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  1. heh. BoF! though… now what?

  2. So. He almost gets robbed, gets tripped and more or less pushed down the stairs, gets kicked out for starting a fight while trying to apprehend a fox chick, does get basically robbed by meela, the fox chick gets away, he left his bag behind, plus, it rains.

    Sounds like a lovely and successful evening, don’t it?

    1. Oh, he’s gonna make Meela pay dearly…

      1. most certainly XD

    2. not again, my tea…

  3. I can only imagine what would be coming out of Feral’s mouth if he could talk xD

  4. Rofl, thatsa win face in last panel, do you have gravatars of feral?!?!

  5. 11,12,13 and still counting all of the “Why does this always happen to me moments?”

  6. Well, at lest it’s not…oh…never mind…

  7. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    This is a page of epic wins as far as the artwork is concerned. I simply LOVE all of this page, from the expressions, to the action words and lines and soundeffects…. genius.

  8. I adore Feral’s facial expressions. They make me giggle because they’re absolutely perfect for every situation haha xD

  9. Last three pannels are awesome.
    Feral facepalms and then the one drop of rain lands on his head and then it starts to pour! Lolz!

    1. lolz how cliche XD

  10. XD poor feral… his expressions make me nosebleed*holds it in*

  11. Gawd. The expressions in this comic are just amazing. It deserves an award.

  12. lol last three panels classic

  13. Best page ever xD

  14. Lol, love this page.

  15. And to top off his day of fail it starts to rain. This just isn’t a good day for you Feral is it?

  16. Feral must be thinking “They’re gonna pay.”

  17. That look in the last panel! XD

  18. Come on Feral cant you stay focused on one thing long enough to accomplish your goal? Catch the girl, turn her in, return and get your stuff from Meela.

  19. For someone who can’t talk, his facial expressions speak volumes.

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