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  1. The irony is, when somebody commented way back “is there anything feral can’t do?” I thought “sew?”

    1. Looks like a woman made it. You know, those whole “I made an ugly sweater now where it” chicks.

      1. thats kinda sexist >:(

        1. Yes but it’s hilarious and slightly true

  2. Did someone caught the image of feral’s diary? i was wondering for the link…

  3. I meant the close-up one

  4. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Do we ever learn what’s in his journal, and what sort of writing he uses? I’m curious what a bounty hunter writes about in a journal….

    1. “Entry number 34:
      That scruffy-head girl is STILL following me.”

      1. “Entry 29:
        Met a little pest. Her name is Meatla, or something. She said that she wants to be part of a clan.

        Note to self: Reject everything she wants.”

  5. Someone on the forums decoded what we knew of the alphabet, than actually managed to translate all of what the pages say. Lotsa spoilers too. I just…can’t remember exactly what it says. That was all on the forums, which are now the forums that were.

    1. I’m trying to decode it right now (the diary page that is) and so far i got all the alphabet except for 6 letters, i’ll try to see if i can post it on the new form.

  6. Aww…his whole life must be in that bag.

  7. Feral’s Journal.
    Mood: Frustrated

    Got this crazy puppy that keeps following me. Must call child services somewhere. Also have fleas. Stupid fleas.

  8. For those of you who, like me, got back here to see if someone posted here this translated diary entry everyone’s talking about, here it is (copied from Maco’s post):


    Ok this is more or less what the letter says:

    “So the village is as quiet as usual. Mal’s parents treat me like their own son, but I still miss mine. Especially mother.
    Mal seems to be LP(let’s play?) in spirits today.
    He’s talking more and more about going out on an adventure. I’m not sure what he means but he’s been going oun and oun about this after a strange visitor me encountered. Mal was telling him how was practicing to get stronger. The stranger told mal about a power he could give him that would help him. I kept telling him he shouldn’t but he went ahed and agreed. When it was done, Mal had this weird mark in his palm. It’s kind of freak since the middle has what looks like an eye that just stares at you when you look at it.
    I’m concerned for Mal. H’s getting wore reckless every day now. I’m afraid to tell his parents because I don’t want him to get in trouble. Though I might have to after yesterday. Mal killed a demon. And took it’s power. He’s changed a little. But I still see him as mal.
    I’m so confused”


    Also for those of you still thinking Feral is Mal, look at Mal’s leg in second panel here:
    and now fourth panel here:

    1. Dude that is awesome

  9. Whoa sweet man

  10. So is Feral ralley Yuen or not?

    1. Yes he is, he just can’t remember anything from his past

      1. That would make sense……..That doesn’t answer all the other questions we have though.

  11. Her blatant disregard for Feral’s privacy, let alone the lack of respect for his belongings, is just atrocious.

    1. But… just look at how happy she is! Her tail is wagging like a mad tail-wagging thing :D

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