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12 thoughts on “Page 80

  1. Oh noes innocent kill!?

  2. So. Much. Blood. >w<

  3. …is it creapy I really like the blood in this scene? I kinda want more blood… Yep, it’s creapy.

    1. almost as creepy as my misspelling for the word “creepy” -_-‘ *sigh*

      1. I do that too! I spell creepy creapy!

    2. i get your feeling..

  4. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Feral looks remorseful in the fourth panel.

    1. No he really doesn’t and I don’t think he LIKES the kill.

  5. I think he just likes the fact that he was successful

  6. That’s what you get for leaving an ambiguous situation from which your wife’s murder could be inferred!

  7. Meela will be SO guilty if it was an innocent kill.

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