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  1. And he already looks dangerous. Why? Because he Knows Your NAME!

    1. not only that, but he’s in a shady looking dark colored coat, and he has a knife! :D

      1. with a lazy, mysterious expression….

      2. He’s got two knives!



      *runs after Feral*

  2. I like his eyes there a pretty blue

    1. I was going to say that! But you stolded my comment. *pouts* lolz

  3. I wouldn’t say dangerous. He has a kind of calm, peaceful look. Reminds me of Keskay Urahara from Bleach.

    1. looks kinda like him too same figure, and same hair, also i think you forgot kinda mysterious

  4. Omg he looks like Meelas’ brother…

  5. He’s hot ^^

  6. Holland’s face is enough to make a guy like me blush *sigh* I love being bisexual xD

  7. Hmmm… kinda shifty looking dude. Haha

  8. I just realized how pretty Meela’s hair is… In panel 3 particularly, it’s a really cool coppery color….

  9. The one and only time Holland looks dangerous. After that he’s a complete goof-ball with a hidden plan that we still can’t figure out :3 Holland is awesome

  10. All I can think about this page is-

    …what, him too? D: Does /everyone/ but me peel apples before they eat them?

  11. Owww, I love Holland *W*
    His eyes are just specatucular, he is my favourite character of this Comic ^^
    Go, baby, go! You’re a splendid mysteriuos guy *.*

    Ah, congratulations for the fantastic Comic!!!! <33

  12. Lee of Team Avatar

    Enter my favorite character! It’s the guy in the hooded cloak, by the way.

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