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120 thoughts on “Page 299

  1. WOOO- Oh god. Please someone send in a mentor cuz I see someone needing it.

  2. Oh boy, Mal, you’re looking like you’re going down a bad road. 8C

    1. He looks kinda like Korin

    2. He looks kinda like Korin in this one.

  3. Wow, now THAT is a cool hairstyle x3 Like like <3<3<3
    and Feral is so sweet, dawwwww)))

  4. Mal gettin’ crazy up in here.. Feral you bad boy. You promised only one or maybe two years. Worrying your girl like that. >:C

  5. THAT’S FREAKING FERAL!! FERAL KNEW MAL?? Where is this going?!! OMG

    1. Where have you been? (Not in the comment sections, clearly, because we all knew Yuen=Feral already).

    2. Um I think it was pretty much established in comic that Yuen=Feral.

      1. Well I think everyone just assumed Feral was Yuen even though I don’t think they ever directly said it (although it was pretty flipping obvious), and this chapter just proved it. You can really see how much they look alike.

        1. Puppiesrcool132

          That last sentence came out wrong. I meant you can see they’re the same person.

  6. Wait… that other guy looks like… the guy Feral just killed… Could they have been brothers!!??

    1. nope. the guy feral just killed was the dude who killed feral’s mom and dad. without a family, he ran away with mal (the other dude in this page).

    2. No, but they are related. He was Fearal’s dad’s nephew. That make them cousins.

      1. Really?? I didn’t know that…

      2. Wait, does this mean korin is ferals cousin or mal is? I’m confused…

        1. Yuen/Feral was Korin’s cousin. Mal is not related to either of them–he was from a different clan altogether, which is where Yuen went when Korin killed his mother.

        2. …so that means korin was trying to get with his aunt. Awkward ._.

        3. but that makes me wonder where and how is meela tied into this whole family tree?i mean cme on she is bound to some where!

  7. dude, don’t play with demon energy. it goes up all in your head, makes you trippy. much like drinking on a friday night.

  8. So, I have a theory that I’m sure other people have already guessed because I’m usually pretty slow on the uptake.

    What if Mal is/becomes Meela’s father, and the reason she has latent demon powers is because she (and maybe her brother) inherited it from him? And people hunted down her family because Mal went too far with it and caused tons of trouble, so he and his family were considered too dangerous to leave alone, or they’re being hunted out of some kind of revenge?

    1. Well, we’ve actually seen Meela’s dad. He doesn’t look like Mal, and his name is Rollin.

      That’s quite a good theory, though!

    2. I don’t think the age gape between Meela and Feral is enough for Mal (who was about the same age as Yuen) to be her father. She is 13 years old, and her brothers looked like they were older by several years. I think they were three years older than her, at least. That means 16 years before Meela’s parents decided to keep the relationship. Feral was 12 then, and I suppose Mal would have had the same age. So… uhm, I don’t think that holds.

  9. Interesting little tidbit: “mal” means “crazy” in Afrikaans X)

    1. It also means “bad” in Spanish.

      1. Snowtail the Khajiit

        ‘Malus’ is Latin for something bad, wicked, or evil. ^w^

        1. That doesn’t bode well…

        2. Sort of like the word…malice? dun dun

        3. ‘mal’ means evil in portuguese. that cant be good

        4. Ja! Kind of like J.K. Rowling’s “Malfoy” name – sounds like “mal fois” – bad faith.

  10. Huh, so I wonder how he manages to steal the guy’s power? It’s obviously the same power that Yuen *cough* Feral has in current time.

    The only thing I can think of is that the eye most likely signifies that he’ll be partially demon in the future and so he can probably control the power better than Mal did. But how it all happens is a complete mystery to me.

    1. As I understand it, the difference is that Mal is holding all the energy he absorbs inside him, whereas Feral, whenever he absorbs another’s energy, releases it using the magic dagger technique so it doesn’t build up inside him. So, it would hurt Feral the same way, but he has the wisdom to see that truth rather than just obsessing with getting stronger like Mal did.

