Website Restored & New Comic!

So we had quite a bit of downtime for this old site, didn’t we? We were starting to think the entire thing was lost, but thankfully I have a generous and knowledgeable friend who was able to wrangle WordPress into submission and get things working again.

The original site layout is kaput (as that’s what caused the crash to begin with) and we noticed that somewhere along the way we lost the artist comments for pages 1-160. Another negative effect is all of the formatting for our previous posts is gone, and we just don’t have time to go back and fix outdated news posts from years and years ago. They’re still readable, so it’ll have to do.

But we’ve set up with a pretty new theme for the site and all of the reader comments are intact, so we thankfully didn’t lose much! Hooray! Feel free to read and reread to your heart’s content.

Another bit of news is Algy just recently started her own webcomic based in the Strays world, so if you’re interested head right on over to!

6 thoughts on “Website Restored & New Comic!

  1. Well, I’m glad I didn’t get rid of the rss link !
    Good job on restoring the website, and thanks for the link to CrowsComic
    I’ll set myself to re-read the whole story now…

  2. I’m so happy! I have checked the link once a week (sometimes every other week) for months! Welcome back! No I can begin my re-read! =]

  3. So happy to see this in my rsss reader!

  4. Glad the the webpage is back, also excited to see a new comic as well, I’ll be sure to check it out!

  5. Shoot I just happen to revisit because I had reread this series semi recently. It’s great to see an update!

  6. I have been dropping in from time to time since the end of the comic, happy to see its still alive, i love re reading it <3 i also share the shit out of it when i can lol

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