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Looks like mommy and daddy are having a disagreement over the children.

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  1. D: Holland, baby! I can practically hear his desperate voice ;_;

    Guys! Keep voting for Strays on TopWebComics! This comic deserves to be in the top 10, at the very least!

  2. OH!! D: Poor Holland! :,(

  3. Oh, oh Holland. :( He knows it’s true but that’s not good enough, it’s just not good enough.

    Feral’s gonna have a problem with this. A big one.

    1. And where is feral right now? DYING ON THE FREAKING GROUND

      1. More people are gonna die if he finds Meela missing.

        1. *Evil Laughter

        2. (Flames) has an excellent point. There-for…
          How are you going to talk your way out of this one, Jyaku? And please don’t say you can just ORDER Feral to not go after her. (It usually doesn’t work like that)

  4. Ohbird man…. Bring our girl home

    1. “Prince”, “Horald”, “Swan guy”… there’re a lot of ways to call him, but birdman? XD

      1. i always call him birdman. :D

  5. I’m sure meela will be fine on her own but holland and jyuka are both right. Jyuka’s is right because meela needs to find her own path and Holland is right because Hunters may come for her again. Can’t wait Friday *sits in a corner*

  6. If this were a cartoon, I would cast Todd Haberkorn as Holland, Brittney Karbowski/Luci Christian as Meela, Robert McCollum as Jyaku and Colleen Clinkenbeard as Piper. Feral pre-mutism would be Ian Sinclair/Eric Vale and Malkar would be Troy Baker/J. Michael Tatum

    1. I dunno…I can’t help but hear Holland as voiced by Vic Mignogna.

      1. Yes! Someone else hears his voice! And the mommy and daddy line just makes me think of Tsubasa…

    2. After listening to various voices that each of those actors have done, I can’t picture any that would fit our characters >_>;
      I can only imagine Jyaku having a voice like Liam Neeson.

      1. How about either David Kaye or Michael Daingerfield? (The voices of Sesshomaru in InuYasha and InuYasha: The Final Act, respectively.) Or Sonny Strait in “Roy Mustang” mode?

        1. Mustang’s voiced by Travis Willingham, not Sonny Strait. And not Vic Mignogna. Honestly idk why someone with a sexual harrassment record hasn’t been fired yet… Anyways. (that said Vic’s a good actor and I love Fai/Fye from Tsubasa. My fave chracter and one of my fave series.) Anyways. For Holland…. Crispian Freeman mayhaps. I LOVE THAT LIAM NEESON IDEA THO.

      2. Now I can only imagine Jyaku with Liam Neeson’s voice, lol nice!

        1. how about Morgan Freeman plays all of them.

        2. Even Meela. O.O

          XD But really though, now all I can imagine is Meela talking with Morgan Freeman’s voice! lol

        3. But nobody’s a lion in this!

      3. Go Liam Neeson! Go!

  7. Please hurry and get this animated! I can’t wait!

  8. If Meels goes feral goes D:< "I KILL ALL" rage mode. Sorry Jyaku even though your sexy you can't do that

  9. AMAZING comic! Read all in one go!
    And I love Don Bluth too, so Meela is, like, the cutest thing ever! :DDD

  10. *Throws Holland out of ACF corner.*
    (Meels is my nickname for her.)

    1. :33< *ac attaches a jet pack to Holland* Don't listen to Deer-Brain! Just go get Meela!!! *waves salute as she goes back to the ACF corner where Flames is and eats Oreos, AKA the Cookies of Sadness and Feels*

      1. Can I have a cookie of sadness and feels :'(

        1. Have mine, I can survive on Jaffa Cakes instead. For I AM BIG, STRONG, INDEPENDENT PErson, that… *sniff* Meela come back please.

    2. I bring some Rocky Road ice cream… because that’s what we’re going through right now ;-; *uses Stun Spore on Meela* There. Now Holland can catch you.

    3. ::takes up residency in ACF corner and cries::

  11. Holland seems to enjoy taking care of demons. :) Oh, well, I’m not the one to speak, I’d also like having a pet demon…

  12. OMG I am soooo hoping that Holland is in love with Meela!

    1. Pretty sure that’s illegal in most countries.

    2. … Seriously? I’m pretty sure he thinks of himself as more of a father or uncle figure to her man.

