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  1. so innocent…

  2. you are a terrible merchant DDDDDD:

  3. She’s so excited…!
    Ahhh….his face! I love it! His eyes just add so much.

  4. KNIVES!! Their so SHARP… and DEADLY… I want one…

    1. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh sparklyyyyyyyyyy!

  5. what the effing hell are hand-“carved” knifes btw? <_<

    are they made from the shiny bones of some creature?

    1. “hand carved” might be a generalized term for the knives being hand made, which probably means the blade is hand forged steel, and the pommel, handle, and hilt are hand crafted from whatever material they’re made from. Mostly likely wood or other such thing.

      Oh yeah, and late reply is late lol

  6. I think that he possibly means the handles are hand-carved…

  7. ACK! Don’t give away the shiny! I know I’m late to comment on this page but I love it so much that I feel like I’m missing out if I don’t :D

    Really good recovery there Holland… NOT! XDDD

  8. I have a bad feeling…

  9. no, never aspire to be a trader xDDD never

  10. This guy knows how to haggle.
    Even though he didn’t get more than that.

  11. Count me as another person who finds the description “hand carved” in relation to a knife to be more than just a little sketchy. Given the other technologies on display, I think we are dealing with a society that is on a level with 13th to 14th, century Western Europe. Ie; swords and knives were forged and were a specialty product. A weaponsmith didn’t make much else besides weapons. As for the hilt, yes that could well be carved out of some organic material.

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