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When you have few words, you learn to choose them carefully. We'll be at Otakon next weekend, so no update next Friday. We'll make it up with a double update afterwards!

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  1. Il tempo guarisce tutto se c’è l’amore

    1. I had to use translate, but I’m glad I did UwU

  2. *dies*

    1. I just died as well. LETS PLAN OUR FUNIRALS TOGETHER!!!! Jk I don’t know u stranger…

  3. Ooooh my heart…
    I am sincerely going to miss these two when the story is over; their relationship has been fun and sweet and sad and lovely to see grow!

    1. I think I just got a one way ticket on the feels train thanks to your comment ^.-

      1. another one way ticket needed here T.T

        1. Nyx and Lucas Blood

          Two one way tickets to the feels train please.

        2. I’d like a ticket as well.

        3. daughterofaking

          Just buy the whole train out. We’ll fill it.

  4. *gasps* yaay!!!

  5. GA!!! *grasps chest* My heart!

    Seriously though, so touching and got me misty eyed

  6. As a non-artist, I felt that third panel so perfectly displays your talent as an artist — the subtle quirk in her lips to convey a very complex emotion. (I specified non-artistry because I’m sure if I did have a background in art, I would notice other features in other panels that express your talent — lighting, shading, etc.)

  7. Feral makes a really cool big brother. I wish I had a big brother.

    1. I’m so thankful that I have one. I always wonder how he himself managed to get through life without a bigger brother who keeps your faith in yourself up :)
      Hopefully this song here’ll get your mood up a little bit:
      Best wishes ;)

  8. The last panel is so beautiful. It’s so serene, and not only the art is wonderful, it’s symmetric with one side not actually being a reflection of another. Lovely.

  9. I feel like it’s endgame very soon and I’m sad. :(

  10. Time… heals all wounds.

    1. Except laser gun wounds. Usually you need a doctor for that. Walking around with a big gaping hole in your chest is not gonna get better with time.

  11. Can we just talk about that adorable fourth panel? I hope we see a Feral smile to go along with it soon!

  12. Only…. 3 pages left….. *sobs*

    1. Wait WHAT!?
      NOOOOOO! The art is so pretty, the plot is so amazing! This CAN’T be the end!
      *Starts crying in a corner*

  13. You should let all of your loyal fans know if you decide to start another webcomic after this :) I enjoyed your work so far and Awwwweeee!!!!

    1. You can always let several of us know via Gamercat

  14. The… Feels… *covers face with fluffy blanket and makes strangled noises*

  15. omg is this going to end?! :o Nooo! Nooo way! It can’t be!! ;o This is my life and i love it !!! :’o I going to cry now …

  16. I hope they make another amazing webcomic after this one, even if its not about Feral and Meela…they are going to leave a void once this story’s over!

  17. Tears. Streaming. Out of my eyes.
    I am not familiar with this sensation.

  18. If this ends soon I hope you guys go read ANOTHER amazing web comic known as : Ava’s demon. Its a really good webcomic

  19. ☺️ 2 much emotion

  20. AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Precious babies, this page is too cute! <3

  21. inside crying was reserved for this moment

  22. *Sits in the AFC corner* I brought Cupcakes~!

    I wish I could go to Otakon but I can’t. T.T *cry*

  23. so they need a magical flute which can turn back time… hmmm..

    1. They should find Link and his ocarina!

  24. Can’t wait to see you guys at Otakon!!

    And aww, this page. It’s so sweet. <3

  25. my poor heart !!! TT-TT

  26. The feels… RIGHT in the feels…

  27. Wow, I’m really excited for the next pages.

    For a moment I believed this was the final page. A touching moment of peace and serenity with an optimistic outlook…

    1. Yeah, this really could have been the last page.

  28. So touching… neh…

  29. I think I’m going to cry

  30. This is what I love about this comic. You could end it right here and I wouldn’t even be that mad.

  31. I just read the word “Time” and I started crying

  32. Ahh I’ve been reading this comic for so long– 6 years? through life changes, and changes, and changes. Now it’s almost over.

    It’s been a pleasure.

  33. Funny lol, i had a similar situation when someone was apologizing and say how they could earn my trust again…and all i said was “Time”.

