Volume 2 Preorder Update

Hey guys, we wanted to give you a little update on the progress of the Volume 2 preorder. We’re doing great on Vol 2 preorders and have successfully reached full funding for it, but we’re still in need of around $6k more to get Volume 1 printed.

This means we need to sell at least 300 more book only options. Less if some people get both books or the add-ons like prints or sketches (which, by the way, will be discontinued once the preorders end!) This seems like a lot, but we know we have a lot of faithful readers. If you enjoy the comic, please please please consider supporting us by ordering a copy. It’s only $20!

For those of you interested in both volumes, we have an update to the “2 book” option: Rather than sending two copies of Vol 2 if we don’t reach funding for Vol 1, we can hold your order until we DO have enough money to get it printed, so you will get both volumes eventually. I say this because even if it takes another 3-4 months (or more), we will continue saving every penny until we can get it printed. If you do not mind a potential wait and would like to help us reach funding for Vol 1, please consider buying both books. If you’ve already purchased one book and want to add the second now, please email us and we’ll get you set up.

Alternatively, if you are low on funds, you can also purchase some of our other cheaper merchandise or even donate. Every dollar helps. If you can’t do that either, please spread the word! That helps too!

paypal On a final note, we noticed a lot of you are having trouble finding the method for adding notes to your order. PayPal kind of hides it, so here is a screengrab of the checkout page with the notes form highlighted:

Use this to tell us which bookmark you want, who you want us to draw if you’re getting sketches, or anything else we might need to know. For those of you who already made your purchase and didn’t give us this information, don’t worry, we’ll be contacting you for it via email when we are ready to ship.

30 thoughts on “Volume 2 Preorder Update

  1. Aw no page :(
    2 pages next week does certainly make up for it though :)

    Plan on preordering my order in a week or two.

  2. Crap, this is what happens when I get a head of myself. That comment was for the page news. Oh well.

    I suppose the second half fits for this one. Glad you made the goal for Volume 2’s print :)

  3. I am so glad to hear that!! I would cheerfully wait for vol 1 to be reprinted!

  4. Finally did my preorder for vols 1 and 2. Its something I’ve been putting off for a long time due to a lack of funds. But now I’m working and I can support my favorite web comic, as well as get a little something for me ;P

  5. Hey ladies,
    I just want to clarify so I don’t order this wrong. If I want both Vol 1 and Vol 2, I just change the quantity to 2 and you will send me Vol 1 whenever it gets printed? Let me know, thank you :)

    1. There is a two-book option now that is for both volumes. If we do not receive Volume 1 with the shipment of Volume 2, those orders will either be placed on hold or shipped seperately.

      1. Found the option, thank you. I’m happy to help support mom/pop artists. Can’t wait to get the books. Good job, keep it up :)

        And thank you for sharing your beautiful artistic talents, and fun story-telling. <3

  6. Question. If it isn’t too late, is it possible to change our order?

    I originally bought just the second book, but I want to pre-order both volumes.

    1. Sure, just email us at straysonline (at) yahoo (dot) com with your full name and email address that you ordered with. We’ll have to cancel and refund your order and you can place a new one for both books :)

  7. Are there any updates about when volume 2 should get shipped? I’m trying to be patient, but it’s so hard. 0_0

    Also, are there any updates about funding for book 1? I want to order book 1 as well, so I’m toying with either waiting until it restocks (in the site store) or changing my original order. :)

  8. Hello. I’m moving off to college soon, is there any way I can change my address?

  9. I’m glad you guys changed the 2-book option. I’ll probably put in an order when I get back from vacation on Monday (I think the internet here is too iffy to get through checkout)

  10. Ordering mine now, hoping for a reprint of book one.

  11. I just barely ordered option two….and I’m confused. I did give you a email to your yahoo email…but it sent it back saying there wasn’t one. so then I sent one to your sales email. I just want to make sure you get my message. I wanted to get vol 1 and 2. I do know about volume 1 so planed on waiting. So if I went with option 2, did I make the mistake and order 2 volume 2’s? I just want to make sure I didnt make a mistake… Oh…and if I did it right and will receive both volumes. Will volume 2 be sent then volume 1 later?

    1. You will get Vol 1 and Vol 2. It looks like we will be ordering both volumes together, so you should get them at the same time.

      1. Alright. Thank you so much. Thanks for taking time to make a wonderful comic! And working with us fans! I am excited to receive the volumes! Thanks for all your time and efforts into the comic, story, and printing the volumes and merchandise.

  12. Are ya’ll planning on offering Volume 1 for sale in the store again (individually), or are ya’ll ordering just enough to fill the pre-orders? The reason I ask is because I ordered book 2 with the print set and I would like book one also; however, if I change my order to the two book set then I would lose the print set option…unless I did the two signed books with prints. It would be worth the money, but I can’t quite afford it.

  13. Hey I was wondering how the preorders were doing, as its been a few months. Just out of curiousity..?

    1. Sorry, we’ve fallen really behind with all the conventions and moving :( On the plus side we now have enough funds to get both volumes printed, so we plan to get it into print by the end of this month.

      1. Completely understandable! :)

        Yay! Are you getting extras of each volume printed, or just enough to cover the pre-orders?

        1. The minimum is 1,000 books per volume. So we will definitely have extras for a while.

  14. Is the volume 1 preorder no longer available? I’m trying to order both books but it won’t let me add the first book….. Is it gone already? T.T

    1. Sorry about that, the quantity was marked out. You should be able to get it now!

      1. Awesome! Thank you!

  15. It’s now Oct 19, 2013. Is it normal that I haven’t received my Vol 2 Preorder?

    I’ve emailed straysonline several times regarding this (Back on May 14, 2013), and I wanted to change my order back then too.

    However, not once did I receive a response. Hopefully now I will get an answer posting here.

    A reply is most appreciated. Thanks!

    1. We’ve fallen a little behind in getting the books printed, but they’re just about ready to go into print. My hand issues have set us back again :(

      I don’t believe we’ve received your emails, can you please try one more time and send it to [email protected] Sorry for the inconvenience!

      1. Thank you for your response. It’s greatly appreciated!

        I just sent an email to the one you provided. Hopefully you received it.

        I’m sorry to hear about your hand. I wish you a speedy recovery. Take the time you need. Health is very important. Take care of yourself.

        BTW You’re work is amazing and this is the first time I’m purchasing an online comic! ^_^

  16. I just had my birthday and wish to buy both books, but read your updates on here first… where is the “2 book” option??

    1. The 2 book option was only for preorders. We separated the books properly shortly after we began taking orders, so you can just get the books by adding both to your cart. It’s the same price :)

      1. Oh, okay. Thank you. That little bit of information helps a lot.

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