die oh my god my arm help I’m dying here, help please oh god my freaking arm…. Or something like that. :)~

    1. Holland is really good about keeping his cool in many situations. He has trus and hope, which this belief also rings back to Page 155 from what he says.

  66. Holland you’re so kind and gentle ;w; <33
    Feral still has to be my favourite character in this series. He doesn't say much, but he's just flat out adorable xD
    The anatomy here is absolutely amazing! I am so envious of your ability to keep the anatomy the same with all perfect proportions! Keep up the amazing work and I always look forward to reading more :)

  67. Growing pains…

    1. Congrats, you just summed up the entire Meela situation. Now we just have to find out if Holland’s stu-….Creative tactic works.

  68. Tomorrows friday…..which means, a new page :D

  69. Aww…Holland’s such a nice guy… >.< *sniff*
    (Because seriously, I know I would have a hard time hugging that thing…it's cute on the page, but I think I'd see things differently if it existed in reality! Still, it is Meela, though… hmm…what to do…) LOL

  70. Meela looks so scared when Holland moves his hand to Meelas ear ;O She even closes her eyes :<

  71. I keep coming back to this page, as it’s just so beautiful. I love Holland right now (well I always have) He may seem outwardly childish, and not as strong or Feral or anything, but this shows so much courage and so much love on his part. I doubt he would ever hurt her, but I wouldn’t be trying to calm her in that situation, even as a tactic to keep her from killing me. I’d be freaking out, screaming, and trying to pull her teeth out of her arm.

  72. puberty’s hit ._.

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