  34. awwwwwwwww…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. for those who have grief over this ending: All good stories draw to an end. And this is a good story, so of course it has to end sometime. Only TIME will tell if you can get over the grief and rejoice in what has happened. Be grateful that the story has happened, and then everything will be alright! ^ ^

  36. i wonder where she got the necklace

  37. Been loving this comic for a long time. It’s an odd mix of emotions to be seeing its end as it happens. Sad and happy to have been able to part of the ride week by week.

    Also noticed…his glove disappeared between pages. (I notice small details like that). But absolutely amazing artwork! Wish I could draw and color that well!

    1. His glove is there, just on his right hand.

    Literally the very first thing that popped into my mind from the first panel.

  39. Aww… So cute :3 sry, but feral, it’s better since you can’t talk, no offense, But feral……. YOUR AWESOME!!! AND SO IS MEELA!!!! I LOVE THIS COMIC!!!!!!!! I’m probably gonna go insane…. Sooo, cya next Friday :D •U• lol

  40. Wait… double update after this? This isn’t the end?
    What more could you possibly do!?!?!?!?
    I fear that this comic will not stop until it has forced me to feel dozens of emotions I didn’t even know I had. D:

  41. Awww, what a sweet page!
    Looking forward to seeing you at Otakon!

    1. Also, do you have info on where you will be at Otakon? Dealer’s Room again?

  42. Time. Yes – i always felt they will/could make a cool couple later (no d*rty thoughts involved!).
    Odd – this is my first comment here, although i´m following since 2007…
    It was a great ride – Thanks a billion for taking us with you!

  43. too cute for me. -dies-

  44. I thank I died from cryin’

  45. This really makes me wonder if the comic is ending soon or not. I HOPE IT NEVER ENDS!!!

  46. Is that a dream catcher on the other page? I wonder if that’s part of a solution. She does keep having dreams..or memories that aren’t hers.

  47. One of these two characters can’t even speak and they still count care better than most people in books and fanfics

  48. Communicate**** dang phone haha

  49. Aaaaaaahhhhh, I really hope this story continues in some way. I recall it being said that it’s almost over Q_Q but I want to see these characters grow and develop and deal with their issues.


  50. This is the end:'(

    Please do another great story!

  51. Im so not ready for this to be over, I’ve loved this so much. Thanks for such an amazing journey Celesse and Algy! This is such a fantastic comic! Also, to my fellow readers, I’ve never met such a friendly and fun to talk to community around a comic before! I adore you guys!

  52. I love this webcomic the story was great and well put together and the flow was phenomenal. Just stinks i found this comic only about 5 months ago (i seem to always find the good comics at the end of there life cycle :(. Anyway thanks for the good read and i cant wait to see the ending.

  53. Huh. No double update?

    1. Probably just delayed because douuubllle!!

      1. Suppose so :P

        1. Hope it comes soon. Friday’s not Friday without it.

        2. I feel ya there.

      We had to take a step back this week, but we did add a page which is this Friday’s update.

      1. Oh. All right. Cool page though.

      2. Sweet! :D Love the page, helps even out the jump that was there before.

  54. ehrre is nee ipdste

    1. It’s right here:
      They added a something a couple pages back. They’re skipping out on the double update for some reason, idk

      1. Are you even kidding?

        They aren’t ‘skipping out’ of anything. They added a page that they felt was needed for the story. It’s their story. Not yours. If they decide to change something at the last second and add a needed page instead of your double update that’s up to THEM. Not you. They need to do what they feel is best for the story, regardless of what they’ve told us they are going to do on a weekly basis. You’re able to read this for free. Show some gratitude once in a while.

        1. Calm yourself. I don’t think they meant it in a negative way. There’s no need to pounce on anyone. It’s not like they were directly insulting the authors or showing resentment. They were just trying to clarify it for someone.

        2. That moment when Hitler needs to tell you to calm down.

        3. Wow, calm down! Cascade’s comment was not disrespecting the authors, just explaining where was the update.

        4. Yeah, man. Sorry if I came across as rude, I was just paraphrasing what they said to me above, just look what Algy said.
          Calm down, please and enjoy the update.

      2. The double update will be next week. Sorry for the confusion, we forgot to say exactly when the double update would be.

        1. Awesome :] Thanks for telling us~

  55. Is there a desktop of that last panel? If not, there should be. I would pay money for it.

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