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Well that caught him off guard.

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  1. …crying a little bit over here ;_;

    1. His face last panel … Feral

    2. Oh, so not just me. Good.

  2. Oh, boy, it’s starting. ;___; I need tissue and popcorn!

    1. *hands over tissue box* T.T them feels

      1. Snowtail the Khajiit

        I’ve got the popcorn.

  3. Omph. Right in the feels. Especially Feral’s expression in that last panel. :(

  4. Ahhhh no not the hurt puppy eyes, I cant! ;A;

  5. Holy shiz….poor Feral looks kinda hurt there. -cries-

  6. So, yeah, with zero recollection of what Mal did, and given that nobody told him what happened while he was out, Feral has got to be so confused & hurt right now. It’s like “Hey, why’re you throwing rocks? What’s wrong with you, that’s not cool? Hurt you…wha?” :’-(

    How will he convey these feels? THE FEELS MUST BE CONVEYED!

    1. Being mute must be especially frustrating right now, for sure. :'(

      1. Aw, just the look on Feral’s face…

      2. Ya, I would hate to be mute in ferals position

      3. He must also be wondering what Mal said/did to her to make her think that about him.

  7. Tears ;^;

  8. Bless feral. He looks so hurt and confused at the fact she thinks he’ll hurt her when he’s like “hurt you? Why would i do a thing like that for?”

  9. *Hugs Feral* Noooo Mela, it’s not his fault!!

    1. Then Feral looks at you all weird.

      1. Totally worth it to hug Feral :P

  10. This page turned out so dynamic and beautiful! I especially love that first panel: everything about the “swoosh” of the rock and Feral’s hair as he dodges it just works nicely.

    Feral’s face in the last panel makes my heart tighten, though… ;n; This little scene hearkens back to that time he choked Meela at the inn! I like that parallel a lot.

  11. i think you may have forgotten to draw the eye on his hand in all the panels where it should be showing. just saying :/ Otherwise, awesome page, I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    1. I did. I’ll fix it soon!

  12. At least we know it wasnt his intention now. Yes, Feral, dont make that “how could you think that horrible of me” face – it really looked like you were going to hurt her just few moments ago.

  13. Poor Feral :(

  14. I smell a giant hug on the next page to show her he doesn’t want to hurt her = w=

  15. You know, ever since that page of the last chapter (p. 357) where Feral gets upset and then runs away when Meela’s demon-side is uncovered to him, I’ve been wondering whether Holland (and Jyaku, and many readers here) hasn’t misinterpreted Feral’s reaction.

    Sure, Feral is upset, that’s plain to see, but he could be just as upset about having been kept in the dark, rather than about the fact that Meela is a half-demon. And perhaps his parting sneer in that page was more meant for Holland shouting after him how he could think of Meela as a bad demon to be killed. Maybe, Feral’s sneer was the reaction to that shout, as in “I can’t believe you think I would kill her for that.”

    Really, I think all Feral wants and has wanted ever since p. 357 when he ran off, was to get an explanation from Meela and convince her to come back. Of course, he has no clue what happened between her and Malkar, and worse, he has no clue about his involvement in the murder of her family. That conversation is going to be awkward to say the least.

    1. Snowtail the Khajiit

      I agree, that conversation IS going to be awkward. Especially since only Meela can talk. It’s gonna be difficult to convey his feelings without scaring her, or giving her another chance to bolt.
      But honestly, with what they’ve been through, and how close they’ve gotten- he isn’t going to hurt her. Not intentionally. He wants an explanation, he wants to be told from her what she is. And he wants to protect her, you can see it in the way he grabs her; he took the backpack so nothing inside would break or hurt her back if she pinned it between her and the tree, and he grabbed the upper part of her arm, which is a bit sturdier than the forearm or elbow.
      Meela, baby, he doesn’t want to hurt you. TT_TT

      1. Yeah the only thing that scares me though is if they do in the end up hanging together, how could they live like that in the kind of world they live in. Eventually someone might send a mercenary to go after them you know? Only time will tell.

