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  1. Oh dear….what will little Meela do?

  2. :0 oh snap! Meela save him!

  3. Visrial Wants to battle!

    What will Meela do?

    >Fireball (Fire Damage)
    >Channel magic through Daggers (Ranged Attack)
    >Dagger attack (Physical Attack)
    >Wolf Form (Attack and Speed increase)

    1. You missed the Demon Form >.<

      1. Meela wants to learn Demon Form! Meela already knows four moves. Forget a move to make room for Demon Form?

        1. 1, 2, and… Poof! Meela has forgotten Wolf Form and… Meela has learned Demon Form!

      2. Demon form is an ability.

        Demon form: Attack power will increase by 2× if the user has less than or equal to ⅓ of his/her maximum HP remaining. (User will not be able to use Items or Spells while this ability is active)

        1. You people make me happy with these comments.

    2. You don’t understand how much I started laughing due to these comments. I was crying by the end of it!!!!! XD I like Visrial and his purple purple ness of awesome because both are awesome. I wonder if he knows Feral (AKA Fluffy) can’t talk… Meela worries me sometimes though…

  4. I have a feeling that Meela’s gonna show off her demonic powers to Feral…

  5. plz use use demon form meela

  6. So… no one’s gonna point out to him that Feral can’t talk? I mean, I admit what’s happening is far better than the scenario in my head (Me: “He’s mute you dumba**! Quit ordering him to tell you things!” Visrial: “Oh. Nevermind then.” *slinks away*) but still…

    1. XD YES! That was exactly what was going through my mind as well!

  7. *Chants*
    “Demon form! demon form!”
    whooo go meela

  8. Yeah lemme just sign language to you how I got this power while I defend all your attacks, okay?

  9. HAHAH he asks the -Mute- to tell him where the power came from?

    HAHAHAHAHA he deserves everything he gets for that evidence of stupidity alone

    1. Feral is not genetically mute or anything, he’s mute from damage to his throat, so really, it’s not like Visral had any way of knowing unless it is common knowledge. So can’t blame him for THAT. However….*pulls out a stack of paper* here are some things you CAN blame him for…

  10. Honestly I feel it’s too early for Meela to be showing her demon form to Feral. I think it should be saved for a far more dire situation where absolutely nothing else will do. Right now she can attack and lend a hand without demon form.

  11. Hey Visrial! There’s one little problem in your last statement: Fereal can’t tell you where he got the power for two reasons:
    1) He doesn’t want to.
    and 2) He can’t talk.
    Jesus Cat-Boy, learn about your opponents before you make stupid threats like that.

    Also, I agree with Ellyrium, it IS a little early for Meela’s demon form to come to the table in front of Feral. The situation isn’t urgent enough (not yet at least). Hopefully, Feral will jump behind Visrial and then lop his head off. Oh I’m so evil. Mwahahahaha cough cough cough. Shouldn’t have done that…

  12. Aww, I miss his panther form already. :P

    I love Feral’s fluffed out and tense tail in the first panel btw. Most artists probably wouldn’t have bothered with that.

    1. Yes! panther form rocks!

  13. Oh. Fuck.

  14. That’s our Holland. He gets his arm dislocated and the first thing he does is ask Meela if shes ok.

    1. I love Holland so much. He’s such a nice guy.

  15. Yeah, Visrial’s not the smartest kitty, but we already knew that from his first fight with Jyaku.

    Jyaku: Stop pursuing them or else! *pwns the kitty*
    Visrial: I’ll have to find another way to catch them!

    Oy. On the upside, now that he knows about that ability, he won’t be as easy to catch off-guard with it, plus poor Holland’s out of commission with an injury he probably can’t heal, while Visrial likely won’t use his poison on Feral until he gets his power, so this battle should prove fairly interesting.

    Most interesting will definitely be if Meela can get over her fear of Visrial’s poison and join the battle. She is certainly at a disadvantage, though, since he can throw his poison knives, but she only has two, so it would be suicidal to throw them away unless she was absolutely confident she’d hit her target. Since we never saw Feral teach her to throw them, this is highly unlikely. She can channel her magic into them, of course, but since her demon side has come out, it seems even more likely that the magic will go out of control. I bet that she’ll be hesitant to use it in case Feral notices. Not to mention that a wide arc of energy has a high risk of hitting Feral along with Visrial, unless she has the good sense to swing her blade vertically instead of horizontally.

