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Jeez, Meela. Gettin' blood all over the shirt and everything. Rude.

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  1. Ah, I’m so happy she changed back! <3 Definitely excited for next week!

    1. Amen to that!

    2. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  2. Can’t wait for next page O.o

  3. I love her eye on the first panel. I’m also glad she turned back.

  4. now you really understand her desperation for a hat :( aarme ding.

    1. Haha Indeed a poor thing :P

  5. Now i wonder, Is her hair now darker, or is that just the light? hmmHMMM~~!

    1. Now that i look at previous pages, it isn’t darker.
      Darn it… thought i had something there!

      1. Speaking of changes… Is it just me, or did Meela kinda grow in size? I love her this way, though, a big wolfy c:

        1. Yep!! Her wolf form is definitely bigger! It seems like she’s almost as big as Feral… O.o

        2. I think that’s just the demon wolf form. I think her normal form is smaller.

        3. I’m assuming her Demon-wolf form is larger than her normal form. Ya know bigger= more powerful :)

    2. also shouldn’t meela’s hair be longer, in one of the posts before, her journal post, it said a whole year past…

      1. Is she not allowed to trim it or something?

        1. lol sorry, just wonderin…

  6. Yesss, can’t wait until next week! I wonder where Feral is throughout this little moment…

  7. What if feral was sitting on the side watching the whole thing?
    Ahhh!!! I need the next page D:
    But don’t hurt your self again. We can wait :3

  8. Aaaaaw, I was so worried that Holland would die! I’m glad he’s okay… Well… At least his not deadXD

    *enter manic Flonne face*

    1. Ahahaha! I couldn’t have said it better myself! I love this page, it’s so emotional! Love it! X)

      1. MeelaxHolland. Ship it like UPS.

        1. Spread the ship. Spread it like a virus. By tomorrow morning this must be all over the interwebs.

  10. D’aw, this page is so heartbreakingly cute.

  11. such a sweet and sad moment….this is my fave part of the comic ;-;

  12. Need the next page! So good!!!! :3

  13. It’s the magic of friendship! <3

    1. This comment just made my whole day xD *brohoof*

  14. is it just me, or in that second to last panel, does it look like there is a horn or something sticking out from her forehead? its in a very tight corner of the screen, but does anyone else see it that way?

    1. For me it looks like a horn. Maybe she will have them in her human form. Notice how the spikes on her back vanish (like smoke or something), but the horns only become smaller than before.

      1. Looks like the same color as the evil smoke that her horns turned into.

      2. Perhaps thats why her dad wore a bandana, to hide the horns

    2. I know.. I wonder what it is?

    3. O: That IS a horn. You can see the lines of it- faint, but there.


    4. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      If that IS a horn, then in panel 5 she would have impaled Holland with it…

    5. I’d definitely guess those are horns. That’s why she needed a hat.

  15. panel 6…

    so she IS going to have horns in her human form… or that’s just a shadow from Holland?

    any hoo…
    Holland would make a great King… but I suppose his brothers might be even more UBER-CUTE & relate-able to their subjects.

    Super-great work girls!

    1. I think thats just hollands shadow

    2. is his arm okay that must hurt pretty bad

    3. yeah, that was supposed to be a reply to – nikkorisan – ~sorry.

  16. I just love the attention to detail in this comic, like the facial scarring, the hat as a plot point, and everyone’s facial expressions…they’re all so perfect.

  17. You know, if she does have horns in her human form, that would explain why she was willing to steal the hat. to hide the horns once she turned. just sayin

  18. oh-oh, you cant see his eyes in the last panel. that means he is planning something bad for meela. he’s gonny hurt heeeer D: or sell her out!! noooo feral save her!

    1. I don’t think he is going to do that. I mean Holland does care about her given the fact he wanted Jyaku to think of something that probably wouldn’t harm them both seeing as for some reason it’s bad for Meela and Feral to be together because of his “condition.” Also when Hollad was giving background on the job he needed done, he made a comment that suggested he didn’t have much of an issue with half-demons. Actually the entire reason he was doing what he was doing suggest he doesn’t have much of problem with a lot of different types of people. The obscurity could be there for few reasons but I don’t think it’s because he’s going to sell her out. For all we know that arm she bit might be getting to him.

  19. Aaah, the scars on her sweet little nose, that just made me tear up!

  20. Welp, feel quite a bit relieved that she was actually able to turn back. It’s not permanent, the whole demonic wolf form, and that’s good.

  21. Holland you are just TOO SWEET.

  22. Holland. SUCH A GREAT CHARACTER!!!!! :3 <3

  23. this would be the time someone else comes in for the kill… careful holland

  24. Oh no… Holland why are you doing the no-eyes in that last panel? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?! WHY CAN’T I GO EVEN MORE DRAMATIC WITH BOLD?!?!?!

    Anyway, I wonder if she’s going to have any other new “facial features” other than those couple of scars that we see?

  25. Poor Meela…

  26. Yay she changed back!! I think she’ll feel pretty bad for a while..

    1. Holland, too. I imagine he was pretty attached to that arm. The one that got gnawed on.

  27. Whelp, this is heartbreakingly cute. Those scars on her face are just killing me :(

  28. As always looks awesome.
    Can’t wait till next page!

  29. Aww Holland…. poor meela! And as usual you have me on the edge of my seat.

  30. “Jeez, Meela. Gettin’ blood all over the shirt and everything. Rude.”

