Volume 1 & 2 Preorder Update

Hi guys, we wanted to give you all an update on what’s going on with the Volume 1 & 2 preorders. We know we’re seriously behind in our estimated delivery dates, but we had no idea how different mass-production printing would be from our usual print-on-demand method. That on top of moving to a new reno house, conventions, keeping up with weekly updates and now my hand issues, we have really been set back on it.

However I am happy to report we are just about ready to send it off to the printer. We just have a few more tweaks to make and I need to finish one of the bonus images for Vol 2 as soon as my hand is in working order. I’ve spent the last week working on other non-art details for the books with a mouse since I can’t use my drawing hand, but it’s all coming together really nicely.

I wanted to take this time to share some of the new/different things for these two runs, as well as make an announcement about some preorder selections that may have been confusing:

  1. If you preordered Vol 2 with the “2 book” option you will be receiving Volumes 1 and 2. If you do NOT want this, and instead want two books of Volume 2, please contact us right now.
  2. If you preordered the books and did not give us a bookmark(s) choice, email us with your order number/PayPal email and choice now. You get one free bookmark per book you ordered. You have until we get the books in hand and begin shipping to tell us which one you want or you will be sent a random choice.
  3. If you have contacted us about a change in your order and have not received a response within 48 hours, please try again. You can use both straysonline(at)yahoo.com or sales(at)straysonline.com

Now on to the good stuff – information about the volumes!

Volume 1

1310straysv2backcoverThis will be a totally different book than the version we were selling before. We have gone back and made tweaks to the art of a small portion of the comic pages (mostly anatomy, facial expressions and some consistency issues) and we have also revamped and added to the title/credits pages. There will also be no ad pages in this copy! Well, except for our artist bios and perhaps a small blurb about GaMERCaT ;)

In addition we have revamped the back cover (preview to the right) AND we now have ISBNs! This means we can sell the books on Amazon or possibly in book stores if any are willing to carry it.

Other than that, the front cover and all bonus content will be the same.

Volume 2

Like Volume 1, for this book we have gone back to a good number of the comic pages and made adjustments to the art. Some of it has been updated on the site, but some of it will be exclusive to the book.

For bonus content we are including six bonus illustrations, three of which have yet to be posted online. We are also including 3 pages of information on Lupians and one more page that provides the translated text from Yuen’s journal page in Volume 1. You can preview these below!


We know this has been a long process and we truly appreciate your patience and support. We believe these are going to be some awesome books, so we really hope it has been worth the wait :) If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us!

20 thoughts on “Volume 1 & 2 Preorder Update

  1. Eee! So excited! :D

  2. Oh my gosh I got so excited when I saw that the comic might go to book stores and saw the bonus pages for volume 2. I am so adding this to my christmas list

  3. Is it too late to preorder? I hope not or ;_;

    1. Nope! Preorders will be open until we actually get the books in hand.

  4. Yeah! I’m so happy! =3
    I finally preorder the books with a bit of luck they will arrive for my birthday.

  5. So if I preorder for 2 books before you get the books, I’ll get both one and two?

    1. That only relates to the preorder options we had before where you could choose a “two books” option – now Vol 1 and 2 are separate items to order.

  6. I must have missed the bookmark thing. What are the choices or where can I go to see the choices?

    1. Choices are Meela, Feral, Piper, and Holland.

  7. NEVER FEED A STRAY PUP!! <3 Love that!

  8. So if I understand right, those who preordered volume 2 with the “2 book” option get two bookmarks?

    1. Yes, that’s correct. It’s one bookmark for each book preordered.

  9. I just sent an email about wanting to change my order from a single book to a 2 book (for both Vol 1 + 2).

    I paid way back in May. Is it still possible to add Vol #1 without being charged twice for shipping?

    Please check your emails since I have emailed many times in the past and heard no responses.

    Please let me know ASAP if this can be done. Thanks!

    1. I replied to your email.

      1. Yes I saw and responded to your email.

        Thanks for the prompt response! I appreciate it.

        Keep up the amazing work you 2! ^_^

  10. Sorry, I hope I’m not bothering you two. I know you guys are super busy. I wanted to know if you guys have sent them off to the printer yet? And how long it will take till you guys get them in hand and ship them out?

    1. The art has already been submitted to the printer and we are working through the red tape of the process. I’m not sure how long printing will take, but I’ll be sure to find that out.

  11. Are you going to update the cite with the tweaked pages or are you going to leaved to tweaked ones solely for the books?

    1. We have updated some of the pages on the site with the tweaks, but the rest will be kept to the books only.

  12. HEY I have a question!! A growing trend with Webcomics (that I LOVE) is offering PDFs for sale of the comic as well. Is this something you guys would consider doing? I have very few things on my Kindle, and I LOVE when I have the ability to use it for comics! I would buy it in a heartbeat if it was available.

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