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I don't think Jyaku is gonna go along with this. And this concludes Chapter 14! The FINAL CHAPTER starts next week!

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  1. Final chapter? Is there another book after this? D:

    1. I doubt it. I think I already saw where they said the odds of a sequel or spin-off were slim >-<

      1. WHY?!?! QnQ This is so awesome! They aren’t gonna try to continue it or start another story in this world? There is so much awesomeness I still want to learn! TnT

  2. Yes I wish to know that question too…

    1. I agree with these girls. Will there be another book?

  3. F-final chapter?! Is it already that time? ;A; This has been such a grand comic to follow throughout the years. I look forward to seeing how everything turns out!

    Also, digging the color shift with the setting of the sun! Y’all sure know how to set up the mood of a scene. <3

  4. Final chapter?! Well, let’s hope it won’t end with Feral and Meela killing each other…

    1. If it does, I’m going to take up residency in the AFC.

  5. I can’t believe this series is almost over! How bittersweet! (Then again “final chapter can mean we have another year+ of updates left) I mean, you always want to know how a story/series ends but when it actually ends you feel a mixture of completeness and sadness, sort of lost. What to do next?

    I think Feral is mad about not knowing about Meela’s heritage but he’s running after her without his blades, his tools of the trade. He’d have to use Melkar’s powers on her, but his demon hunting always involves blades. Otherwise if he meant to hurt her he’d have to strangle her. I think he wants to reason with her but of course Meela is in shock, probably will yell at him he/Melkar killed her family…. It’s a lot to process O_O

    Even if Feral doesn’t remember being Yuen I hope Meela explains what she saw/the truth of his past. Otherwise it’s just back story/doesn’t matter to him, but really don’t keep him ignorant! (Though ignorance vs being bummed about what he lost… )

    1. I know what you mean — I’m overjoyed, yet devastated at the same time. As for how much longer we have left, judging from a quick look at the archives, each chapter takes around half a year to update ;A; But who knows, maybe we’ll have an epilogue or something…

  6. Run Feral, Run!

  7. The end of strays, that would mark the end of my very first webcomic I read, I found art of Feral on Deviantart and whenI discovered it was for a free comic, my mind was blown. It is great to know the comic will have a proper ending, and I know it will be good. But also sad. *snif*

    1. Same! I think it was 3ish years ago that I found some Meela artwork online and discovered this gem. Middle-schooler me had no idea web comics even existed before stumbling across Strays. UGH – the feels!!!

  8. AFC Meeting~! I brought Ice Cream and toppings. *Silently waits for other’s to show up*

    1. I bring mint flavored hot cocoa, and stuff for pillow forts. *places chibi meela flag on top of fort*

    2. (TTATT) Falafel anyone? Oh glob ive been reading this since highschool. STRAYS CANNOT END IT CAAAAANT

    3. I just started reading a few months back…
      I can’t believe it’s already ending!
      (Accepts falafel and eats away my sadness)

      1. I’ve been reading for a month or so, and I am heartbroken that I’m not going to be able to continue for much longer. Still, I am unbelievably glad to have run across this, so thank you to everyone who has created this work of art.

        And on that note, I bring tissues, pizza (Hawaiian, meat lovers, vegan, and cheese), and alcohol.

        1. :: gladly accepts a small 750ML bottle of whisky:: Thank ye…
          ::saunters off and mumbles something incoherently::

  9. I brought Feral and Meela plushies. *Sits in corner surrounded by plushies*

    1. *takes Feral plushie and makes it hug Meela plushie* ~Now hug in comic, please~

      1. *Sits in corner of fort and cries, because last chapter*

        1. It’s…. Its almost the end!?

        2. It’s no longer the end of the beginning, it’s now the beginning of the end… :'(

        3. That is so well spoken…

  10. Final chapter huh? Bring it!! :D
    I’m so happy for you two to have made it. What you guys are doing is a very time consuming and looooonnng process. So happy for you two to be accomplishing this. The bittersweet light is at the end of the tunnel! Let’s do this!

    1. I bring a time machine to re-live this comic when it ends. I’ll just set this in the corner until we need it.

  11. Final chapter?? Woa woa it has passed so fast o.o

    Now I’m impatiently hoping for the next chapter. I want to think that Feral will smack her for leaving and then make her come back to them and she finally feel that she has a family ono but knowing how things work that’s probably not what’s going to happen. Probably their demon sides will fight and kill each other, making us cry and be mad at both? Maybe MAYBE!?
    anyway, I love this comic and you have been doing an awesome job at it :)
    Thank you!

