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  1. *sigh* my favorite page…….

  2. Uhoh, he was having a dream where he was murderin all ova tha place.

    1. Your icon makes that perfect.

  3. That’s an “Oh god what have I done?” face if I ever saw one.

    You guys are awesome at expressing Feral’s emotions :)

    1. hey, I was about to say that! ^^ yeah, his face totally has that “Oh crap, I just did something horrible” look on it! XD similar expression, different words! :D I love Feral so much!

      1. I was gonna say that too but it looks like you guys did already several months back….

        1. And as of now, several years back. I guess I’m a little late reading this haha

  4. Aww.. Fluffy needs a hug now!

    1. *snort* omg funny… Poor Fluffy

  5. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Feral’s expression in the third panel is amazingly expressive….I feel like I could totally read his mind there. You guys are amazing!!
    I don’t know why, but for some reason, I’ve always liked the fourth panel. There’s just something about it that I like…. Maybe I’m crazy.

  6. his red eye stopped glowing…

  7. This is my favorite page out of the entire comic so far. I think i might be crazy

    1. You’re not crazy. I agree with you. It’s very well done.

  8. Feral (thinking): “What have I done? I can’t strangle her…she might survive and follow me again! I should decapitate her instead. Where’s my blade…”

  9. So Feral basically just strangled Meela and all I can think is, “God… those arms!” *swoon*

    1. Tell me about it! I love his arms. So hot. Not TOO muscular to the point that they’re just weird, but very nice….

  10. WAHHH!!! Meela starts to cry in the second panel!

  11. The events on this page have to be more important than we know…

  12. Am I the only one who thinks its Feral who killed her family?

  13. See, this is why he insisted on having his own DAMN bed.

  14. Yay! u remembured the magig words Meela! plez and thank u always wurk on bounty hunters.

  15. This and the previous page are going to be my favorites for a long time I think. I LOVE characters that have some part of them that is hard to control and that they have to fight and I think Feral has something like that, which is awesome! He felt so bad for hurting her! These pages are so well done.


  17. So dramatic and emotional.

  18. A wise saying: Let sleeping dogs lie.

  19. This page makes me want to hug Feral ;v;
    He clearly didn’t mean to do that, and he looks so horrified at what he did that it makes me feel horrible for him.

    The expressions in this comic are so well done <3

  20. Oh no Feral caught the emo :C

  21. Say the magic woord! XD

    But really panel two is… sad. DA FEELS

  22. Camolot the Creator

    Hello PTSD!

  23. i think Feral had a dream that triggered him enough to turn to Malkar

  24. Hmmmm… so last page he became the werehog and tried to murder tails… i mean meela. this page he returns to reality and seems to recognize meela from somewhere else…

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