      1. Maybe he meant Parental love…?

  13. I would do the same, Holland. T^T

  14. THE FEELS!!!!! THE FEELS!!!!! THE FEELS!!!!!!! OMG THE FEELS!!!!! Holland! Plz stop moving! You will only make your wounds worse! Wait for Jyaku to heal you, then take off for Meela! Jyaku U R Shunned By Me until further notice. I know it is for the good of Feral and Meela… But STILL!!!!!!

    *Goes into darkest ACF corner and whimpers,* Poor poor holland and meela and feral (when he wakes up)

    1. I bring cookies and milk to this ACF meeting.

      -Pats your back- it will be okay. I’m sure that Holland will be able to talk hee out of running away again.

      1. *Brings chocolate chip blueberry muffins*
        Noo! Poor Holland >^<
        Though I am curious where Meela will go :o

        1. The feels… they’re going to outnumber us soon enough… we need to expand. We must lead an expedition to the other corners. Convert them to our cause…

          It will be a horrible war, one with many casualties. But it is worth it. We fight for the hope that one day, someday, we will have wonderful, fluffy moments again.

      2. *sniffles* I hope so. *takes a cookie, and dips it in milk* one more week to go…

  15. There is something wrong with Jyaka. He really has some kind of problem with compassion. I know people like that. While they provide well for their kids’ physical needs, they make rather lousy parents.

  16. Right now I am completely <3 <3 <3 with Holland and Meela. They are the cutest things ever.

  17. It seems to me that Jyaku is having some difficulty healing Feral…

  18. omg my heart is breaking awwww.

  19. Resistance is futile.


    1. ( Is there a drinking game? )

  20. Looks to me like Holland just needs to let her…leave the nest…:3

    1. That was worse than my comment! XD

      Please take your unofficial like. :D

  21. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Haha. “Cease your futile efforts.” I’m going to start saying that.
    On a more serious note, Holland is SUCH a mother. Celesse’s comment about parents fighting over the children is pretty accurate. They both have legit points, but really we all know that Holland is right. And what if Meela looses control again? Who would be able to calm her down? Yes it might be best for her and Feral not to be around each other with their unstable natures but Holland and Meela would be fine together…. And Feral needs Meela. She’s better for him than she is bad for him.
    Grumpy Jyaku is just being grumpy.

    1. Whether Jyaku is grumpy or not doesn’t really matter. He didn’t make Meela leave and is probably only telling Holland to be quiet for his sake (i.e. so he doesn’t hurt himself further by trying to walk or something). In fact, the issue that made Meela want to leave was the knowledge that Feral, even if he was under Mal’s control at the time, killed her father and brother. None of what Jyaku said really had anything to do with it. He may have encouraged her to leave, but her decision was her own, so there’s no reason to put any blame on him. The one who caused her to want to leave is Malkar.

      In other words, Conebutt the Destroyer is still a jerkface, years after trying to kill his best friend, not hesitating to tell a frightened little girl that he butchered her daddy and big bro before her very eyes.

  22. I love Holland’s face in the fourth panel! It’s heartbreaking seeing his reaction to Meela leaving and I really hope they get her back soon. T-T

  23. Jyaku sounds a little species-ist towards Meela’s “kind”. Just saying. I realize she can dangerous, but anyone can learn control.. I mean, c’mon. Look at poor Holland’s face!

    1. Yeah, but the ones best qualified to teach her how to control it would be other half-demons, plus they would be the ones to show the most acceptance of her. Sure, Feral is a social outcast and that is how he and Meela were able to stay together for as long as they have, but she really can’t be part of normal society, so if she isn’t with Feral and still isn’t strong enough to survive alone, she would indeed be better off with other half-demons. I believe that Holland is thinking logically like this, not being bigoted. If he were a bigot, he wouldn’t have lifted a finger to help the corrupted Yuen/Feral.

      Also, neither Holland nor Jyaku can be around 24/7. No doubt he is thinking of this. What if Meela went into her demon form and the overflow caused Mal to take over when none of the others were even around? That scenario may be unlikely, but it isn’t impossible and the thought of that is, I expect, what is driving Jyaku to encourage Meela to leave.

