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  1. Magic? Is there anything he can’t do? (beyond speaking).

    1. He can’t not be awesome. ;D

      1. In that case, he must have a really stupid weakness.

        1. yea talking duh

        2. Emergency_fan_51

          His greatest enemy would totally be the bridgekeeper from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


  2. ROFL *bleeeh*

  3. Pumpkins, he does. Little Wolf Pups. *cough* Meela *cough*

  4. Eh, meant Dr. Krest. XD

  5. i think that in this case the part that he cant speak is bad enough

  6. And thus, the first epic quest begins…

  7. lol Meela making a funny face at Kosher in the last pannel.

  8. Feral is using the Force!
    Except the Force now comes in different colors, apparently :3

  9. luv Meela’s face in the last panel, priceless. XD

  10. he could use that money to get a manicure yesh

  11. Is he Twilight Sparkle?????

  12. THOR!
    On the other hand, many people can do that apparently
    (Play the Imperial March from StarWars)

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