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I think the knife would've been more effective, but you tried.

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  1. Eep run Meela! I hope that explosion or whatever attracted some attention O_O

    1. Oh it will!!! Feral and Holland TO THE RESCUE!!!!

    2. This isn’t The Walking Dead… >_>

      I’m sorry, I had to say that..

      1. In which case I would be emphatically grateful if nothing heard the explosion. I’d take my chances with the perverse energy-shooting guy with the tail.

    3. I bet one of thems gonna catch her. :3

  2. RUN!!!!!! OMG I Need another page already :<

    1. I totally agree with you on that one *sits on edge of seat waiting for the next update*

  3. ahh run meela!!!
    also, kinda expected korrin’s powers to be darker and less…pure looking loll XD

    1. Actually, I have a theory why Korrin’s magic looks like that. His magic kind looks like Meela’s right? Well so do their eyes. I think their eye color shows what color thier magic is. For instance, Feral’s is green (or red given the demonic eye), Holland’s a shade of blue, and Piper that pink-shade-I-don’t-know.


  5. Yes!!! I’ve been needing that face smashing for ages! You guys rock!

  6. I hope the explosion got the attention of feral, Holland, and the Antler dude with the mask

    1. And Piper! :3

  7. Change to wolf form!

  8. Korrin how dare you. Meela is an adorable and wonderful creature. You do not speak to her that way.

    The epicness continues.

  9. The hat survives!

  10. Wait he said “again” does that mean he’s the one that killed her family?

    1. Go back two pages and Meela reveals that

      1. Not her family, though, just her brother.

        1. Although it could have been Korin who killed her family; that hasn’t really been confirmed yet, though. The guy on page 9 kind of looked like Feral too, but the similarity was likely intentional for times like this.

        2. My issue is that, if he had killed her whole family, surely Meela would have mentioned it instead of just restricting it to her brother…

        3. This reply is more to Bluerosebud: It could be that Meela doesn’t remember who it was that killed her whole family, since she was so small and young. And she did state on page fourteen that her brother Tannor had been dead for a month, so she would clearly remember his killer more then the Killer of her father and Conner since that happened when she was young. As for her mother’s death, I doubt even Meela knows who killed her.

        4. Or if hers mothers even dead O-o

  11. I just can’t wait for next week!
    Feral! You go to help her already!!!

  12. *sigh* Some people would lead far better lives if they could learn to handle their tempers. Learning to take responsibility for one’s mistakes would also be useful.

    1. HulandFuraleMeala

      Well, Meela just hit him in the face with a rubble, it’s a natural thing to do in that situation… On the other guys be haft… I would have yelled worst things if someone smashed me in the face with rubble too! In my opinion of course.

      1. Knee-jerk reaction aside, would you actually want to kill?

        1. HulandFuraleMeala

          Well, they both got the same amount of hits on each other, they both got 2. I think he was the one that poisoned her though… So it’s kinda fair, he was never going to kill her, well yeah he was but he never did. Not that I rethink this, she does need to hit him again, 3×2… But I hope this doesn’t turn into an argument or I’m just do naive that I don notice it is lol..

        2. kitianna rumani

          viseral was the one that poisoned her not korin.

  13. This is AWESOME! I cant wait till the next page :D

  14. I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!! MEELA IS A DEMON-SPAWN!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S WHY SHE HAD TO LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, Meela fail for not listening to her dead brother.

  15. Feral~ Holland~ HURRY.
    I’m guessing the again is because he must have been the one that killed her family. Or at least the one that killed her brother.

  16. I know its not exactly important right now, what with all the murder attemps going on here, but I do hope Meela gets to keep her wolf teddy at the end of this…

    1. I know exactly how you feel. I love that wolf monster thing mroe then Meela (maybe)!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. ‘You horrible little creature!’ – lol

    1. HulandFuraleMeala

      What’s sad is there the same creautes LOL…

  18. o my goddess, intense man intense

  19. I don’t know about Feral and Holland, but that blast HAD to have been noticed by Jyaku. If he doesn’t defend her now then what was the point of him being in the story, right? ….right…? o__o

  20. oh, come on! How can you leave me hanging here of all places now?! Over all, good work, you have me impatient for the next page(s). I do agree that, Meela should have used a knife.

  21. Bwahahahaha! I love explosions.

  22. That pot must’ve hurt considering how long it took Korin to recover.

  23. I think it’ll be Jyaku who comes to the rescue :o

    1. I agree, and then Feral will show up shortly after Jyaku fights this dude off and picks a fight with him, thinking he’s the one who attacked Meela, then Holland rushes in to clear things up.
      That’ what I think anyways ^^

  24. For some reason I thought of the Other Mother from Coraline when Korin yelled, “You horrible little creature!” at Meela.*

  25. I think it would be hilarious if kitty man shows up and enss up fighting korin over who gets to kill meela

    1. that would be funny… unless they kill meela while fighting over who get’s to kill her -_-

      1. meela can not be killed I mean this is not the game of thrones where everyone gets killed…even the main characters…

  26. Wow! Meela is in a serious trouble! D:
    I think I hate Korin soooo much.. ù.ù Stupid arrogant smelly man!!!

    Oh, congratulations for the constancy in the publication! It’s a fabulous job! ^,^

  27. That hat is awesome. It defies gravity :3

    1. Ahaah, the “magic anti-gravity” hat is a classic! xD They never fall…

  28. Oh no! She lost her pack!

  29. Spider-Meela all up in dat last panel.

  30. kick his buuutttt!

