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You better keep your promise, Holland. Piper means business!

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  1. Oh wow, you got that page up fast. I’ve been reading your comic for awhile and I must say that I love it!

    I love how the lightning matched Piper’s mood as she yelled, almost as if she caused it, haha. XD Nice perspective also.

    1. Yea lighting flash as she yells “It’s Better Be an EXPENSIVE one!”

  2. Awww Yeaah, new page!
    Piper is going stop those guards like a boss <3

  3. lol I love Piper.

  4. Jeez the last panels freaky XD but you gotta admit Hollan Sooo Owes her a new dress :P

  5. New page! Woohoo!
    I think I’m ganna give all my friends Strays button for Christmas! ;)

  6. He better keeps his promise and buy quite a *very* expensive one. :D

    1. And good looking, too. And in fashion.

  7. Very Nice,
    I Can’t Wait To See What Happens Next!

  8. ANSWER ME THIS~ If it is raining, how are those blood spots spots and not wiggles?

    1. Probably cause they’re still new. Since they’re running and Feral isn’t too far ahead of Piper, they’ve only been on the ground for a few seconds.

  9. They are priceless. I love the main crew.
    oh and, Kit kat! start commenting! Now!
    Right now or no pictures for you!

  10. This comic is awesome! I absolutely love it. Piper is feakin’ awesome.
    P.S. 4 Ms. Ecirb Ray:

    Grrrrr ….

  11. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Go Piper! stop those guards!
    btw, Holland, how was that turkey?

    1. Holland doesn’t eat turkey ;P He’s a vegan.

      1. Poor Holland, he should be hungry…
        You guys must make a vote incentive of this scene!

        1. Or some one of Holland buying a new ballgown for Piper xD

      2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

        Ah-ha! so Holland, how was that pumpkin pie?

        1. Pumpkin Pie contains egg, so it isn’t vegan either :D

        2. Then how was the stuffing?

  12. Piper isn’t going to let you forget this one Holland. XD

  13. It’s a good thing Holland is a prince and can fling money around like that, ’cause I expect ball gowns are very expensive and Piper will accept nothing but the best.

    I’m curious how she’ll stop’em, though. This ought to be good :D


  14. Yeee! I if Piper’s gunna go all air-bender again! XD

  15. Then, Pipper is in the rain. Someone is hurts. She have to stop some guards and is could be hurted too…
    But the FIRST thing she thought about was that she wanted an EXPENSIVE dress.

    I’d do the same . :P
    Love it !

  16. Great update, feeling sorry for the guards in 3, 2…
    The only problem is the forensics of the blood drops. ;) Should be elongated ovals since traveling at speed makes them splash forward instead of straight down in a circle. Not a huge deal, it’s just a realism thing.

  17. Great page! I always love how the character’s expressions match their moods so well. It gives the comic so much life.

    I have a question not strictly related to this page (more the past few pages). I remember one of the forum posts talked a bit about the different “races” in Meoley. There was a question about lyrians, if they had any markings, etc (since other “races” have their tails or ears, etc, showing). There was an answer talking about wing-like tattoos on the backs of the lyrians.

    So I was curious – is the symbol on the front of Holland’s shirt a reflection of the tattoo he (theoretically) has on his back? (There’s a good view of the symbol on page 192. I was noticing that it looked somewhat wing-like).

    What actually got me thinking about this was the symbol on the guard’s uniforms (good view on page 195). I’ve been wondering about these for a few weeks. They, too, are somewhat wing-like in their design, so I was wondering if that symbol was connected to Mithrennon (the tattoo that’s theoretically on his back?).

    Also, on page 173, panel four, the fellow in orange – I’ve always assumed, at just a glance, that he was a lupian. Just now I noticed that his tail has two colors (like a fox’s) and that he has his ears showing, like Piper does. Is he a vulpian? I guess it wouldn’t make much sense for him to be a lupian anyway, since Mithrennon seems to dislike them.

    Hmmm… While looking up some things for these questions, I noticed Holland’s comments on page 154, about Mithrennon and how behind the scenes he “endorses the discrimination and ruthless murder of those he considers lesser beings”. Seeing the disgust on Mithrennon’s face on page 174 (panel 6), and thinking about Holland’s comments, it’s a bit clearer to me why Visrial was so quick to attempt killing Meela, then Feral, on pages 180 and following. Was Visrial really instructed to “kill anyone who entered his study without permission” or just to kill any “little lost dogs” he could, out of sight? The former would become his explanation for killing a little girl lupian, though the motive would be the latter. …Right?

    My one question about the guard’s uniforms grew into many :)

    1. Sorry this post is so long. x.x

    2. Actually, the symbols on their clothes don’t match up with their tattoos except for Mithrennon’s guards. The emblems on the chest are close to his tattoo but not exactly the same. For the most part Lyrians just like designs and decor with wing-like appearances.