  12. I’m pretty bummed that Strays is coming to an end, but i guess it had to happen eventually.

    I kinda wonder why Feral isn’t in wolf form though, it’d be easier for him to track her and i think he runs faster that way.

  13. …… I’m going to go crazy waiting for more

  14. Wait final chapter!?
    It felt like it was just getting started :(
    Is there going to be a sequel?


  16. Well, if this truly will be the final chapter may I say it’s been and honor watching it unfold page by page. hard to believe that I’ve been following this for over seven years. XD

  17. I’ve been following this series since 2013 and I read all of Volumes 1 and 2 in a day when I discovered it.
    Now it’s about to end… it’s My Chemical Romance all over again.

  18. I think Feral’s mad at Meela for not telling him. I think he just wants to protect her even more now.

    …I hope that’s true. *sobs*

  19. Final chapter? Wow. I’ve been following you guys since page 5. I can’t believe we’ve made it this far. Can’t wait to find out what happens!

  20. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    I don’t know what I will do once this webcomics ends! Strays has been the crowning gem on my week, the thing I look forward to every week and the thing that makes me want to stay up until all hours of the night on Thursdays to see te next page as soon as possible.
    But it does take awhile for an entire chapter to update, so no need to start crying yet.
    Now crying over the content of the comic… Now would be a good time. Oh Feral and Meela, PLEASE work things out. Holland has faith in you and so do I!

  21. -crosses fingers- He loves her too much to kill her!!! Please!!!!!

  22. Eeeeeeee I sooo ship Feral and Meela Gah its to much :3

  23. FINAL CHAPTER!? Nooooooooo plz nooooooo… But at the same time, YES!! I’ll have to make sure I get all the books and whatever merch I can get my hands on too. Strays is one of my all-time favorite webcomics, and you’ve brightened my life so many times with the characters and story.

    So I guess this means there’ll be a final Kickstarter for the last few chapters? Count this comment as a vote for having a backing level where we get all the books and a huge load of merch. ^~^

  24. Final…?

    :( This felt so short! Hate to see it go already… :(

  25. Final Chapter already. Wow. I can’t wait to see what happens! And get the last book, then. Very excited. It’s been a long, fun ride. I can’t wait to see what your next project will be! (Here’s hoping to another project together – you make a great team)! ^_^

  26. I think Feral is going after Meela!

  27. Feral's Anger Issues


  28. Final chapter of this volume? Are there any more volumes? I guess I was hoping to find out more about Holland’s family, if that had any part in the plot?

    1. Also I wanted to see if there were demons and half demons are there angels and half angels?

  29. I hope they can work it out ;-;

  30. If there were to be a spinoff series, I’d love to follow Piper around. She reminds me of Catwoman, perhaps she could come across her own Batman and fall head over tail for someone, other than Feral? …cuz he’s never going to turn her in, lets face it.

  31. Final Chapter? How can you wrap up this story with just one chapter? There are so many unanswered things! Who was the white haired guy that Feral killed at the beginning? Who actually killed his wife? What happened to Meela’s mom? When is Meela going to be trained to be a proper dream catcher? Is there an impending scuffle with the nazi-like Lyrians? Will Feral ever be free of Malkar? Why does everyone seem to have the same beaded necklaces and bracelets? Will Jyaku ever find true love??

    See way too many questions. Obviously we are going to need much more than one more chapter…. Or this would be a very fun story in novel form….

    1. I’ll be disappointed if these don’t get resolved.

  32. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT THE LAAST CHAPPPPTAAAAARRRR!!!!!! :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( hopefully feral will not be mad at meela he better not be just worried

  33. please let there be another book I love this one

  34. It can’t be the last chapter after this! D: What am I supposed to look forward to on my Fridays? DX

    I wonder how Feral will act once he meets back up with Meela? Will he still be pissed or will he finally show some caring towards her and like grab her and hug her? :D

    1. Look forward to our new stories? Lol we’re going to be lost when we don’t have a Strays page to do too once it’s over.

      1. Maybe hold a contest in celebration? :D

        1. That’s a good idea XD I’d support it.

      2. Would “new stories” have anything to do with the “Sad Man on the Gallows” livestreaming page a few years ago? Or did I just dream that?

