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  1. In panel five I just love Meela! Her expression is so cute!

  2. OMG Meela’s expression is so cute!

  3. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    She’s so adorable as a small child!!!!!

  4. It does look like a monster…

  5. This is really random but is Tannor’s hair (and by extension, his tail) light brown or gray?

  6. and so begins the epic webcomic. RIGHT AFTER A LONG COMMERCIAL BREAK!!


  8. I think the toy wolf is cute! LOL
    And Tannor’s expression in panel 5 is adorable. >0<

  9. I would cuddle the shit outta that bear tannor:)

  10. i just love Meela she is so cute and funny

  11. So so so so SO so CUTE!!!! O3O cannot breath!!!! *faints* (too darn adorable)

  12. O come├žo de tudo, i mean the beginning of everything.

  13. Lee of Team Avatar

    I am, and always will be Team Tannor.

  14. Camolot the Creator

    It is a horrific voodoo doll; use it wisely.

    And by use it wisely, I mean cartoonish hi-jinks.

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