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  1. That look on Feral’s face in the last panel? Totally priceless!!! XDDD

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      And the way his fingers are splayed adds very nicely.

      1. Objection

  2. He’s got the ultimate “WTH?!” face.

    1. UltimateShadow-Fan

      Lols. Yeah he does!

  3. “She followed me home, can I keep her?”

    1. Internets. You won zem.

  4. LOL Feral looks as if she just asked to kiss him or something equally horrifying

  5. I’d have a heart attack if I was in his shoes in the last panel…

  6. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Second panel, Feral’s thoughts: “NO! Bad doggy! Go home!”

  7. Nope. Meela DEFINETALLY cant take a hint.

    1. I think she CAN take hints, but she just ignores them

      1. I completely agree

  8. In the last panel Feral’s face is like “Ew, how dare you say that to me, i dont think so, go away.

  9. No, you have it wrong.
    In the last panel, Feral is like, “Oh, the HORROR!”

  10. Feral pannel 1: Grrr
    Feral pannel 2: GO AWAY
    Feral pannel 3: GO BACK!
    Meela pannel 4: Need to look adorable
    Feral pannel 5: OMW!! NO WAY!!

  11. Oh god I love this comic. xD The expressions are amazing.

  12. hahah loving this concept so far. Soooo glad i finally found another good webcomic!

  13. I still don’t know which Feral moment on this page I like most…the “Whirl!”, the “point point point”, or the epic last panel. XD

  14. Am I the only one who saw Meela’s tail wagging?

    1. No I saw it too and laughed so hard

  15. thelightedDarkness

    Feral= WTF!?

  16. I can’t get over the fact that Feral has fishnet gloves….

    The interaction between these two is hilarious.

    1. Not just fishnet, but I think it’s also leather~ Me likey some fishnet & leather~

  17. “Was I not pointing hard enough?! SHOOOOOOO.”

  18. Tsk tsk…..Feral, never feed a stray…..You know that!

  19. Feral’s face in the last panel… Priceless

  20. 5th panel: Did you not see my epic gestures!!

  21. lol his face in the last panel “what!? oh HELL no”

  22. REJECTED!!!!!!! XD

  23. This guy reminds me of Link from The legend of Zelda…he even looks a bit like him XD

  24. Meela: can I come wit you? (inoccent face)
    Farel: (horror…!)

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