  11. What if… Then takes the power away from yuen?
    Steal his powers so he’s less dangerous :/
    That’s what I thought

    1. Or what if yuen dies and mal takes on him… Make it so yuen never died

      1. Or Mal loses control and drains all of Yuen’s energy, thereby killing him and becoming a conglomerate Mal/Yuen with no memory of his past; ie, Feral.

  12. Im sorry, not sorry

    Feral/Yuen looks so cute and d’awwwy in this page!! (/*3*)/
    Where did the cuteness go?
    Apparently it ended up turning into what now we know as a very atractive male lupian \(^-^)/
    (now that that is over…)
    Poor Feral! I can’t wait to see what happens next! (U_U)

  13. What if Yuen plucks the wrong chord with Mal, Mal loses control, attacks Yuen, scratches his eye, gouges out his throat, all that, then, once it’s all over, realizes what he’s done, freaks, does something crazy, and winds up somehow putting his power (soul)/morphing maybe with Yuen to bring him back to life, Yuen wakes up with no memory, no Mal, and a bunch of wounds, treats these wounds and starts to search for answers, comes across young Holland and then, well :3 you know the rest
    (this be coming from someone who constantly spoils the ending for herself by guessing what will happen)

    1. Damn, that makes a lot of sense. I can already see it as a comic. =3

      1. That makes a whole bunch of sense but we can’t really know for sure just yet. I like your theory. :)

  14. His hair is awesome!

  15. Mal looks like Faye from Questionable Content x3 in all honesty though… little Feral is so cute! xP

  16. The hair is cool. And Awww….feral/yuen is so adorable!!! Super kawaii desu!

  17. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Adding to all the other comments along the same lines… Mal’s hair is awesome, and Yuen is adorable…. Bad things are going to happen soon… Poor Yuen/Feral.
    Oh, I can’t WAIT to find out what happens!

  18. That last panel makes me want to give Yuen a hug.

  19. So happy! I can’t wait to get the books. Whee!!

    YAY! More context :D

  20. What if Mal pulls an Obito and, in his dying moments, gives Feral one of his eyes? I could see that happening (ho ho ho, eye pun…)

  21. Yuen/Young Feral reminds me a bit of Meela. Looking out for people and wanting to go home but can’t. Also judging from how old Feral looks here… I’m guessing we are getting close to the point where Holland finds him all beat up. I’m guessing maybe Mal got annoyed with Yuen/Young Feral and well… we can guess what happens.

  22. Hey, if I need my preorder book sent to a different address, where can I email it to you guys? I didn’t realize the preorder books would be shipped out the same month I move D:

    1. Please send your new address to sales(at) along with your paypal email and full name so we can find your order.

  23. Do you ever think Feral really misses talking?

    1. Not really, because he has no memories. You can’t miss something that you’ve never done.

      1. True, but rather than missing it, per se, I expect he does regret losing his voice. I mean, his limited communication skills must be really frustrating.

        That being said, it must provide for a convenient excuse when you DON’T want to communicate. XD

  24. mal looks hardly recognizable

  25. the next page is the 300th

  26. now mal kind of reminds me of korin because of the hair

    1. You my friend might be onto something. I for one have no clue if he is or isn’t.

      1. Korin and Mal have no connection with each other besides both being acquainted with Yuen. Mal is Yuen’s best friend from another clan, Korin is Yuen’s cousin. Their similarity in appearance is likely nothing more than the fact that they are both Lupians with short hair and similar facial expressions (cocky, then aggressive).

        1. Ok. I forgot about that. Thanks for clearing that up. :)

        2. wow i started reading a long time after it started so when i commented no one would reply except my friend i got reading white winter i think is her name

  27. yuen soooooo looks like feral, its official! yuen is definitely feral, this page verifies it :D

    1. It was already verified chapters ago, though.

  28. YAY Back story! O 3 O

  29. Ohhhhhhh no… no, no, no, no, no!! MAL I LIKED YOU! I ADMIT IT! I REALLY LIKED YOU! :C Now you’re going to turn evil… -___-

    1. Lol. Yes, I’ve realized how in a whole bunch of things that your favorite person or a character you like suddenly turns evil. Like for me and fullmetal alchemist. I liked wrath(emo looking kid) and thought he was adorable, then he turned evil. -sigh- oh well you can still like the protagonists.

