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  1. ok now she looks like a girl 8D

  2. …isn’t that feral’s sword?

    1. No that looks like a sickle. Now the eyes on the other hand…

      1. nope. feral has heterochromia.

  3. Huh, I always thought that the person down behind the shawdowy killer was Meela’s and Tannor’s mother but the body looks to small….

    1. I think it’s Connor, Tannor’s twin brother.

      1. Wha– did I miss something? Does it mention Connor somewhere? o.o I don’t remember hearing anything about him….

        1. In some concept art of Tannor in the gallery, it shows a second profile shot named “Connor, late twin…. not evil”

        2. And on the newest page….

  4. Should be Feral?

    1. maybe be it is feral coz that would explain why he was beat up when holland found him

  5. Hmmm. If the “shadowy killer” is Feral, then his memory loss{?} probably altered his personality…and if all that I just said is indeed true, I wonder what would happen if he got his memories back o_o;;

    1. o.o if you are right then what happens when Meela finds out? o.o I kind of do think it’s Feral since the hair is a bit flippy, but the fluffy tail kind of got me and the red eyes. o.o those gleaming red eyes seem sooo much like his one red eye.

    2. You might wanna put a big spoilers warning in your post for the newer people.

  6. AH!! You people! It’s not Feral! It’s that other guy! Skunk hair dude. I think…

    1. way to call it over a year before reveal

  7. last panel- TAIL FRIZZ MOMENT!

  8. I think it’s Mal. The hair also looks the same as Mal’s when he was younger. I don’t know, I may be wrong…

    1. I think the same!

    2. The kid is innocent until proven guilty! Until then…I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT! XD

  9. everything about this guy screams feral, everything but the hair. i really can’t match it with anyone we have seen so far. so in my theory, its ether a) feral
    b) mal
    or c) witch makes no sense. korin.

  10. …is Meela a boy or a girl?

    1. Meela is a girl. :3

  11. CREEPYYY!! O3O

  12. i think the killar might be Connor… know, Tannors twin….

  13. I think Tannor is holding Meela, and Tannor’s twin and their father is on the ground. Beginning to wonder if the killer might be Feral :s

    1. Course maybe not Feral, considering the years, he would be a lot younger.

  14. you guys are forgetting about the possibility that it could be there mother.. I mean, she disapeared and dont know where she is. I dont really think it is feral. He would have remembered, or maybe she was to young for him to recognize. I really hope it isn’t feral.

  15. Omg now I’m scared.. that looks waay too much like feral…

  16. Putting a spoiler here is tempting. So very tempting

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