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9 thoughts on “Page 136

  1. Tannor! I love him, even though he’s only on, like, three pages…

    1. he looks like a bus driver or something there! :3

  2. “oh… um, I overheard Miss Martha yelling it” That’s a dodge if I ever heard one!

  3. fail blue dude…

  4. So does the flash back take place before or after Tannor gave the bracelet to Meela?

  5. But where will she get the money? Shes not getting any from “daddy”.

  6. Ohmigosh! I’m doing a re-read and just realized the significance of Tannor wearing a hat in that flashback. Judging Meela to be pretty close to her current 12-year-old age, Tannor must have hit his change by then.

    1. you’re right! i just noticed it too XD back then it was just a hat

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