      1. wait. with a name like ‘Wrath’ you thought he would be the hero or something?

        & I blame the artists, usually they draw the evil guys so handsomely/like-able that you kick yourself for liking them when they turn bad.

        – did that make sense?

        1. yes. And no I didn’t expect him to be the hero. There was already a main character/hero. He was just cute and adorable looking.

  30. Please tell me it was not Feral’s brother who did those scars on neck to him -.- (yes, I am paranoid and too suspicious, thanks for asking)

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      Mal is not Feral’s brother, just his really close friend.

      1. Mal is Feral’s cousin.

        1. Mal and Feral are not related, they are only friends. Mal is from a different clan from Feral. Feral’s cousin is Korin, the guy he just killed a page ago.

  31. My thought: Mal’s gonna end up just about getting Feral/Yuen killed, probably personally through loss of control, panic when he realizes it’s his fault Feral’s dying, give him the eye thing to help him survive, and disappear in his shame. Or die from being hunted like Meela and family, possibly with Yuen/Feral witnessing everything.

    But, usually, this comic goes to even more interesting places than I can think of.

  32. Does anyone else think that Mal may have been the cause of Feral’s loss of voice?

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      Pretty much everybody is thinking that right now…

  33. I just had the gut-wrenching thought that someone’s vocal chords are about to get torn out. You shouldn’t nag so much, Yuen…

  34. I’m thinking that the demon power will take over Mal; and he’ll attack Yuen(Feral), like Meela attacked that other guy((Forgot his name T_T)) and that is the reason Feral/Yuen has those scars and is mute.


    1. But then I wonder if it WAS Mal who attacked Feral/Yuen, etc… Did Feral have to kill him?

  35. This is soooo random, but is Feral’s vision normal in his right/red/demon eye? Is he blind on that side, is everything like tinted red or something, or is it normal? No one ever says anything about his sight being weird because of it, but I just wonder about these random tidbits… Anyone got any ideas?

  36. @Marina…it’s okay..i just went back and realized i failed to put the pieces together too…

  37. Suspicions confirmed.

  38. Uhm, am I the only one getting these weird pop-up ads? O_o I’ve never gotten them before and I visited this site plenty of times without ever seeing one appear.

    1. There’s no pop-up ads on this site, so you might have malware. I’d find an anti-malware program and run a scan to be safe.

      1. Okay, just making sure.

        Better whip out the malware swatter.

    2. pop up as in “ updating” and that kind of maleware/crap? if you can asnwer that with yes,then you has caught something through a random download, hacked site etc. which now harms your PC, but straysonline isn’t the troublemaker in this case !

  39. Wait… Is Feral remembering his past or is Meela having another dream-vision? This is intriguing. Very intriguing…

    1. Although the previous page didn’t make it absolutely clear, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be another dream of Meela’s. Aside from the fact that it’s going the way they normally go is the fact that she was passed out on the last page. Plus, I doubt such complete amnesia as Feral’s could be reversed just by seeing a familiar face, given that he didn’t remember anything even when Meela brought up Feral’s real name or the names of his family and best friend.

  40. Is it wrong to want to smack a fictional character upside the head??
    I’m looking at YOU, Mal! Quit larking around with demon magic!

  41. I’m soooo excited about getting my books! Can’t wait! ^_^

  42. So I have a theory, If I remember correctly in one of the chapter it states that Mal got his powers from a traveler. I’m thinking that the traveler might have been Meela’s father. He did have a bounty on him so that gives him the reason to be a travel a lot so the bounty hunter wouldn’t capture him. He probably taught Mal how to use Demonic powers. If he taught Mal, then he mostly likely passed his “demon side” onto his children (Tanner, Conner, and Meela) and that’s why they had to hide because of his lineage.

    It’s just a thought I had.

    1. Although none of us can say with any certainty if that is right or wrong, I personally don’t think that Rollin would do something that irresponsible. Not to say that he was always responsible (which is why I could be wrong), but he doesn’t strike me as someone who would be careless with his powers. I doubt he would have survived as long as he did if he was that type. Also, I don’t recall there being any indication that Rollin could use this particular power. (Meela recognized the symbol on Mal’s hand because it was the same as the one on Feral’s hand, but she showed no sign of recognition when she saw it on Feral’s hand, so I highly doubt Rollin had had it on his.)

