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  1. so there is a bird that just knows where he is? I found a way to track him!

    1. Oops, THAT might become a problem…

      1. Not really. A hunter’s presence isn’t easy to find – it must have taken alot of training with both of them there for it to recognize him.

  2. How do you think the owls deliver the post? They just KNOW. >_<

  3. I love hawks. This is a particularly lovely one.


    1. Roasted or deep fried? o_O

  5. Some how I don’t truely trust that message…

    1. Somehow* I don’t truly* trust your spelling…

  6. I LOVE THAT BIRDIE! I agree with you Yank! Also I love the little message carrier! I love everything on this page, you guys are amazing! XDDD

    You guys probably are getting sick of all the ‘you’re amazing’ stuff but you are!

  7. Hey this page is longer than the others

  8. They couldn’t at least tell him the gender of his new handler? Or some way to correctly identify them?

  9. What font is this? (I used Google Translate :P)

  10. Ik kosher is a human, but I think it’d be really cool if he was that bird, like how holland is a bird person (don’t remember the proper term). Or at the very least if the bird was another guy/character. It’s just too fricken pretty and I must see the human form!

  11. mebbe i be watching too much pokemon but… that almost looked like pidgeodo for a second…

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