  16. why meela, why

  17. right in the feels ;__;

  18. Another beautiful page *sniffles*.

  19. I’ll just be in the ACF with tons of pop tarts and a TV with Netflix.

    1. *Joins you* No tackle-hug, but it’s still amazing! And, I bring freshly baked cookies, right out of the oven! *Holds cookies out*

      1. I have every movie ever created, *sits in corner* THE FEELS ARE TOO INTENSE!!!!!!!!! Feral is like ‘what? Hurt you? Why would I ever do that? What did Mal do!?’ *starts bawling* now wait a WHOLE WEEK! *munches on cookie*

    2. ・゜・(つД`)・゜・
      Just going to steal some tissues from y’all.

      1. *brings so many tissues*

    3. i’ve got brownies.

      1. I’ve got… um… anyone for pie? I have everything but funeral pie. Because that’s a travesty.
        Who wants to bet that Feral’s gonna give Meela a hug and that everything will be okay and they’ll be a great big happy family and nothing bad will ever happen again and yay happiness and there will just be years worth of fluff updates that show happy family fun time?
        Because that’s what I want.

        1. Pie! *Steals pumpkin pie and covers it in whip cream*

          Haha, I wish, but I doubt so. We still got a whole chapter left. We will be seeing another hurtful thing soon enough… Or this whole chapter will be about happiness! I hope for the latter.

    4. Hello corner, I’m new here. *waves*

  20. Well, he does have a rough way to stop her from leaving, pushing her against the tree. But that face in the last panel ;A;

    1. probably because it was the only way to get her to stop struggling TT___TT

  21. Oh my Gosh, THE FEELS!!!

  22. The look of hurt in his eyes just kills me

  23. I’m 30 years old and those last two panels made me tear up.

  24. Poor Feral ( if only he could talk…

  25. Oh my oh my Feral ;w;.. It’s too sad.

  26. Now Feral’s realised that he missed a lot of life thanks to Mal…

  27. Damn….poor Feral, he really need a big explanation there’s barely comunication between the members of the group. O.O omg look at her tail all puffed up, she clearly is terrified… feral’s face in the last pannel…is so full of shock, confusion and sadness, it’s like: What did I do? *He realizes* Oh no….

  28. oh my GOSH. Don’t make me cry!!!! ugh too late… But I love how this literally didn’t even cross his mind. He’s so shocked.

  29. Nooo. :( My eyes teared up, literally. Thanks for the feels guys! But really D:

  30. *hyperventilating* I JUST CAN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE FEELS!!!!!!!!!


  32. Omg I’m so scared! (╥╯﹏╰╥) Goes to corner with fuzzy blankets and pillows, I have some fudge brownys too…

  33. Okay, Feral, now HUG HER!

  34. Q~Q waaaaaa. I can’t hold all these feels. His face~

    1. Hug her Feral~!

  35. *sniff

  36. oh gosh, i ship it
    Feral x Meela, who’s with me?

    1. Personally I find it wrong. Him being 30, ya know?
      Pedophilia is not okay.
      Unless of course she were to wait until she was old enough to start thinking of Feral romantically. He as well. The sure. I guess. Kinda like that movie Memoirs of a Geisha. The main character does something like that. It’s a beautiful movie, also sad.

      1. yeah he’s like 28/29 and she’s 12/13. a little too big of a gap really. Not all relationships have to be romance. I like a little strong sibling bonding ya know? ;)

        1. I only have a 14 year gap between my step mum and i and me and my dad its like over 20 years!!

        2. fine then, Feral is now officially an old woman

  37. Feral is just too cute. I always love his expressions.

    I don’t think he was even intending to hurt her though, honestly. NOW HUG HER!

  38. Isn’t that the shirt she made out of Feral’s clothes?
    But gosh this page hits me right in the feels… ouch.

  39. everything





  40. He looks so hurt at the idea that Meela thinks she would hurt him.

  41. Where’s the mark on his hand? Does it disappear if he’s not doing anything?

    1. I spotted that too.

    2. I think they just forgot to put it on.

    3. I forgot it ^^;; I’ll fix it soon!

  42. Why must you make me feel these feels ;n;
    Hug her Fearl, just hug her!!!!

  43. NOOOOOoooOooOOOOooOOooo…. ;-;

  44. I think Meela’s relationship with feral is more like a brother/sister thing, Meela being the annoying younger sister and Feral being the stubborn (and a little protective) older brother.

