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  1. ah here we go. Now both memory-dreams interact.

  2. Assassin’s creed knife assassination!

    1. DUDE! (as epic as that was) THAT WAS TERRIBLE! :O poor meela! she had to experience losing her dad not one, but thrice! :(

  3. I remember this. Reincarnation’s a bitch, and for Meela to have it at such a young age…

  4. Wow. Someone decided that wolf strength was not enough. Cheater. What you sow, you WILL reap.

  5. Oh my goodness. The last pannel, I just got a sudden flashback of Nemo, when he was first taken!! NEMO NOOO!!!!!

    ….. STFU, I’m unique like that. >_>

  6. Oh you know what? It looks like Meela is seeing her dad’s death as well as the boy’s.

  7. Ahhh…. poor Yuen and Meela….

  8. Whoah, can totally hear a little kid scream DADDY! as I read that.

  9. must… control…. rage…. fuck that, murder spree time!

    1. Agreed. Save some baddies for me! XD

  10. Epic blood…

  11. *sniff*

  12. Notice the clothing change in the second to last panel? That’s Meela’s daddy on the ground instead of Yuen’s. Nice little touch there

  13. im crying

  14. And thus, the clan that was having a bad period became another clans’ bitch

  15. Read this page in 2013, 2 years later and I still hate Terin for cheating. Like, where was the referee when this was happening?

    ps refs dont exiissssst because the crowd controls everything nowdays amirightyesiamohyesuhhuhthatsmequeenofrightuhhuhyessseerrrriii

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