      1. I meant to say that JYAKU is thinking logically like this, not Holland. Holland is not employing logic here at all, lol. XD

  24. The feels are..too much………. /dies

    1. *Revives you* If you die know your’ll die sad. You need to stay alive so you can die when it gets better!

  25. And now we know why Jyaku didn’t heal Holland already. He knew Holland would try to stop Meela, and Holland’s unconscious time gave Jyaku time enough to tell Meela a few things. And Jyaku is a jerk.

    1. Jyaku’s not really being a jerk… he’s being a realist… as far as he sees it. That doesn’t mean things can’t work out but he is trying to weigh in all the factors. Meela really does need to find her own kind… if they exist… to help her learn about her nature and how to hide it and how to use it.

      1. They definitely exist. There’s a collective distrust and even hatred for half-demons and in most instances they are spoken of in a collective way that would suggest there is actually a fair number of them. But they live in hiding because mercenaries like Feral are hired to hunt them down and kill them, so it would be quite the challenge for Meela to find any.

    2. I agree with Rhys. He was doing what he believed was in both Meela’s and Feral’s best interests, even if he had to do it the “tough love” way. What’s more, it wasn’t anything he said that made Meela decide to leave. Meela decided to leave of her own accord after learning that “Feral” (Mal) killed her family. She needs time on her own to process that and hence her decision to leave. Jyaku is enabling her to leave, but he didn’t -make- her leave. Holland’s over-protectiveness is understandable, but unwise. He doesn’t seem to realize that Mal almost killed Meela before Jyaku arrived. Had he been delayed even one more minute, or had Mal not felt the need to inform Meela about his prior murder of her family (that jerk), Meela would have been dead.

      After experiencing that kind of trauma, if I was in Meela’s position, I’d want to be on my own for a while, too, even if Jyaku hadn’t said a word. She’s a strong girl for not having had a complete mental breakdown by this point, actually.

  26. The fact that Holland is trying to go after her in his condition is rather heart breaking.
    Also, in the second to last panel, Holland reminds me of this scene from Avatar the Last Airbender:

    That is all.

    1. That is SO funny.
      Hey, do you think that Feral looks like Zuko?

      1. I think his character is similar: innocent childhood, son of a leader, a dark past that leads to a scarred face, afterwords he gets a bit rage-y, becomes friends with someone he hunted in the past, but still remaining angsty, internal battle between good and evil… and he’s got dark hair and is a good fighter.

        I don’t know if I would say they LOOK similar though… the art styles are different enough that it’s hard for me to gauge if they would look similar in real life.

        1. I agree that they are rather similar characters (I expect Feral would yell a lot, too, if he could). But I don’t think they would look alike, even drawn by the same artist, because Zuko has a more slender face and pale skin. Plus, there’s the natural racial differences (eyes, ears, etc.). They don’t even have the same eye colour.

    2. I loved that scene! XDD

  27. Holland is just such a Mother Goose, isnt he? ;D

  28. AFC MEETING! (Wasn’t late this time Yay!)

    I brought Ice Cream and more Posters! And I need Holland because I got a plan. He needs to send one of his birdie friends to follow Meela! Then they can come back when Feral and Holland are okay and the bird can tell them were Meela is and they can find her and we can stop crying from sadness. Who’s with the plan?

    1. Also people, another plan I forgot to put. Everyday vote for Stray’s until the next update! (Then the next week and next week…) We need to get Stray’s higher on the list!



  30. The feels! I’m pretty certain Jyaku actually doesn’t really trust Meela. Not as in if she’s gonna stab them in the back but her lack of control over her own power to which will cause trouble for all of them and maybe even attack them. So get rid of her as quickly as possible is the only way he can see things going. Of course these are all personal thoughts but meh.

    Also I’m pretty certain Jyaku is also very very wrong about her “finding her own kind”. Of course I don’t know where the story will go or what is planned but right now Meela has no “kind.” Her family is dead. She can’t be with her new family for reason of course and she’ll never trust herself to make friends with anyone new from now on. OR trust them either if they were to find out what she really is. As for other half demon creatures, I doubt she’ll find others because of either hiding, dead or distrust on her part. And I doubt others will allow her to become close to them for the same distrust issues and I’m sure other things. So pretty much Jyaku, has just sent off Meela to a life of loneliness, fear and deep sadness.