        1. Lol yes. That is one of my next stories.

  35. Goodness why is this the ending. There’s so many ways this fantasy world can expand.


  36. Oh my gosh!!!

  37. Hmmmm. Final chapter? Wow. I expected this to go on a little longer. Let’s see what happens! (I bet on a timeskip)

  38. The Final Chapter!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  39. F-final…Chapter?
    (Bawls in the corner.)
    My heart says it might be the last chapter of this book…
    But my brain gives me the logical truth.
    I hope you can tie up all the loose ends.
    It still feels like this story is just beginning to me… :(

  40. Im waiting for a hug :c

  41. Oh no! I can’t believe we are already to the last chapter. Another of my comics I follow is also on its last chapter now, so it is sad, what will I spend those few mins of my time on now instead of such awesome comics? :P

  42. I really hope you guys start another comic after this one!

  43. Final chapter? Aw, I hate it when a series comes to an end :{

  44. But it’s too soon to end the comic :(

  45. Final chapter? Wow. I can’t wait to purchase the last book. What an amazing ride. Thank you, Samantha and Stacey for years of great reading. Congratulations, and wonderful job!! I can’t wait to see what you guys do in the future. :)

  46. Funny how Jyaku had such faith that Feral could pull through after all his injuries and the taint and stuff, but doesn’t have confidence where this is concerned. Though of course, after dealing with Malkar coming out so many times, I guess I’d lose a little faith, too. :(

    But as much as hearing “final chapter” breaks my heart, too, I’m really looking forward to seeing how Feral and Meela work all this out! Seeing him run after her so quickly makes me happy. :3

  47. …final chapter?
    Well. I did not expect that.
    Good luck Algy and Celesse! I’ll be sure to look out for your new stories after strays ends.
    In the meantime, I’m going to go re-read the comic again.

  48. He didn’t take any weapons with him… so he probably won’t do anything to her right? …. RICHT??? ;_______;

  49. Can’t beleive it’s the last chapter already… Seems like only yesterday Feral was learning that you don’t feed stray pups if you don’t want them to follow you.

  50. Thanks for an amazing comic! I’ve always loved the art and hope you guys will make more web comics after this.

  51. Really? A final chapter? o__0; I’m actually genuinely shocked as we haven’t really seen much of the story’s universe. Seems really early to end it.

    1. Well, it might be the end of the story for Feral and Meela, but there might be stories about other characters in that same world. Thus, a continuation of the world but a new story altogether. You can’t show every aspects of a wonderful world with just one story. Look at Tolkien’s work. The Lord of the Rings alone does not tell you everything of his world. He has stories about the dwarves, about the elves, etc. So, don’t lose hope. We might see more of that world being revealed through other characters, and maybe cameos even!

  52. Really?!? Final chapter? I think I’m going to cry when this is all over :( I love this comic so much!

  53. I just started reading and now you are going to end it? Why you do this?


  55. Webcomics make me so proud of amazing, creative people that I’ve never met. No exception here. Looking forward to your continued journey, whether it’s in this world with Feral and Meela or something brand new, somewhere completely different. Looking forward to all the feels!!!

    (Beginnings and Ends are so arbitrary, anyway.)

  56. Oh my god when it’s over can you do an adventure series about Piper? <3

    1. awesome idea!

  57. is there going to be an afterwards short story? like how everything turns out a few years after the ending?

  58. work it… work it… working it out!

    Nah, it’s okay. Well, I mean, I’ll be able to deal with it, but seriously… this is sad.

  60. So sad the final chapter is starting. :(

  61. Final chapter… Wow. I just want to thank you girls so much for this amazing journey you have brought us on. This has been such a part of my everyday life, from 6th grade, to now, as a sophomore. It’s going to feel strange not checking for updates every week. (I still sometimes have the urge to check for updates like I used to on the comic Virus Rising, and that ended back in 2013!) If you guys create any more projects, I know we all look forward to seeing where you both go from this point on. It has been magnificent, seeing the comic change and shift, and soon draw to an end.

  62. Final chapter ey? Let’s just hope it doesn’t end in a cliffhanger, that would be terrible. X3

    This has been a good read and I’m glad I took notice of it before 130 pages in. Strays will always be remembered as a good fantasy webcomic in my book.

  63. .-. final chapter…

  64. Really sad to know it’s the final chapter. This was my first webcomic, started 3-4 years ago, and there are those first things that’ll always stay in one’s heart… I’m seriously going to miss this a lot, but everything has its end…
    It’s funny when some people don’t really understand what the deal is with feeling sadness over a completed story. Some even say that it’s not a good story anyway and it’s just some fantasy crap, why care? Well, it was my first, and with all firsts they stay in a special place of our heart. I don’t care if some say it’s fantasy crap because hell, it may be the first but not the second.
    Thanks for sharing the story.

  65. …Is 2015 the year of ending comics? :( First Shortpacked, then Girls with Slingshots, then Woody After Hours, then Multiplex and Strays later? My webcomic folder is getting smaller and less enjoyable to read. You guys definitely have the cutest characters and most engaging story I’ve come across, and I’ll be extremely sad to see it go.

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