  43. How ironic that Yuen ends up becoming a traveling bounty hunter. As much as he may have no memories of ever belonging to a clan and is obviously used to his lifestyle by this point, I bet part of him still wants to settle down. That’s why he became so attached to Meela: his innate desire for a family.

    It makes me want to hug him, but he’d probably do me bodily harm. ^^;

    1. Also, anyone notice the slight bags under Mal’s eyes? Looks like keeping all that negative energy under control is keeping him from sleeping properly. A very nice touch. Love all those little things that give this story an air of realism, even while taking place in a fantasy world. <3

  44. Hey, the symbol on Mal’s hand is the same than the one on Feral’s hand when they fight on the roof…and Feral absorb that guy’s energy and then take it off of his hand. So i guess Feral do the same thing that Mal, but he doesn’t want to absorb all that negative energy cause he doesn’t want to end like Mal. So his end was probably pretty bad (and Mal means bad in French too…)

  45. So. That looks like Meela’s lucky family wristband that Mal is wearing.
    Maybe Mal is related to Meela. There names even seem rather similar. Just a thinking.

  46. ?

    1. Sorry, just figuring out comments. Nothing to see here…

  47. But why does Meela have these memories?

  48. I don’t know how long I’ve been reading this comic. Two years maybe? However long, I can hardly believe we’re nearing page 300. Bravo to Celesse and Algy!

  49. Oooh…taking a creepy turn… AWESOME! :)
    It’s all so mysterious…Is Yuen really Feral? And who’s Mal?
    I can’t take it! I must… read… more….

  50. I think Mal is Feral (Feral AniMal). Yuen was killed, perhaps by Mal or maybe to protect Mal from getting killed, who knows, and is a ghost/spirit trying to reach to Meela for help because she is the only person who could fight/face off with Mal’s evil half, because of the demon power she was born with, versus Mal who made a deal with the ‘devil’.

    1. How does that explain how very very similar Yuen and Feral look?

      1. I actually had a similar theory and my conclusion was that Mal somehow ended up inhabiting Yuen’s body and their memories got wiped because of it. And I’m not sure if I’m keeping up with the lore of this universe, but it could be that a demon mark never disappears and when Mal took over his body it transferred over. Nothing to back it up though, just a thought I had.

  51. I like to think that Mal is actually Meela’s dad, and why she has the powers, which would make Feral her uncle!

    1. Weellll technically no, since Feral and Mal aren’t related :P Maybe an honorary uncle if things hadn’t soured. It’s unlikely with the ages and appearance, though.

  52. I think feral took the mark from korrin, and maybe that is why he was all hurt when holland found him, or korrin and feral fight and korrin leaves feral to die but some dude helps feral, so that is why korrin said you should be dead.

  53. Feral must have lost his memories since Meela already asked if they knew each other.
    PS. I moved and that’s why I haven’t been commenting as of late.

  54. DarkAngelAdisynne

    Is Feral possibly immortal?

    1. DarkAngelAdisynne

      No wait… Ignore that thought… That wouldn’t work.

  55. what if he did forget but when he took they power he took the more he forgot
    do u think it’s possible

  56. Now that I think about it,Why did Mal leave the clan with Yuen anyways?
    I know he wanted to travel,but when korin killed avela,they were just kids.And Yuen was running away from his house after watching his mom get killed.How did he have time to meet up with mal, (maybe) explain what had happened,and escape? : O There’s so much I need to know!!

    1. Maybe mal was from a different clan and yuen just hid out there till they were old enough go out on their own. That’s my theory anyway.

  57. Although I have to say, If Mal left everything behind to run away with Yuen,thats a serious bromance.
    *Best friends!~*

  58. Hmmmm….good Mal or bad Mal…so tough! I think i like bad boy Mal better. That hair! :)

  59. I’m pleased to say that Strays 1&2 + bookmarks came in this morning~! Yey!

  60. Isn’t that the same hairstyle as one of curs that killed Yuen’s father? o_O

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