  31. Hello.
    I’m new here and have been reading it from start to now, took me half a day perhaps, and I have felt this whole time that this should be an animated series!
    Seriously, it feels like I’m watching an animated series (cartoon sounds too childish and Anime doesn’t feel right) when I’m reading each page!

    This should DEFENITELY be animated!

    1. I think this would be pretty interesting as an animated series.

      1. thelightedDarkness


        Are you familiar with Avatar: The Last Airbender, or the Legend of Korra by Nick?
        There’s a page on Nickelodeon asking for animation of Strays! The fanbase has already agreeded that it was a brilliant idea, and while I can’t remember who exactly started the page, they’re an awesome person and should be thanked.

        I’ll head over to the Nickelodeon page and grab the link, or if anyone has it on hand they can post it (please?).

        I’d love to see it as an animated series, and would do it myself but alas my current schedule barely allows me to do anything, really. lol

        1. thelightedDarkness

          Okay so loads of thanks to ToxicKitten for the original post

          I did some research and found two ways to do it. First we could have someone register here and post the suggestion to make Strays comic into a tv show.

          Who ever posts must make their age under 18 years of age and they can’t link direct to the Strays website (Unfortunate, but it’s in their rules). Then the rest of us make accounts there too and show MAJOR support for the idea. Or Algy and Celesse can do it the way found here:

          I’ll quote from the site: “Show Ideas

          I have an idea for a show. Whom can I contact about it?

          If you have a programming idea, you must have a licensed agent or attorney contact Nickelodeon Development in writing at:

          Nickelodeon 1515 Broadway New York, New York 10036 to request a “Submission Release” form. The proposal must be accompanied by the signed submission release for review. If not, the proposal will not be considered.”

          So! I think if they started a donation drive, they could get enough cash to hire a lawer to help them out! I think if we do both, they’ll at least realize Strays is a worthy show with the following it has. I mean, lately Nickelodeon’s shows have been all…junk sense Avatar ended.

        2. I’m not against the idea of strays being animated (I am actually 110% for it) but I am against putting on nick because they will strip it of all blood and violence which is partly necessary to strays do to its setting and the sheer nature of the comic.

  32. this is do awesome man I have been reading strays for a year now and I think this should so become an animated series I would watch it every day!

  33. does anyone else notice that Korin’s hair is long in the second frame? or maybe it’s just stuff on the back table… -_-

    i LOVE this comic! :D I’ve only been reading it for a while, but the suspense a few pages back was so…suspenseful! I envy the people who read this when it’s over…

    1. No, you’re right. It’s long in every frame in fact – Korin’s rocking either a ponytail or a bound up mullet. I’m not really sure what the difference between them would be, but mullets make me laugh I wanted to bring them up in a comment somehow anyways, so there.

    2. The pot was full of miracle grow!!!! XD

      1. That. Was awesome.

        You win an internet. :D

  34. smart guy.
    little knowledge of who’s around, bested by a runt, then creates a nice flashy explosion in the middle of the night that will instantly give the location away to anyone within a few kilometers lol.

  35. Oh My GOD! Use your evil magic!

  36. Well… so much for trying to save the backpack.

  37. Agreed knifing him after the face plant would have been advantageous.

  38. GAAAHHH!!! *is twitching* Feral! Holland! GET YOUR BUTTS OVER THERE AND HELP MEELA!!!

  39. But poor Feral and Holland! Meela wouldn’t have to move away alone, it’s her fault! xD

    (Oh.. Sorry for the bad grammar … but I’m Italian and I do not speak English very well x3 Reading is easier…)

  40. It just occurred to me to wonder just how Meela managed to escape Korin when he killed Tannor. Given how she knows it was him who killed her brother, she must have seen him at the time. Plus, Korin also recognized her. Yet, back then, she didn’t even have the most basic of survival skills. How did she ever manage to get away back then?

    1. I would say it was because she was a child but hes proven he has nothing against killing children. :/

      1. Just because she saw him doesn’t mean he saw her. Tannor could have had her hide right before Korin came onto the scene, or any number of possibilities.

        1. I was referring to back when she was having those dreams about Mal. Remember after he killed whats her name (I dont remember her name).

        2. Right–I was responding to Amanda about why he didn’t kill Meela when he killed her brother ( ^^; sorry if that wasn’t clear)

        3. Its okay.

  41. Ok am I the only one who thinks that Korrin should at least have some blood on the side of his face? Sure the next shot your see him in is kind of far away, but still!

    1. None of the pieces looks like they were angled the right way to pierce his skin, though…

  42. It’s almost friday… almost time for the new page. YES

  43. It is now 1:11 am on friday morning!

  44. New page, new page, new page, new page!!! x3 We wont the New Page!

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