Kickstarter Update – Nearly Completed

Well, we’re long overdue for an update here, aren’t we?

The Kickstarter was an all-around success and we’ve been busy working hard on everything that goes into it. You’ll be happy to know that, thanks to the generosity of readers, the epilogue was fully funded! It actually ended up being 9 pages instead of 8, since we needed a little more room for the script than we originally anticipated, but more is always better! And it also took a little longer to complete than we thought it would since the holidays really got in the way and impeded our progress, but I’m happy to report that we finally have the books in hand and have already begun shipping Kickstarter rewards.

We’re currently working on the sketched-on bookplates, which will be the most time-consuming rewards to fill, and we’re also waiting on the full order of Holland’s swan pendant. We’re hoping to have everything sent out by the end of July at the very latest. Once all Kickstarter rewards are fulfilled, all items (including any leftover bonus items) will be listed for sale here in the online shop! So be sure to keep an eye out for that if you missed out on the Kickstarter project.

And, for those of you who have been patiently waiting, yes, we still plan to post the epilogue here! We want the Kickstarter to be completely fulfilled before we do that, as we promised to our backers, so we’re estimating that (if all goes well) we’ll be posting it sometime around the beginning of August. We really had fun working on it, so we hope you guys will enjoy it!

We know it’s been a long time coming, so your patience is really appreciated :)

15 thoughts on “Kickstarter Update – Nearly Completed

  1. Would it still be possible to order all three books? I see the 3th book isn’t available in the store yet.

    1. the use of 3th bothers the hell out of me, but Im interested in the books as well

  2. OMG WHY DID THIS DISAPPEAR FROM MY LIFE?! -dives headlong back into the Strays-

    Guess I’ll just wait for the store now. 8D

  3. Good to hear! I’ve been regretting not participating in the Kickstarter and checking in regularly to see if I can get the printed books later. This is one of the webcomics I’ve been following the longest, and it’s wonderful that you were able to finish and print it etc. :)



    1. My reaction ^

  5. OMG! I squee with excitement!! Can’t wait till its posted!! Is it August yet?

  6. It would be cool if you added some bonus information on the other races that we don’t know that much about. (Ex Cervians and Felinians)

    It’s ok if you don’t but it would be cool

    1. Like you did in book 2

  7. My volumes arrived today.

  8. My books arrived in the mail today! \:D/ (In Canada)

  9. *folds hands* Aaaany time nooow! 83 Squee~

  10. 387! 387! 387! 387!

  11. YESSS the books are available at the store! Ordered all three volumes today :)

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