    . . . I appear to be one of the few that doesn’t want Meela to go into demon form. It’s too early and I don’t believe their relationship is ready for such a big upset, especially since Meela’s fight (if you can call it that) with Korin happened so recently.

    1. dang, how long did it take to write this?

    2. ::waits for Jayku to show up::

    3. What you said about her demon magic hurting accidentally both Visreal and Feral, seems like something that might really happen.

  16. I think its too soon for meela to reveal her demon side, but I also think it would be cool if she distracted virsiral long enough for feral to give him an injury.

    1. She dous not have to she just need to use demon magic (THE red lighting magic) where feral has his back to her

  17. Well Meela knows way more than Feral about the mark, since she is seeing it through her dreams and Feral can’t remember. Holland and Jyaku probably know the most about his “condition.” Perhaps one of them can distract Visrial with their claim to knowledge.

    Or all hell could break loose 8D Dark energy flying everywhere, eye glowing red, and blood spilling out everywhere on the flora and fauna of the forest.

  18. I can never not see the panther guy as Danny John-Jules from Red Dwarf when he’s in his bipedal form.

  19. I have a feeling she is going to turn into her demon form again.

  20. Oh, no! Meela’s gonna hulk out again!!!

  21. In other news, Visrial is an idjit. It’s not like Feral *can* tell him—even if he wanted to (due to the lack of a voice and memory). And I don’t think he would if he could.

  22. Tear his throat out Meela! …too evil?

    1. …it would still be cute :P

  23. Okay, too soon for Meela to go Demon. Not to mention it’s probably not the best thing to do, cause, you know, Morality and all. Changing to Demon for this would be like selling your soul to the Devil.

    Hopefully instead, we’ll just see Meela do some awesome tail-whooping dagger action! X3


  25. Oh wow, I’m just loving the art for the first panel. THe dynamic poses of Visrial and Feral, the little details such as Feral’s bristled tail and the fact his sword is lightly purple from the light of Visrial, the way those flames or whatever they are look. It’s just so amazingly well done, awesome job guys.
    Also, I actually feel like the only one is a bit curious about the character of Visrial. I’ve noticed any comment involving him(or any other villain) mentions how stupid he must be, or the fact people want him to die so soon. I actually don’t. I’m curious, and I personally think we NEED some re-occuring villains, not ones that show up in one arc, then reappear only to die like the last one. I can’t say whether or not I like the character as we’ve only seen very little of him, but I will say i DO like his overall character design, his panther form, and the fact that we haven’t seen much of the guy at all, so I’m quite curious. Yet to see anyone else with such thoughts, especially concering any villain character we have seen.

    1. I actually do like Visrial’s design and think he has a lot of potential, but the idea of him being a reoccurring villain just caught me off guard, personally. I was expecting his actual master, Mithrennon, to be more important, but Visrial himself, no.

    2. I’m glad to hear that there is interest in the villains, and I really wish we had more time to dive into their histories and get into what makes them tick.

      But we’ve decided to end Strays at Volume 3 and we can’t really spare the time to go deeper with the side characters. We actually aren’t even going to be able to get into Piper’s history, which is a sad thing for me. Hell, even Holland isn’t getting as much back story as he deserves.

      But ultimately the story is about Feral and Meela, so that’s who we’re focusing on. I hope it’s enough :)

      1. Time permitting, put together an omnibus of all your notes and back-story’s you already have? i’ll be the first one in line!

        not trying to sound pushy… we really LoVe your WorK!

      2. Would you ever consider finishing it or adding to it later?
        Or if it’s ever bound into a real book maybe adding rough history notes for each character at the back?

        I’m sure we’d all love to see more about everyone <3 I understand you being busy, and if you can't, you can't.

      3. That actually leads me to ask, will we ever learn anything about Liohnel? Technically, he’s the reason why Feral and Meela met, so it just seems… Weird that he got brushed under the rug, especially when it seemed like he was an actual problem, according to Holland… Only for him to get replaced by Visiral, his guard. We don’t even know if he ever got in trouble, since they DID grab those records of his activites and stuff. QAQ;; So will that be brought up later?

        1. He wasn’t so much brushed under the rug as he was left for another day. He represents a larger problem in the politics of the world, and while he could have been set up as a lead adversary to overcome by the end of our tale, it would have veered off track of the story we want to tell. Basically the characters are fighting their relationships and themselves instead of the world around them.

          Mithrenon is a problem that is theoretically going to be handled further down the line, much further than the story will carry. That being said, I would love to do a detailed history of each villain and possibly several of the other side characters to give further depth to their actions. Perhaps we can include that as bonus pages in the final volume!