  45. I feel a little better at the moment! He was just worried! Look at that expression! Like “wtf is wrong with you? Why did you leave?” and the fact he was shocked about Meela saying that. hngg why you did dis Cels and Algy? WHY?! OTL
    (just kiddin love you guys! xD)

  46. So like everyone I just took a shot to the feels, but I also just had to point out meelas great aim with a random rock.

  47. Noooo Feral…
    For like the first few panels I thought he was going to kill her…
    And then you see his face in the last panel.
    >.<; Daaaaaw they're so cute. Fight, you two! You can do it! :3

  48. Ouch, Poor Feral

  49. Aaaahhh I just love this page!!! I don’t want to wait tip next Friday D’;

  50. TT_____________________TT

  51. *sniff, sniff* crying over here *huggles Feral doll*

  52. when are you making plushies of the characters, so we can hug them tight while we do the re-read-through? (i figure they wont be for sale until after the comic ends… which i still tear up over)

    1. Plushies would be wonderful. I have very few stuffed animals and such these days, but if Celesse and Algy start selling plushies, I will not hesitate to expand my meagre collection. ^o^

      I wonder if hugging my SoS bunny plush would be good enough for now. Wanna try?

  53. D8 My friends and I all saw the update at school today, and legit we all had to sit our asses down because of how hard the feels hit us.

  54. I’m glad that Feral is (apparently) not trying to hurt Meela. However, he is a little silly for not realizing sooner that she might be afraid of him. After all, he/Mal just tried to kill her a little while ago, she just learned that he/Mal killed her father, AND he was running after her with an angry face. Tact, man!

    1. My thoughts exactly.

    2. Feral doesn’t remember anything from when Mal was in control or that he/Mal killed her family.

      1. True, he doesn’t fully understand the circumstances, but if he had been paying attention to what Jyaku had been saying earlier, he would at least have realized that he almost hurt during today’s Mal episode. Having said that, it wasn’t explained to him how far he went, plus he’s so obviously not Mal right now that it’s only natural that Feral wouldn’t expect Meela to accuse him of meaning her harm at this moment.

        But he really doesn’t have any tact at all, regardless of his level of knowledge. XD;

  55. I can’t for Strays to end– so I can buy book three and have a complete collection. This is my favorite webcomic, and this page is really great.

  56. Feral’s face in that last panel…TT-TT

  57. You and your dang FEELS!
    I literally came up out of my seat because I could not express my emotional reaction sufficiently remaining in it. I’m just glad I was alone at the time… This is torture. But I am glad he caught here. There needs to be some serious hugging going on in the immediate future, or I may be forced to contemplate… Unpleasantries.

  58. Oh god that fluffy tail Meela has DX She’s really scared and poor feral has absolutely no idea why D:

  59. He looks so shattered in the last panel

  60. You guys are forgetting Mal (Feral’s evil alter ego) just admitted to killing Meelas dad and brother. Plus Feral hates demons, right? So he’s real messed up about this. I mean, they were getting to be friends, and suddenly he find’s out he’s been traveling with a half demon. Who wouldn’t freak? (and if you are not freaking, there is something wrong with you)

  61. Don’t let her go! There are ways to show her that you won’t hurt her without letting her go. T_T

  62. So I’ve been reading this since the first chapter…
    I usually don’t comment, mostly because I’m lazy (trolol)

  63. ;_; Right in da Kokoro.

    But seriously, Feral’s face in that last panel is heart wrenching.

  64. Crying…I’m just….crying….WAH! Why did I have to catch up!?!

  65. I’m guessing the truth about Malkar killing her family is going to come out soon. Feral is going to have a very tough time explaining anything to her. =(

  66. I can’t even



  69. Gods I can’t wait for him to hug her. All the feels.

    On a secondary note. I really wanna know MORE about the world this comic takes place in. MORE MORE MORE about all the creatures, the demons, the half-demons, all of it.

