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Well, Meela, that's what you get for sleeping on Feral's blanket. Edit: Oops, I released this early by mistake. Well, this is Friday's page, so enjoy! Strays is now on Tapastic! We get monetary bonuses for total page views per month, so if you want to help us earn more revenue please consider viewing the comic there occasionally. It's free to look at and helps us out :) Plus there are other awesome comics there!

68 thoughts on “Page 269

  1. So excited that this got out early :3

    Lolz, sleepy Meela = <3

  2. and yuen had a friend. he was insane and talked to the new witch man XD jk jk

  3. Yay for early post :D

  4. Yes, I’m here early! Oh, Feral, you’re such a grouch XD. I love how the shadows of the morning fit over Meela’s face. And Holland ^ ^ Holland is always so cheery. Of course, we know that’s probably an act to some extent considering what he knows now, but still.

  5. Well that was unexpectedX3 I thought the dream sequence would carry out a bit longer, but o well :3 HaloOkami

    1. thats what happens in assassins creed when you get too far into your memories without synchronizing with an earlier memory first. you get desynchronized.

  6. i wonder if she doesn’t already realise that yuen is so very much like feral… o.o

    1. She does know that Yuen is Feral in her dreams, I forgot which one, but it was the chapter where Meela woke up in the cave, and told either Feral or Holland that she finally figured out who she was dreaming about. X3 HaloOkami

      1. It was Holland that she told when she woke up, but she did try to talk to Feral about it that night. Of course, he had no idea what she was talking about.

        But, yeah, she already knows that Yuen is Feral. Still, his old name is Yuen and that’s how he’s still being called in the dreams, so she refers to him that way.

        1. I figured it was Holland that she told first, I was just too lazy to go back and look X3 HaloOkami

      2. But, Feral denied knowing anything about her dreams, so does she really Know it’s him as in, all of that truly happened to him, or does she just know she’s dreaming about him, and not really know if it’s true?

        1. All she knows is that her dreams are about him, she doesn’t know if this stuff actually happened to him. HaloOkami

  7. I would like to take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous artwork in that last panel. And the first one. And everything in between…

  8. feral
    wht r u duing?

  9. big soft comfy looking beds =/= tiny backpacks. They’ve got T.A.R.D.I.S. bags now? Love that first panel reaction, and I’m surprised she’s still awake in the pose on the second. I’ve slept through that pose. XD

    1. Yay, Time Lord technology!!!
      I also love the first panel. Very great expression! and the way the blankets are drawn is fantastically epic. :D

    2. Actually, yes. They have spacial displacement spells on their bags. Where do you think Feral keeps all those outfits, armor pieces, weapons and pairs of boots?

      1. Good ol’ hammerspace. ;D Nice to see a legit reason for its existence, though. I mean, at least there’s actually a spell on the bags. Most games, etc. don’t even bother with a reason. :P

        Haha, just thought of Mary Poppins’ carpet bag. XD

        1. didn’t you know? Mary Poppins IS a time lord.

      2. That’s quite a clever magic spell. OvO

        1. If only I one of them spells for my backpack. xD



      |>0<| are cool

  10. I am looking back at your art on chapter one and the more recent pages and, wow, you have improved so much! I have always loved your art work and I love the story as well.

  11. IIInteresting. The fellows are eager to move on, contradicting what they told Meela before. Hmm… *strokes imaginary beard in contemplation*

    The more I see of Meela, the more I picture her with the voice of Rachel Hirschfeld (Anita in R.O.D the TV).

  12. yay for having bags of holding!

  13. Celesse, we really really don’t mind that you released this early. In fact… feel free to release pages early accidentally as often as you like :D

    1. thelightedDarkness

      I second this notion.

      1. I third it :3… yay, three is my favorite number X3 HaloOkami

  14. I love Feral’s expression in the second panel. He’s all like “humph, MY blanket!”

  15. I love how happy-go-lucky Holland is, Especially in comparison to Mella’s sleepiness and Feral’s temper.

  16. ASHJKL I WE WERE JUST GETTING SOMEWHERE TOO ; n ;. Oh well. Meela and feral = too cute.

  17. Well, I like to reread archives occasionally, and the Taptastic layout is quite cool, so I might just do some rereading.

  18. WHOA. Back to color!

  19. Tapastic looks nice. I’ll lookit occasionally for you. Have to say, just personally I like your own page better <3

    1. Ditto on both accounts.

  20. LOL Meela almost looks like me in the morning! Although, I do look a bit more on the homicidal side… LOL!

  21. I was wondering…wouldn’t there be a a little lump where her tail would be?

  22. I was looking at the store, to remind me how much Strays vol 1 is, and it is out of stock. will you be selling those again?

  23. Aurrrrrrggghhh! The good thing about coming late to the party is that you can click on “next” over and over and enjoy an awesome tale. The worst part is when the “next” button suddenly disappears and you realize you’re going to have to wait for Friday to see what happens next. *sigh* Thank you for an awesome tale and fantastic drawings. I know one of the things I’ll be doing on Fridays now.

    1. I love your avatar<3 It's so cute and it fits your screen name. It reminds me of one of the 'lost boys' from Peter Pan X3 HaloOkami

  24. i love how happy Holland is.

  25. Love the first panel! Geez Feral, it’s only one time XD

  26. This is awesome!

  27. 2nd panel: me in the morning

  28. This is so addicting to read! I can’t wait until the next submission :DD

  29. The first panel is exactly what I lived through in grades 1-12. Many, many, years ago.

    I’m pretty sure that’s the face I made, too.

  30. Feral ♥ Holland that would be cute.

    1. 0-o How so? HaloOkami

      1. Yeah Holland is kinda girly.

        1. Ya I can see tha’ ;) XD HaloOkami

  31. Mother-like

  32. Snowtail the Khajiit

    Hey, that’s how my mum used to wake me up for school! XD


    1. Feral has the mark on his other hand an’ we’ve established that Feral is Yuen in Meela’s dream 2-3 chapters ago(sorry if I came off as rude ^^’ :-\ ) HaloOkami

    2. Besides, don’t you think, Megamer, that it’s possible that Yuen/Feral would have received a mark in order to help his friend/because his friend did it/something like that?
      It’s not like it can’t be duplicated.

  34. i just can’t wait for more!
    keep up the good work guys<3
    oh, and here is a gift for you

  35. It’s friday.

    Where is the new page!? O.O

    1. i know right?
      i have been on this page since morning waiting for it..

    2. sssshhhhhhhh, don’t rush the artists. it’s wise to assume there’s a good explanation.

    3. They may be making up a day for releasing this page early :3 HaloOkami

      1. Ah, that’s no fair. :-)

        1. Please excuse my ignorance ^^’ but what’s not fair? HaloOkami

        2. I believe she means it’s not fair to stall the page a day to make up for the previous early day. haha but I’m with “Whaaattt” Don’t rush the artists :)

  36. fearal is funny: *YANK!!!!!*

    1. It’s not the sound that Feral made, and you write it as Feral not Fearal xd

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