          And PS – Technically, Holland is the reason Meela and Feral met ;) He specifically requested Feral for the job, and if he hadn’t then it could have been some other bounty hunter that ran into Meela that fateful night.

        2. AHH, OKAY GOOD POINT. ;v;b Thanks, Celesse and I would buy the crap outta this volume if it had those as bonus pages.

      4. How about a written backstory?

  26. You guys see that little red gem on the hilt of Feral’s sword? What if he got that to nullify his demon powers a bit, kinda like how Meela’s dad had all those gems to hide his true form?

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      I was hoping I would be the first one to mention this! Three comments too late! :)

  27. “Just tell me where it came from!” he says to the mute. =_=;

  28. Too bad Feral can’t talk, or he’d observe that if Visrial keeps thinking of power as an external object that can be given, taken, possessed, or lost, then mentally, you can never have enough, because by forcibly taking it in this way, it’s not really your’s, and by extension, it will always run out. Vizzy has to realize that power is a mental thing as well.

  29. Oh gosh…

  30. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    I noticed the red gem on the hilt of Feral’s sword looks a LOT like the red gems Meela’s father had all over his clothing. I wonder if there is a connection…
    I wonder if Visrial knows that Feral is mute and amnesic. Obviously we know that Feral can’t tell Visrial anything even if he wanted to (which he doesn’t). My guess is Holland is the one who knows the most about all of this. He is the one Visrial should be interrogating. But I don’t think Kitty knows that…. I would have to go back and look at their first encounter and see if Visrial realized that Feral can’t talk.
    Meela, don’t change! Too early for Feral to know! I think you need to just jump in with your daggers (that you now know how to use properly….) and distract Visrial so Feral can injure him. Not kill him, mind you! I think it’s much too soon after Korin’s death to kill off another major villian. Plus, we know next to nothing about Visrial, and I feel like he has a story to tell….

    1. Great minds think alike :o

  31. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    On another note…
    Panel 6 and 7: Oh, Meela, don’t you know that things never happen the same way twice?

    And I love Holland’s pained face in panel 7. Also his half glove that I never noticed… super cool!

  32. Meela: Save him!
    Holland: Um did you not just see him dislocate my arm and explain that he was doing so to keep me out of this fight? No? Okay…

    And I agree with the other comments haha
    Feral: Um guys anyone wanna explain that? No? Okay…

  33. That awkward moment when Feral is mute anyway :p

  34. >Visrial used Blade attack!
    >Feral used Block, Its super effective!
    >Feral tried Dagger attack but Visrial Dodged!
    >Visrial attempted interrogate, It had no effect!
    >Feral used Mute and damaged Visrial’s Smarts!

    >Meela is Confused!

    >Holland can not battle!

    /ok I’m done now/

  35. Don’t to it Meela! It’s too soon to use the force!

  36. This guy’s an idiot.
    He’s asking Feral to TELL him where he got the power from. That’s like asking a blind person, “Can you SEE me?”


  37. Visrial’s such a feline. Look how self-assured he is! He’s practically purring in the 3rd panel. xD

  38. Feral can handle cat-boy! Besides I dont think Visrial knows Feral cant speak…anywho cant wait for the next update! :D

  39. Um, quick question. Is Holland supposed to have that glove? It wasn’t there in the last couple pages…

    1. …good eye.

  40. Yeah, he had no glove last page in fact just the wrist bracers

    1. yeah… page 312 needs to be fixed… the other pages have his glove on…

      1. Actually, he’s had it on page 311 (and previous), just not on 312.

  41. I just re-read this comic in one sitting. I remembered why I loved it so much<3 Can't wait till the next update.

  42. So awesome
    I can’t wait another week D:

  43. I like this situation because visrial doesn’t know that feral Is mute but meelas too scared to tell him and Hollands too busy with his arm and visrial will possibly take his silence as refusal and will get angry an possibly sloppy in his fighting or his anger will make him too unpredictable for feral too fight effectively but either way he will become hyper focused on feral and holland being incapacitated will have to quickly help Meela get rid of he fear of visrial. Also she can’t go demon form because 1. That would reveal it to feral and that could ruin their friendship and 2. That only happens when she is extremely scared

  44. It takes some sort of emotional trauma or something as bad for her to go demon

  45. ALGY AND CEL! Page 311 skips to page 313. It skip page 312 :)

    1. Uh oh!! We will fix it tonight!

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