    I really hope you guys, the creators, can possibly create a page or tab that is a run down of the world itself. Countries, locations of note, races, some history. Things like that.

  70. *sniff* That… th-that’s okay. I-I didn’t need my heart in one piece anyway. *sniff*

    Oh god. His face in that last panel. I hope they somehow get to “talk” properly and make up. Dem broken babies need each other!

  71. :-( poor guys… Both of them…

    But this could be toped in the next panels.
    Meela avoiding to look at Ferals face asking him to at least kill her in a fast hurtless way…

    I think THAT would destroy him…

  72. I think this webcomic is purposely trying to make me cry

    I mean seriously there always the feel of disappointment when u finish the page and there not the next page and WHEN ITS AT THE CLIMAX

  73. Mila sees ferals sad face looks down and say sorry feral loosens his grip hugs her, meela struggles while feral is trying to tell her don’t leave me then meela meela starts crying still resisting shouting “let me go” then starts hitting feral then stops then says “y did u come after me’ in a quite crying voice then then feral hugs trying to say because ur special to me

    1. Hugs tighter i was meant to say at the last couple of words !!!

  74. Just started reading this and wow . . . this is freaking awesome. I just can’t stop thinking of a song that fits feral perfectly! Monster – Imagien Dragons, look it up!

  75. These feels
    I’m dying


  77. Ahhh you two are really killin’ me here, guys. It’s a sad situation, but I’m hoping that it works out. This talk could go two or more ways, but I hope for their sake, it ends on a positive note.

  78. T_T *sniffle* T_T

  79. Here I am, reading in the privacy of my own home, and your frickin’ COMIC comes along and punches me in the gut. I hope you’re happy! I’m allergic to feels! They make my eyes and nose runny…

  80. I think he was really angry at meela for a second or so for being a demon lupin but meelas reaction to him snapped him out of it and reminded him that she was his friend and that he wouldn’t want to hurt her

  81. I know updates are every friday. but i still check back almost everyday just to see if there has been a surprise update. i’ve been doing this for years. and i still do it. not even ashamed.

    1. Same here… maybe one day we’ll be lucky.

  82. Oh no! Her terror and her poor little face broke my heart in the second-to-last panel. Crying. ;~; And poor confused Feral. I can’t wait to see this resolved.

  83. OH MY! I read all 363 pages in one night, and this is the cliff hanger I get????? The suspense is killing me. My feels were damaged….

  84. I literally can hear the panic in Meela’s voice just by looking at her face. Literally one of the most emotional and impactful image I have seen from you guys yet. Amazing.

    1. btw, I’ve been keeping up with this comic since chapter one was posted (so years) and this is the first time I’ve felt the need to comment.

  85. -Cries- Oml his face looks like he just got stabbed in the heart by her thinking he would hurt her

  86. Predictions for the next page:

    Feral is upset by her words and lets her go

    Fearal hugs her

    Fearal drags her back to camp to get holland to help explain

    feral kills her(I know, thats not gonna happen)

  87. I personally love Feral’s face in the third to last panel, I think it conveys more than the very last panel. Though I think together, they perfectly convey his thoughts. He’s pushed her against the tree, but with the open mouth and upturned palm, he really looks like he’s asking her “What the HELL, Meela?” and then is dumbstruck (and saddened) when she doesn’t understand that he just wants an explanation. Even if angrily.

  88. I’m gonna be crying by the end

  89. Awwh Feraaaal ;n; He looks so surprised, like “Why would I ever try to hurt you?”

  90. Dang Feral! XD just pounce right at her. Not even gonna take it slow?

  91. Loving the new pages as always, can’t wait for the new one. Quick question!! I see you guys were at Otakon 2014 – any chance you’re going to try for 2015 as well?? I would love to see you there, it’s going to be my first time going!

    1. Yes, we will be there this year! We will be in the Dealer’s Room under Sugar Bunny Shop.

  92. Is it supposed to say “Let me alone”? I feel like that doesn’t make sense and it should say “Leave me alone” lol. Great page as always though!

    1. Nope, she’s saying to let her leave.


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