    Man I thought she chomped him again cause of that D8

    1. ;w; Same here. I saw it and was like: WAT DID MEELA DO?! XD

  31. poor meela. she looks wiped. that demon transformation must take a ton of energy.

  32. I just want to compliment you guys on how you make panels look like I’m watching something being animated. I can feel movement and imagine music and its just a really nice atmosphere. Everyones emotions are so well done too. <3

  33. Awww <3 this page is beautiful

  34. Holland, you are so kind.
    O yeah, I’ve got it! The reason why Meela run away on previous pages. She was afraid about her friends! Congratulations for me :)

  35. My current feelings:

    1. is that Greek? …heh, I know what you mean.

  36. Oh dear Meela i feel for her, she looks exhausted and has blood all over her face, Holland help her. MY Only Question is where is Feral? I hope he comes in shortly to help her, or something.
    I love the 6th panel great work you guys

  37. Oh wow. I took a second look at this page…and I realized that in the last panel, Holland has a tear running down his cheek. I bet that encounter terrified him far more than he’s letting on for Meela’s benefit. The poor pup…I wonder if Feral was watching in the wings…he seems to smart to let Holland get too far ahead, but I also think if he was watching, he would have intervened by now…I hope Holland keeps her secret in any case… Hmm :<

    1. Actually he’s had that tear since he saw Meela after following the blood…

  38. I love that last panel where you cannot see Holland’s eyes.

  39. Yes Meela is back to her normal self!!! Poor thing must be so traumatized, though!!! D:

  40. aaaaaaaaw! so cuuuuuuute and fluffy :3

  41. *sigh* I can now sleep in peace.

  42. Poor meela..
    What just happened to her??

    Cant wait for next update ;)

  43. Looks like she keeps the horns in her human form :0

    1. And the eyes…

  44. thank god she’s back to normal! this is why the power of friendship and love breaks anything :) <3

  45. This was updated on my brother’s birthday. He gets the heartbreak page. T~T

  46. I don’t care if she has scars are blood over her face. She’s still cute… Did I say that out loud?

  47. Well now we know why her daddy had a bounty on him.
    Holland almost looks surprised like “I was kinda hoping it wasn’t meela” face.

  48. I think the cat–or puppy–is out of the bag now…and I want to know what it is!

  49. I’m not sure if this has been addressed, but is her demon form ‘set’? (As in fully developed) Because Meela is still just a pup, by the time she’s an adult her demon form is gonna be huge!

  50. Meela; Don’t piss her off!
    I love her evil wolf design, though! D: Eeeeepiiiic!
    -waits patiently for more-

  51. this one page alone shows how deep there friendship is. Also I think Holland knew that something like this would happen to Meela, he didn’t seem to shocked.

  52. Awww…. Poor little Meela. But she has good friends to help her.

  53. Is it weird I’m really hoping those gashes she has on her face stick around as scars? I think it would be a cool little feature, and it tie her and Feral together further, too. I dunno… I like the idea. Facial gashes scar easily to begin with..

  54. Wow just wow, I like you comic ^_^ so exciting *_*

  55. Argh! I love Strays so much. I just caught up on the past 30 pages or so, I haven’t had a second in forever to check up on you guys but you are still as awesome as ever. I’ve been following Strays since I started college… You two are a huge inspiration >”<

  56. She looks like a chimera of two different wolves…iiiinteresting.

  57. I wonder where her Bracelet has gone! We haven’t really seen a clear shot of her right wrist yet, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t on her right paw….

  58. Maybe her bracelet was what kept her from transforming or something.

    Aw, Holland is so nice. And poor Meela… gaaaah! Now I’ll be so impatient waiting for the next page!! >.<

  59. Darn it! Why does all this bad stuff always happen to Meela? Why not Holland?! (Plus I’d be up for a little Hurt!Holland… Just saying.)

    1. Lol! He was THIS close to getting his arm ripped off by Meela (Twinsies with the dead guii!!! lmao anywho…) I think he’s feeling “Hurt!Holland” already btw using ! is even more addicting then #
      #love #I’mNotSerious #IDontHashtag #SorryForTheSillyness #Funny!Stuff

  60. I just wanna hold her close…..bloody or not

  61. A+ Moiraillegience right there Holland, Karkat would be jealous of your shooshpap!

  62. Awww. I was kind of expecting some awkward non-shapeshift block for a little while, Feral freaking out over HEY LOOK A MEELA DEMON, y`know. But this works too. Shame his pretty shirt`s been ruined u_u

  63. Poor thing. She looks exhausted :/ Great workshop with this ;D

    1. Work* xD

  64. Who wants to bet that there is already naked drawings of the people in this comic?

  65. thank god

    if Holland got hurt i swear, a sternly worded letter would have be written


    Like I can’t even fathom how Feral is going to react if he finds out, like this explains so much from the past with her and Feral and like connections and im internally screaming.

  67. Can’t say I’m much of a fan of how the horns look currently…Maybe she’ll file them down like in Hellboy. They’ll probably look BA when she gets older though.

  68. Good, good. I think it’s just me, but this problem got solved very quickly. Oh well, it was pretty good anyway.

  69. Such emotion in those wolfy eyes ;o;

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