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Wherein pretty swan Holland flies around and talks to himself. This is the last week of double updates, so check back tomorrow (Saturday) for the next page.

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  1. THE SUSPENSE. asdfghjkl

    1. Right? I’m biting my fingernails here!!!


  3. *_____* *breaths heavily*

  4. Uh…oh.

    1. Btw, love Holland’s swirly tail. * ^ *

      1. I love his tail in the 2nd panel :3

  5. It’s ok. Meela isn’t alone, she has Korin!

    1. Yeah, she has Korin with her, but how long? : D

    2. Yeah, right…. But I think Korin is not a very good company >.<'

  6. No eating of faces plz…. -_-


  8. Also that’s one big swan.

  9. Can’t wait for more.
    So if Meela and Feral has wolf tails, shouldn’t Holland have a swan tail in his human form, or some other bird-like features?

    1. I think it might have been mentioned that the degree to which one exhibits racial tells are a matter of personal preference, but my memory may be playing tricks on me or faulty altogether.

      1. No, you’re right. They did say earlier that the amount of racial tells are based on personal preference. (For example: Feral and Meela have tails, but their ears are normal, while Piper has fox ears because she likes them.)

        1. I read from Algy somewhere that Lyrians have tattoos on their backs instead.

        2. Why did you tell me that, Bluerosebud? Now I want to see Holland’s tatoo so much! D:

        3. So in other words Holland is Fai from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle… Great… lol

        4. Yeah, I read that from Algy too… or so I remember ^^
          And yeah… Now I need to see Holland’s tatoo *^*

        5. @Atrox
          Oh, yeah… Holland reminds me of Fai SO much! Seriously!

        6. Where have you guys been. I made the point about Holland being Fai loud and clear like fifty pages ago. XD

    2. I juat pictured Holland with his feathery tail in his usual form and that would be hilarious if it happened.

    3. The man who knows all

      Depends on his level of control with his transformation.

  10. Is anyone else cracking up at the swan reaction face? That needs to be a button.

  11. Holland *^* I made a draw for you *^*
    Lol, his swan form is adorable ^3^

    But… uh oh… Meela’s hat! And where’re Meela? D:
    If Feral finds out… what? And what’s the problem, anyway? o.O
    Grrrr.. I’m very curious!! >.<
    I need the Saturday's page. Yeah

  12. Suspense! arrg i cant wait for the next!

  13. HAT! Oh noes D:

  14. on edge of seat can’t wait for next page whats going to happen ^_^ Holland is so pretty even as a swan

    OH noes the hat has been left behind

  15. Ahhhh So excited for the next page.. But also sad due it being the last of the double updates. Hello again original suspense D:
    Kick some ass and take some names, Holland! err.. you know, If Meela hasn’t done so already.

  16. Do we have to go back to one update a week? ;; Im so going to miss the double updates. But what a beautiful Swan<3.

  17. evisceratedArchangel


  18. Holland has secrets….. he also makes a very cute swan :3

  19. Hmm, I don’t understand the last panel. Can anyone help me out?

    1. Holland is flying over the woods in his swan form and he notices Meela’s hat abandoned on the ground where previously she had been defending herself from Korin. From what we can tell that means she’s not in that area anymore — something bad might have happened.

      1. Ah, it was the hat.

  20. I just love how pretty Holland is as a swan * v * Who’s a pretty birdy~?//SHOT

    But this page is lovely. I just really love the colors and lovely anatomy of Swan-Holland! :D

    1. when in his swan form I refer to him as Swalland. xD

  21. asdfghjkl; I’m so glad we get one more double update! Thanks for working so hard, these have been some of the most intense pages!!

  22. I feel like we’re going to see Korin’s corpse and a demonized Meela in the next few pages… :/

  23. I think Holland can speak like normal even in his birdie form, but in my brain I just heard quacking sounds.

    Yes, Holland the swaduckie.