    Of course, once more this is all personal thoughts and I don’t know what’s being planned sooooo…

    1. By her own “kind” he meant other half-demons. Obviously, there would be no barrier in making friends/building trust in that case and they would be able to teach her to control her nature as well. This is Jyaku’s reasoning.

  31. Empressofmelnibone

    Ok how can deer guy say Meela “needs to be with her own kind”, I though that any being with demon blood in them were killed or set up with a bounty on their heads?? And also doesn’t Meela already have a ticking time bomb in herself, by the fact her demon blood is awakening making her dangerous to herself and anyone around her. The deer guy can help with that and so can Holland since he can purify dark energy.

  32. Poor Holland. :( Seems like Jyaku means that Meela needs to be with other demons by ‘her own kind’ which isn’t a pleasant thought.

  33. Oh my gods, Holland I love you right now!

  34. This page gets you right in the feels for sure.

  35. Someone needs to give Meela and Holland a hug STAT!!

    1. Nah they all need hugs. Meela the most. Jyaku needs a knuckle sandwich

  36. >.> so how do we hire Liam Neeson for Jyaku? Because I can so totally see that working… Feral doesn’t exactly have a voice… but I’m sure we can find someone for him… As far as Holland… um… I will think on that… because everyone flitting through my mind, I’m going “um… no… no way…” I’ll think of someone… not my fault that I’ve been going through HTTYD movies and mini movies marathons lately. XD

  37. Also… as far as the mommy and daddy comment… yeah… daddy’s all tough love and mommy’s all feels. >.> I wonder how Holland would feel at getting put into the mommy hen category?

  38. Aw man and the big feels stick was taken out and slapped me to the ground

  39. poor meela her hole world is breaking and crashing

  40. Jyaku, you are obviously overlooking the fact that she slaughtered someone, she might be able to take care of herself, but… Are people going to be able to survive her attacks if her demon side takes over again? Then again, I guess he didn’t see that did he? In which case, whelp, you are not all knowing after all, Mr. Antlerhead. Meela… has a tendency to attract trouble, so I can’t see this ending well. ‘XD

  41. Can’t Holland, jest heal him self with his other arm?

    1. The injuries are beyond his current level. He can only heal flesh wounds and purify/remove dark energy a bit.

  42. And this is why we love Holland… Poor guy. He’s obviously hurt but he’s still crawling after Meela… Hey, Meela! Take a hint! Turn around and get your puppy butt back here!

    And I think he can’t, not while he’s in a weakened/injured state.

  43. I feel like deer Jaku planned this -_- I mean… Feral is unconscious and Holland has both a dislocated arm so he can’t fly and an injured leg so he can’t walk. And this just got interesting. One week is too long to wait. Too long. Sits in corner with AFC

  44. Oh Holland, baby, your suffering pains me so much

  45. I’m wondering if you had to pick english actors to play your characters, who would you chose to voice them? :3


  47. I am so glad to finally be able to read this comic again, but I wish there was such sadness unresolved.

  48. Holland is so worried, I feel sorry for him =(
    I’m not entirely sure whose solution is better, though…

  49. I just don’t think that Feral will let Jyaku have his way in this!

  50. No update?

    1. I know, it’s not like we weren’t trying to wait patiently!

      1. yeah *glances at calander for 3000 time,* FRIDAY IS IN 6 DAYS 8 HOURS 22 MIN AND 25 SEC!!!!! CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!

  51. Where is the new update? I can wait, just wondering ;)

  52. So it isn’t just me or my internet.
    I wonder why the new update has not come out…

  53. Hello! I just wanted to chime in and say I’ve been following this comic for quite some time and have had it on my queue of comics to try and do audio interpretations of. When I read this page I felt inspired to give it a go. I’ve done a few other comics on my tumblr and hope to keep doing more.

    Anyway, here’s a direct link to the entry of my audio version of this page. It’s not the best, but the project is a learning tool for me.

    1. @Flick: Ooh, that was great! I’d love to see more of this comic get a dub!


    (or, in Holland’s case…)


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