      The fellow on page 173 is indeed a Vulpian. Mithrennon doesn’t care for them either, but if they have a high enough social status he’ll reluctantly invite them to a party and make nice-nice.

      As for Visrial attempting to kill a little girl, it’s only because she was in Mithrennon’s study. He keeps very important, secret documents and other items in there and he did give Visrial orders to kill anyone that goes in there. Nobody could wander in there by mistake, so if someone was in there it was to snoop, and he doesn’t tolerate that.

      1. Wow, Griffin I commend you for your questions, they pointed out things I didn’t even notice! Well onto my own comment, I enjoy the antics of Piper, she kinda of reminds me of Anko of Naruto in her antics, this comic so far if very well designed and has me trapped in it’s grasp like a mouse in the claws of a wolf. Good luck with this comic and I will keep reading for as long as I can! ^.~

      2. This post answered a lot of my questions as well, thank you Griffin! I have always wanted to ask why Piper’s ears are canine while Meela and Feral’s ears are human but pointed. This is because they are different races? Other than being able to shift into a fox versus a wolf, are there any other differences between them?

        I would really love to see a longer About page for this webcomic that talks a little about the setting and the people in it. I know we’re exploring that while we read, but I just have so many questions as I go through it, like why Holland doesn’t get cool wings in human form if Feral and Meela get wolf tails. XD And more about how wolf society works, like that cryptic remark back in chapter one when Meela says Feral isn’t part of a clan despite being so strong. This comic really makes me thinks!

        1. Thanks for answering all those questions! I really appreciate it :)

          Ryuu, as far as I understand, Piper and other Vulpians (the fox-like race) are more “playful” and also don’t want to be confused for Lupians (the wolf-like race). They choose to have their ears showing to mark them as a different race. (If this is right, does that mean that a Lupian could show their wolf ears if they decided to? Could a Lyrian show his wings or tail?).

          There was this wonderful forum post that answered so many questions about the races and their societies… I wish I had kept that for reference!

  18. Love the last pannel XD The lightning behind her was great.

  19. Love the page, specially the close in Piper’s face in the second panel, the lighting and everything…

  20. “I’m in a ballgown you moron!” Priceless!. Love it!

  21. Expensive one, huh? She sure knows how to take advantage of things >:3

    1. If I were stuck with the guards, I would consider it the bare minimum to ensure that he doesn’t think he can take advantage of me.

      1. Still, I would’ve choosen something else other than clothing, I mean, the guy’s rich, its the perfect time to ask all the things Santa hasn’t brought us!

  22. As much as I hate to wait and wait and wait to find out how Meela’s doing, the shipper in me is quite enjoying this little exchange.

    Here’s to Holland buying her a fabulously expensive gown. :]

  23. Love the posture of Piper in the last panel. She’s gonna own noobs… like a boss >D MWUAHAHAHAHA!!!

  24. How old is Meela?

      1. Oh… don’t I feel stupid now lol! Thanks though! =]

  25. Go Piper! Save them! X3

  26. This just made my night…

  27. Awesomenesssaucie! X3
    Had to laugh at the ball gown comments Piper made.

    “Hey! Is someone hurt?”
    Nope! Just Chuck Testa with life like blood effects. (Sorry, I could’nt resist. ;P )

    1. Only Chuck Testa could pull it off I totally thought the Antelope in the car was real XD

    2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      Glad to see that it’s not just my friend group that knows Chuck Testa!

  28. You’re the one who’s got magic, Holland!
    Do it yourself!

    1. Oh, wait, sorry, forgot that Piper has magic too! ^_^;

  29. I almost feel bad for the guards. Who knows what Piper has up her sleeve…

    1. Perhaps she’ll flash them…. -is shot by Piper- sorry xD

  30. and heels.
    dont forget those killer heels…
    she’ll probably use them as a weapon…

    1. curb stomp in 3…2…1…

  31. I have a feeling that Piper might just develop a soft spot for Meela in the future…maaaaaybeeeeee

  32. I am still sensing a past-life dream coming along~~~~ *mystical buddah priest voice* :3 oh Piper… lol

  33. Go piper!! show them who is better

    Holland, you should not forget your promise

    Meela poor. her situation is very bad because of the poison.
    I hope she gets something soon so that he could be better

    1. I hope time passes quickly that the need to wait for eternity…

  34. Can’t wait to see what happens next

  35. Piper: “I’m in a ball gown, you moron!”
    Holland: “Then get OUT of it, FAST!”

  36. fighting jerks > ball gown… as long as holland replaces it, of course

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