    1. Hehe, more like “HONK HONK HIIIISSSSSS…”

      1. Hahaha, oh man, yes xD

  24. Oh man… This entire page is just pure beauty. Thank you so much :)

  25. I think the thing happened, Holland.

  26. He is so beautiful.

    I want to know whats happened to Meela! T^T

  27. methinks this will be a start or end of a very bad situation.

  28. Holland! Have you been keeping secrets again?

  29. Ooh Holland somehow knows about the demon side! I wonder what else he knows…

  30. Holland! Secrets again! You need to stop this!

  31. If the hat is there wheres Meela?

  32. he is so pretty i love swans. but the suspense is killing me


  34. Oh Holland…. Hurry up!
    And methinks that next page will be Feral running around… searching, fruitlessly…
    GAH! What is going on!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    Holland is a beautiful swan, and I love his tail! And, thanks to comments, I want to see his tattoo!!!

  35. I knew he knew!

  36. O_O preeeeetttyyyyyyyyyy…

    1. oh and…I knew she was part demon !

  37. Whoa, hey, wait a minute.

    Even though Meela may be ‘demon’, Holland is saying it in a way that this dark nature of hers is like a bipolar side that will take over.

    Y’know, it just makes me think back to that one scene with Feral when he takes that grip onto her at the inn.

    Oh fudge, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  38. what is going on? What is that on the ground where Meela was? Where is Meela? Why did she have a full on rampage moment besides the fact that Korin was dising her brother? Where is Korin? I have so many questions going through my head right now! (/>.<\)

    1. Meela is no longer with Feral and Holland, and she is being cornered by the evil guy Korin. That is the hat that Meela got when she went to the market for the first time that is laying on the ground where she once was. It’s because she has some “other side” to her that she may or may not know about, but Holland knows about it and knows how to help her control it, and how to control her himself. Korin…well, I guess we’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s update now won’t we? ;;)

      1. Thank you, Fwanny. You cleared up a lot for me. I can be such a blonde at times so people tend to have to explain more clearly for me. So, thank you. :3


    Thank you both so much for going to the trouble for making double updates for your fans. That is extremely considerate of you to make up for the times you were busy and I just want you to know how much I (we) appreciate it! Thank you thank you thank you and God bless!!! ::)

  40. Why do I feel like the last page of this chapter is going to be demon Meela sitting on Korin”s dead body. And then she just looks up at Holland and smiles.

    1. that would be messed up on a whole new level.

      1. yes it would…
        great, now I’m going to try to go to sleep without having nightmares of Meela being a psychopath.

      2. Deliciously so…

  41. Mental note: Do not bother Meela. Never.

  42. You know shit went down when someone forgets their hat.

    1. Their ONLY hat that they ALWAYS wear.

      1. Bwaahahaaa! I have a hat like that. :p

  43. Find her Holland ! @_@

  44. ?
    what happened to the page of holland flying around as a swan, on my browser the previous page is Feral as a wolf and Holland taking off, then it was the page of him flying around, now this new page replaced it.

    technical error?

    1. Yes that is what I was wondering too, guess we got a page spoiler.

      1. I sure don’t mind! :)

        who’s blood!?!?!? Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! the suspense!

        great page girls!

      2. looks like, lol.

  45. What happened to this page? It’s the same as the next one. The page 286 is the same as 287.
    I’m not sure if it’s just my computer playing trick with me, if it is, please warn me.

    1. Its not just you its happening to me to…

    2. It’s not just you. But you can still see Page 286 on Tapastic. :P

  46. I can’t view the previous page where Holland transforms, it skips straight to this page even when I try to access it through the archives?

  47. Now I want a Holland-swan Wallpaper…

  48. Hahaha I cant be the only one going “I KNEW HE’D TURN INTO A SWAN!!!!! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!!!!” XD

  49. Oh my… I really REALLY want to see Holland came out of an egg!!!

    I hope I’m not the only one who got the wrong idea when I first read that.

    1. Nope your the only one.
      Heh, that’s still pretty funny though.

  51. Third panel, that explains what’s going on.
    To Meela anyway.

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